Wednesday, June 27, 2012

University of Dayton Still Suporting Obama

One would think that after all the problems Obama has created for Catholic Colleges that a school like U of Dayton, a Marianist College that calls itself Catholic would get the message...oh...wait a minute...their not "Catholic"...they support the LGBT lifestyle and are PROUD of it. They support and have instructors that say Sodomy isn't a sin.  That's funny...really...Sodom and Gomorrah were totally annihilated by God for just that practice.  Maybe the Marianists don't know about the Bible...maybe they think it's great story and don't really believe it.  Maybe they are finally proving that they aren't really "Catholic" anymore.

Wake up Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr...Hell has more clergy than you think.  This school needs to be stripped of it's Catholic Identity as it is teaching Heresy.  You condone it by not stopping it.  You will be held accountable.  As Jesus Said."To those that have been given much, much will be expected".

What brought this about at this point in time?  The following article from "The Flyer News"...the campus newspaper.

Students, Democratic outreach director unite to support LGBT rights
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The University of Dayton College Democrats partnered with Spectrum Wednesday, April 11, in Kennedy Union Torch Lounge for a campus Pride Week student dialogue.

Spectrum is UD's gay-straight alliance group.

Guest speaker Jeff Marootian, director of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender outreach for the Democratic National Committee, spoke about various LGBT issues and the upcoming presidential election. Marootian said President Barack Obama's administration has advanced the rights of the LGBT community.

"It's really an honor for me to come to be among students who are active, who are engaged, who want to be a part of what's happening," Marootian said. "That for me is a far greater honor than it is for you to have me come to your campus."

Marootian cited the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy and Obama's stance against the Defense of Marriage Act as two examples of the president's support of the LGBT community.

"There has been significant progress under this president on a number of issues specific to each area of our community," Marootian said.

Members of both the College Democrats and the LGBT community voiced their support for the president after the event.

"I know as a member of the LGBT community myself, it's really imperative that I understand exactly what Obama is going to do," said junior Spanish and philosophy major Parker Ritchie.

Ritchie said it's important to remember that campaign issues are about more than money.

"A lot of people on campus, when I talk to them, are really concerned about these fiscal issues, and I think what it comes down to is really trying to make people see the social side of it," Ritchie said. "Come the months leading up to Obama's election, it will be trying to get my friends to see how this election is more about just their pockets, it's about my life."

Student Government Association vice president and senior communications major Elizabeth Reeves said the event was a positive experience for the UD community.

"Political beliefs aside, I think that this event was just important to have on our campus because it really reinforced the university values of contributing to the common good," Reeves said.
 So...I guess nothing has changed since our previous posts, here and here and here and here.
Jesus Is Lord!
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