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THE "FALL" OF A "Catholic In Name Only" COLLEGE

A follower has decided to send a letter to their Alma Mater...this letter epitomizes EXACTLY the reason we started this blog.  In fact, This Blog has shown just how really bad this school is in more than one Posting.  However, this letter truly excoriates the lack of Catholicism at this so called "catholic institution".  (small letters for a reason).  We have left the person's name out for obvious reasons, but have permission to print the letter.  And we fully AGREE with the conclusions and statements made within the piece.

Read it and weep for "catholic education".

Marywood University
ATTN:  Michele Shea Zabriski
Office of University Advancement
2300 Adams Ave
Scranton, PA  18509-1598

March 7, 2013

Dear Ms. Zabriski,

      I have received your request for a donation to Marywood University in the amount of $25.00.  First, let me mention that I am faithful to the Catholic Church and all She teaches.   Please understand that while I have two degrees from Marywood (Psychology) and am very happy with the educational aspects of the facility, regrettably, I am not able to donate. 

    Over the years, I have come to question Marywood’s apparent disconnect with the Traditions of the Catholic Church.  I feel that the University has a very troubling record when it comes to the standards required of a Catholic institution.  In addition, I am afraid that it has become apparent to the Catholic community that there are serious breaches of Faith within the staff at Marywood, and the understanding that the University espouses a core disregard for the Catholic Church and Her teachings.  I have reached this conclusion with great pain and at times astonishment.

      I take no joy in its revelation.  Because I am aware that there are many like me, I would like to share our trepidation with Marywood, and the reasons for our unwillingness to further fund the facility.

     Perhaps our first indication that Marywood was willing to publically embarrass the Church and Faithful Catholics, was the presentation by your prominent staff member, Sr. Margaret Gannon who was interviewed on a St. Patrick’s Day outside the Radisson Hotel in Scranton. She was pictured holding a Pro-Abortion candidate’s sign. She explained enthusiastically why voters should vote for this Anti-Life candidate. Much to our dismay, she was identified as Sister Margaret Gannon, I.H.M., Marywood University. Please consider the following:

·        Sister Margaret Gannon was also very openly a member of Obama’s Catholic Advisory Council. Evidently, she only left at the insistence of the then Bishop of Scranton.
·        While driving through the campus of Marywood at the time of the pending presidential election, it was evident to all who passed that the Pro-Abortion candidate’s posters were prominent in the Sisters’ residence which included that of Sister Gannon.
·        Sister. Gannon was also instrumental in bringing in Doug Kmiec to Marywood where he encouraged the participants to vote for the Democratic candidate in spite of the fact that he was very Pro-Abortion and was running against a Pro-Life candidate.  At that venue,  Mr. Kmiec was asked how he could reconcile this fact. He replied that he disagreed with  Mr. Obama on abortion but felt he could support him on other issues. He also said that when Mr. Obama is elected he (Mr. Kmiec) will get him to change his views and Mr. Obama will become Pro-Life.
     To my knowledge, a balanced, counter argument to that of Mr. Kmiec’s was never presented for the Pro-Life alternative to the Democratic candidate.  In addition, to date, Mr. Kmiec’s plan has not worked out so well, and many Catholic students were left with the scandalous impression that voting Pro-Abortion is admirable.  Are there plans to have a return visit by Mr. Kmiec to let the student body know what went wrong with his vision?
·        One of the most scandalous and disobedient actions by Sister Gannon was her appearance on a panel held at St. John’s School in Honesdale, where she again pressed the Democratic Pro-Abortion candidate’s agenda in a public forum. According to the structure for the forum, there were to be two participants for each candidate.  Sister Gannon once again represented the Pro-Abortion candidate.  This time she did so against the wishes of the then Bishop of the Scranton Diocese.  Bishop Martino publicly asked her to represent her Religion instead of her politics to no avail.  The result was to incite scandal and humiliation for the Faithful Catholics who were present which incidentally included the Bishop. The following media coverage further embarrassed and contributed to the great scandal which ensued.
·        However, the worst degradation involving Marywood University and Sister Gannon was a full page letter (ad) in the Scranton Times paper inferring that people in this area must vote for the Pro-Abortion candidate or they are racists.  This letter was proudly signed by Sister Gannon and other “Catholics” in the area, once again causing scandal and leaving the Faithful Catholics one more time explaining why a Catholic University was backing a Pro-Abortion presidential candidate.  Her message was clear:  Vote Obama or you are participating in racism.  Astonishing!
     While Sister Gannon has every right to her opinion on political matters, inserting herself into the heart and soul of a Pro-Abortion presidential candidate’s election should not be in the forefront of a representative of the Catholic Church.  These conflicting positions in life are always mutually exclusive.  In the event an employee of the Catholic Church has lost her way, it is the University’s responsibility to correct the situation.  This was never done; in fact Sister Gannon’s activities where loudly lauded by Marywood.  

·        Your current President, Sister Anne Munley, also presents problems with Faithful Catholics as she has held leadership roles in the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and continues on its national Board of Directors today.  She is a past-president of LCWR and therefore it is safe to conclude that she is in agreement with the six major points where the LCWR has splintered from the Catholic Church:
1.      A diminution of the fundamental Christological center and focus of religious consecration.
2.      The promotion of destructive teachings such as Sister Laure Brink’s work which suggests that Religious should move beyond the Church and even Jesus.
3.      The protesting by the organization of the Holy See’s actions regarding reasons that women priestesses will never be sanctioned by the Catholic Church.
4.      Disparaging remarks from LCWR regarding doctrines concerning patriarchy, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Trinity.
5.      LCWR’s silence on matters of right to life, abortion, euthanasia, and the Church’s Biblical view of family life and human sexuality.
6.      Public disagreement with the Bishops.
These tenants were so distressing that they prompted a “Vatican Visitation” which mentions several other facts about the organization.
·        Under Sister Anne Manley’s presidency at the University, a “Liturgical Dance Team” was allowed to perform at St. Peter’s Cathedral, despite condemnation from several local pastors and many vocal Faithful Catholics.  The dancers, made up entirely of Sisters from Marywood, danced with scarves and in costume, but were thankfully not permitted to perform during Mass.  Once again, Faithful Catholics were left to explain this bizarre occurrence.  Incidentally, the name of the group is inane since American Catholics are never allowed to dance during Mass (Liturgy).  One wonders why this name was chosen. Related pictures here   http/://
·        Until recently, Marywood University boasted a relationship with Sister Theresa Kane, I.H.M. (links to Marywood and Sister Kane have recently been removed).  Sister Kane is a past-President of  LCWR and who is best remembered for her confrontation with                      Pope John Paul II in a scathing address about women’s ordination during his American visit in 1979  
·        Marywood University was also disciplined by the Bishop of the Diocese of Scranton for posting in its home page a listing of “things to take” which blatantly included contraception.
     Locally, we see much “social justice” information sponsored by Marywood, but what we are missing is solid, Catholic teaching and adherence to Her Traditions.  Adult education on the Real Presence, Transubstantiation, Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell, or even a basic course on the Catechism of the Catholic Church would be impressive.  In addition, we can’t reconcile that fact that there are important issues for which Marywood is noticeably absent.  For example, Marywood University is never found speaking on behalf of the unborn, and has never condemned contraception. 
     With the exceptions of Sister Gilmary and Sister Romayne, the sisters of Marywood are never seen praying outside Planned Parenthood in Scranton, although a Rosary is said each Friday at the same prescribed time.  Marywood is never present at the annual Prayer Breakfast or for any function for Pennsylvanians for Human Life. You will never find a Marywood sister (again, with the exception of Sister Gilmary and Sister Romayne) including themselves in the March on Washington, or (with one exception), the Scranton March for Life for that matter.  We have never seen a sister from Marywood praying outside the abortion clinic in Bethlehem, and at Marywood University, you will never see Michael Voris, or any other Faithful Catholic courageous enough to talk about the Catholic abuses we see on a regular basis.

     On a more personal note, throughout the years, Marywood has refused to live up to the Catholic heritage that so many hopeful students had anticipated-I included.  Shortly after admission to Marywood’s undergraduate Psychology Department, the then Chair of the  Department informed me that she was “basically” Pro-Life after learning that I was supportive of the movement since the 1973 Roe V. Wade decision.  She said this reluctantly and with apparent disapproval.   This Chair was a nun, so my shock was evident.  I received no answer from her when I remarked, “well I would hope so!”  Two weeks later I was informed that I would have a new mentor.  I suspect this was the best course of action-at least for me. 

     In the weeks and years to come, I remain optimistic that Marywood University will be brought to terms regarding what is appropriate and what is not.  Should that not come to pass, I am afraid that one day soon Marywood may be separated from its Catholic affiliation.  I pray every day for Marywood and the other “Catholic” universities across the country and the other three who are closer.

     Please understand, I mean no malice toward you or the University.  I have a firm believe that silence on the part of Faithful Catholics has assisted Marywood’s departure from Catholicism.  For my part in this, I am attempting to mitigate my transgressions.  My Catholic Faith means absolutely everything to me.  As such I send you my fervent hopes and prayers for Marywood along with this letter.

This is what "Catholic In Name Only" means.  My opinion, as stated before about Kings College, University of Scranton,(Jesuit pro-gay marriage and abortion) and Misericordia (actually misery would be a better name) are the other three about which the letter spoke.  They are all the same or worse than Marywood.

Pray for them as they REALLY need it.

Jesus Is Lord!!

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