Thursday, April 11, 2013


The following is a letter from Dr. Dan Boland to the President of McQuaid Jesuit High School in New York.  Read it and Weap...THEN, bombard The Vatican with e-mails and letters demanding the removal of this "catholic school" from the Catholic Church.  These schools should all be eviscerated for their lack of Catholic Teaching.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
My Dear Father Salmon:
I write with fraternal concern about your recent open letter validating the choice of two members of your high school’s Junior Class to attend the Junior Prom as gay dating partners. Forgive my candor if need be -- but I must speak to you frankly as a Catholic and as an experienced psychologist, for you need to hear what I have to say. I strongly believe your validation of these young men’s behavior is a significant mistake both from the doctrinal and moral perspective of the Church’s teaching about sexuality and from a psychological point of view.  
I also believe you seriously mis-use the Holy Father’s comments in your open letter by gravely distorting both his intent and the Church’s principles of pastoral concern for homosexuals. Your invocation of the Pope’s words as support for your approval is inexcusably wrong-headed and utterly misguided. It is a rationalization by which you seek to justify your actions. As a lifelong Catholic, I find this indefensible. As a psychologist for more than fifty years who has worked with countless young people, I know it is a grave mistake to give teenagers the morally wrong, psychologically harmful and medically dangerous message that living the gay lifestyle is fine with you and, by distortion, with the Holy Father. The long-term outcomes of your message are frightening.
Your message of approval is also burdened with the slippery illogic of secularist sensitivity training and a romanticized ethic. Anyone in your position of Catholic authority and educational influence should realize that it is the objective moral order -– not the individual’s subjective urges and emotional wants -- to which the Church and her ministers must attend. It is to the moral principles, educational facts and pastoral realities of this issue with these youngsters -- and their parents -- that you and your Jesuit colleagues should attend as pastors of souls and Catholic intellectuals. Even if parents support the gay urges of their sons, your mandate is still clear.
There is a plethora of psycho-socio, cultural and biological research which concludes that homosexuality is not -- repeat not  -- biologically fixed. Indeed, the process of psycho-sexual identity in young people today is an evolving and very complex phenomenon, often extending well into adult years. Those of you who work daily with youth should respect the fact that our youngsters are especially vulnerable 1) to today’s gay-promoting cultural distortions, 2) to the massive propaganda coming from the gay community and the media, 3) to the seductive allure of homosexual lies, 4) to the gay anti-authoritarian messages which appeal to the young, and 5) even to the sickeningly politicized support of gays coming from the White House. You certainly realize how vulnerable your students are to the morass of sexual misinformation and distortion which abound in society. Why you and your Jesuit colleagues would choose in any way  -- especially under the fa├žades of “inclusion” and false charity -- to give personal credence to such deceptions exceeds understanding.
Given all this, it is quite disturbing that you would give your personal stamp of approval to the grimly over-romanticized desires of hormonally-active high school Juniors who think being gay is their determined condition. Rather than standing with the Church as a mature adult defender of hope, you legitimize the unsavory desires of two immature teenagers. Your misleading actions are another wound in the on-going collapse of Catholic moral leadership. God help us if such cooperation with our sick culture is the final message Catholic clergy choose to send America. Thank you for reading this. I send my prayers for your future decisions.

Daniel M. Boland, Ph. D.