Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is Dolan For Real? (He's not really a "Catholic Cardinal", is he?)

The following quote is from an article on National Review:

"Cardinal Dolan welcomed the fact that there is a Catholic on each party’s ticket. “Do you not think it’s a cause for celebration in the Catholic community in the United States of America that the two vice-presidential candidates are Catholic? Did you ever think it would come to this?

“We’ve got two men who — and you can disagree with one of them or both of them — say they take their faith seriously, who don’t try to hide it, and who say, ‘Hey, my Catholic upbringing and my Catholic formation influences the way I think.’ Not bad. Not bad.” 

President John F. Kennedy, Dolan observed, “couldn’t say, ‘My religion will affect my public policy.’ He couldn’t say, ‘My Catholic faith is going to have an impact on the way I govern.’ In fact, he almost had to say the opposite. And now you’ve got two guys . . . who were picked because their Catholicism was attractive.”

Well, I guess Cardinal Dolan doesn't know the difference between a Catholic and an Abortion loving, Contraceptive approving, Death panel advocate Vice President that has been used by this administration as the whipping boy for "Catholics".

Come on, folks.  Does Dolan really think there are two Catholics in this Political fracas?  Ryan is the only one who is Catholic.  And as soon as Dolan glad hands Obama as he did Cuomo he becomes a shill for the Obama Campaign...no matter what he says or how he acts.  They want this Al Smith Dinner to lend legitimacy to the Obama Campaign once again.  And once again, Dolan is their boy.  But to this quote from him...my God man...WAKE UP!!!

It's time for The Vatican to disband the USCCB and start handling the affairs of the Catholic Church here in America as they do in other countries. A real good example are the "nuns".  It's time, Pope Benedict, to wear "The Shoes of the Fisherman"!!!

And if you REALlY want to get an earful, go to Carol McKinley at The Tenth Crusade and join the fight.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M    

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