Friday, January 16, 2015

"New Catholic Charities Head Opposed Bishops on Obamacare".

It's been quite awhile since we've been able to update this Blog.  I want to apologize for that.  Moderating the Comments that we received on  You've Been Dolanized and University of Dayton---Once More should not have taken this long;  and by the way, nothing has gotten better since these Posts were made.  If anything, it has gotten much worse. Also, to the one comment we received and didn't post, the reason was the use of foul language.  NOTHING with any profanity will ever be put on this Blog.

Now, we move forward.

The title of this Post is of special interest because all Parishes are asked to take up a collection and support Catholic Charities.  Catholic Charities is definitely NOT Catholic.  All you need to do is look at a list of the organizations they support. This list is available at American Life League and I will GUARANTEE that Judie Brown won't let this go without being vocal about the issue.

I know this is a deviation from what we normally post, but it is so important we just couldn't let it go.

A very good friend of ours from the The Sycamore Trust of Notre Dame has read the story about the new CEO of Catholic Charities being PRO-ABORTION and has given us a commentary.

Dr. Daniel Boland has been a contributor to our Blog in the past and we welcome his insight and discernment on this subject.  I'll warn you now that the following commentary is not pretty.  It tells it like it is and will probably make some people mad.  We don't really care.  It is meant to tell the TRUTH...something a lot of people seem to avoid at all cost.  Here, from Dr. Boland:

The nuns of the Leadership Conference have attracted problematic attention over the last several decades for a number of documented reasons. Inspired by a vision of punitive (some say fundamentally sexist) male leadership, the nuns seem motivated by a desire for independence based on their enlightened version of religious life and ministry as they see it; a version in which the hierarchy are feckless and abusive. These nuns have reportedly taken upon themselves a form of populist cachet and sub-cultural influence which includes their embrace of radical feminist causes (at times including abortion). To many observers, it appears their extraordinary friction with Church authority results from several factors: 1) not only because of their energetic, anti-establishment elan but also 2) because the Vatican's appropriate dicasteries have been habitually avoidant -- even downright lax, some say -- in their oversight and intervention duties. The same laxity is also noted by many observers in regard to the Vatican's inexplicable tolerance about the internal secularization of once-Catholic universities such as Georgetown and Notre Dame and a plethora of other once-Catholic institutions. The nuns of the Leadership Conference now seem to embrace a wide-spread spirit of self-anointed, anti-authoritarianism with the Leftist-Liberal political worldview so popular today and a reverse racism found commonly among politically correct elites. Informed Catholics will acknowledge that there are serious problems to be faced but the recalcitrant, even hostile, actions of many of these nuns are representative of a vast moral malaise which justifies dismissal of legitimate ecclesiastical authority as unworthy and invalid. It is a personalistic pseudo-theology in which acts of disobedience become moral virtues. Theirs is a personalist-humanist re-definition of "Faith" and "Church" upon which many of these nuns seeks to rationalize a blatant lack of fidelity. It is now a plague upon the American Church. But the flaccid and untimely use of legitimate authority by the Vatican and the USCCB seems only to fuel and abet collective self-righteousness which, despite the nuns' explanations, still seems impossible to justify under the willingly-accepted self-restraints of vowed religious life. To many Catholics who still respect the Magisterium and its role in the Church, this situation is a scandalous moment. One cannot deny that Church authority has for decades been remiss in dealing with the core issues and the contentious leaders, lest the hierarchy and clergy appear to be blatantly anti-feminist, thus validating the nun's claims to abuse and insult by a macho-clerical Church. In the opinions of many Catholics, the situation is out of hand and is deadly serious. As the Vatican finally responds with interviews, questionnaires and conferences, one earnestly wishes that Church leadership had done its job with promptitude, timely courtesy, candor and clarity, principled firmness and attentive charity long ago. These issues --- and, more to the point, these religious women --- should have been listened to in a far more timely and professional manner. This is yet another an unsavory episode in the Church's struggle to manage its human components. Sadly enough, this episode was avoidable, and one cannot help but wonder why simple human courtesy and common sense are often absent among our leaders, both male and female.
Please give us your least we will know it's been read.
Jesus Is Lord!


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