Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bishop "Milktoast" and the Diocese of Scranton

For those of you who don't know off whom I speak, his name is Bambera...he was appointed by the now gone-and-resigned-in disgrace "Cardinal Rigali".  I guess I don't have to say anymore, but those of you who know me realize that "just ain't so".

Bishop Martino, who was basically fired from his job for actually doing his job had gone after the four so-called "Catholic" colleges in his Diocese for not following the rules and dictates of the Roman Catholic Church.  These violations can be further investigated  here since nothing has changed...well...I guess that's not really true.

Bambera has allowed U of Scranton to go along untouched even after it has been disclosed that they (The Jesuits) support the HHS contraceptive mandate and actually already have it available in their medical insurance programs.  Oh, and they support Abortion as well.  Evidence of this comes from the mouth of the Medical School director at Creighton University as evidenced by the article from The Cardinal Newman Society that shows they lie at every turn.  So much for Bambera's credibility.  There's MORE!

Misericordia camp promotes diversity

What does that mean?  Bishop Martino had gone after these nuns for the promotion of the homosexual agenda and actually promoting sames sex "marriage".  Well, nothing seems to have changed here as the Article in the Times Tribune doesn't say anything at all about teaching Catholic Values to these students. Not only that, but they actively promote the homosexual agenda.  Evidence of this is found at about 3 minutes into this video from Times Tribune and this is supposed to be a CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY!  And, they promote the "peace sign" which is actually a sign of Satanic ritual.  Don't believe me?  Go HERE and WATCH!

Then we have Kings College.  Nothing new here...want a non-catholic gay oriented promiscuous education, this is the place.  Contraceptives freely given and abound on campus.  Bambera....NOTHING.  He even lauds the 4 "Catholic" universities in his diocese as "Faithful".  Faithful to what?  Killing the unborn...Sodomy...carcinogenic drugs given to female students in order to stop pregnancy?

The only difference between these schools and say ...Shippensburg is the fact that they don't have "Morning After Pill" vending machines.  Or do they?  Maybe someone would like to let me know that bit of info...the schools sure won't say.

And then we have the Wicca group at Marywood. The IHM's.   Need I say more.  Yoga teaching, contraceptive pushing nuns that love to hold Rome in contempt.  It's no wonder they don't like the interference from Rome...ruins their "perfect little gay-loving world".  We have put their pics up in the past, and we will put up some new ones in the future.  This is the LINK that will get you to the previous Post.

What is the purpose of this Post?  To remind everyone that you need a Bishop that will lead as a Shepard.  Bambera is not a "Good Shepard".  He just stands there wringing his hands saying "woe is me, woe is me"..Believe me when I say he is absolutely correct. And what of the four schools?  They laugh in his face for his lack of leadership.  It's a pity, really.  Think of all the souls lost to Hell because he didn't do his job. Maybe Archbishop Chaput in Philly could find a REAL Bishop to head up Scranton.  After all,  Bambera gives The Eucharist to Abortion Supporters and lawmakers such as Casey and shows total disregard for Canon 915.  Actually, that's grounds for removal as Bishop.  And one more thing...there are very specific things that must take place at the Mass in order for the Bread and Wine to be transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus.  Is Bambera doing it right or are all those people just getting the bread and a little wine?  Might want to question that...huh?

As Jesus said..."to those to whom much is given, much will be expected".  

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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  1. Excellent critique of our "Bishop" and his policies on the heretical schools under his control. I posted a link to your site on my blog. May it be fruitful for you.