Friday, September 7, 2012

Another "Catholic" Bishop Really May Not Be

Daniel M. Boland, PhD sent me an e-mail of a correspondence  that concerns a very grave that this "Bishop" has apparently overlooked or has conveniently decided to "look the other way."  My hope is that he has just overlooked the issue and that he is not one of 'those' who is really not a Catholic Bishop but just calls himself one.  I'm afraid I can't be as polite as Dr. Boland. I keep remembering the words of Jeremiah.  Here is the letter Dr. Boland sent to "Bishop"  Patrick McGrath, Diocese of San Jose, San Jose, CA.

Thursday, September 06, 2012
The Most Rev. Patrick McGrath
Diocese of San Jose
San Jose, CA

My Dear Bishop McGrath:

I write to express my profound concern about an advertisement on your diocesan web site announcing an “election workshop by Sister Simone Campbell.”

I enclose an article from today’s California Catholic explaining some of the reasons for my concern. To mention only one issue (of many), her prominent presence at the Democratic Convention and her support for the Democratic Platform (a pro-abortion/pro-gay-marriage document which initially eliminated all references to Almighty God) should instantly disqualify her from any recommendation by a Bishop of the Catholic Church or his official voice. I do not mention  Sister Simone’s connection to several other groups which openly express disdain for the Magisterium, of which you, in union with the Holy Father, are a member and which is supposed to safeguard the Thesaurus Ecclesiae, including the moral right to life of unborn children, a moral right Sister Simone evades by employing the same duplicitous language used by President Obama that such consideration is above her pay grade. To hear such a statement from a professed religious  woman of the Catholic Church is, in my judgment, despicable.

Sister’s Simone’s upcoming appearance at a diocesan-sponsored event – which, one may conclude, has your support -- is, to say the least, astonishing to those of us who still struggle daily to maintain our sense of Catholic balance and propriety in these difficult and offensive times through which the entire Church has lived for decades. The Church still experiences revelations of moral erosion and spiritual chaos; the credibility and judgment of our bishops has been severely – severely – tested and too often found wanting. The disappointment and shock of countless laity cannot be adequately expressed. We are a Church Suffering.

What has been most profoundly harmed is the trust of the laity to look to our episcopal leadership and find therein a stable, reliable and unwavering example of accountability, wisdom and, hopefully, simple common sense. Unfortunately, many of us no longer look with reassurance to the hierarchy for such leadership. We hold to our Faith as best we can but we do so not with confidence but with hope that we will be blessed with bishops and priests who will not be further swayed (for any reason) from the fundamental message of the Gospel; men who are willing to stand uncompromisingly for the Mens Ecclesiae; men who recognize every moment that further compromise and appeasement with immoral trends in our culture – and with the duplicitous people who substitute political power for moral behavior -- are intolerable for Catholics. Our leaders must act on the belief that politically correct principles such as 1) moral equivalence and 2) tolerance for evil in the name of some sort of muddled “fairness” must not – must not -- overcome the fundamentals of our faith and morals.

Consequently, I must say to you -- with all the charity I can muster – that your support of Sister Simone’s appearance at a Catholic college in your jurisdiction is not – is definitely not -- the sort of principled episcopal leadership one hopes for from the Magisterium, the kind of leadership we must have at the very heart of the Church if we are not to continue down the path of undermining her sacred identity from within, thus further disillusioning a weary laity and granting approval to our moral enemies.

Sister Simone’s recalcitrant challenges to magisterial authority and solid moral theology have been made repeatedly and abundantly clear, her divergent allegiances sufficiently articulated. Thus, it is astonishing to find her featured as a moral-political consultant by the Catholic Diocese of San Jose to the Catholic people of San Jose.

Finally, Your Excellency, please accept my comments in the spirit of deep concern and fidelity with which I write. I am a life-long Catholic; I intend no undue offense to you. At the same instant, I deeply believe this letter is essential, if only as a matter of fraternal charity and if only to point out that authentic scandal may well result from your support for a speaker who does not represent the Catholic Faith and most assuredly does not express concern for the most innocent and vulnerable of all God's creatures.

God knows the Church does not need more “pseudo-Catholic voices” who undermine the faith and morals of the Faithful. We have had too much of people such as Mrs. Pelosi, Senators Biden, Durbin, Kerry, Mrs. Sebelius and the roster of other faux “Catholics” who openly besmirch the Church while episcopal leadership -- whose logic now falters and whose delays now tax all comprehension –  after many years, still does nothing.  

May God bless us one and all.

Daniel M. Boland

 May God have mercy on us all!!
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M