Monday, April 2, 2012

Notre Dame Awards Grants for Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Marriage Internships... Once Again From Dr. Boland

Again Notre Dame shows how Non-Catholic it has become.  The really bad part about it is Fr. Jenkins is not at all remorseful...but then anyone who would give an honorary degree to the most abortion-loving president this country has ever known can't be Catholic, can he?  Article follows:

Notre Dame Awards Grants for Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Marriage Internships

A grant program at the University of Notre Dame has paid expenses for students interning at organizations that advocate abortion rights and same-sex marriage.
The Gender Studies Program at Notre Dame offers competitive grants through its Boehnen Fund for Excellence in Gender Studies to undergraduate students who have secured unpaid summer internships to “gain valuable work experience.” Student applicants must make “a persuasive case” for funding to help offset living expenses while working full-time without pay. Typical awards are $2,500.
Notre Dame’s website identifies grant recipients who worked at the Minnesota Women’s Consortium in 2010, the New England chapter of the Anti-Defamation League and the Resource Center Dallas in 2009, and the National Organization for Women in 2008.
Both the Minnesota Women’s Consortium and the National Organization for Women are pro-abortion organizations, and both also support same-sex marriage. NOW’s activism is well-known, but evidence of its radical agenda can be found here.
As for the Consortium, the Notre Dame website readily acknowledges that the Consortium’s members include Planned Parenthood. But Notre Dame does not reveal other members including Compassion & Choices of Minnesota (an advocate for physician-assisted suicide), the Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota, National Organization for Women-Minnesota, Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, Pro-Choice Resources, and others. The Consortium’s board of directors includes representatives from NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota and National Organization for Women-Minnesota.
The Consortium’s “Women’s Action Plan” includes several “possible actions” in support of “reproductive freedom,” including support for federal family planning initiatives, upholding Roe v. Wade, opposing constitutional amendments and legislation restricting abortion, and support for “pro-choice” candidates. The plan proposes action to oppose a state effort to amend the constitution in support of marriage and urges “legal recognition for same-sex couples”.
Worst of all, the Consortium’s website actually provides contact information to obtain ”abortion services“.
The Anti-Defamation League has supported same-sex marriage. Notre Dame describes the student’s internship as combatting “sexism, racism and heterosexism.”
The Resource Center Dallas, which serves area homosexual residents, also supports same-sex marriage. In 2012 it has been lobbying Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to support the demise of the family (see here and here and here).
These new revelations–previously noted by blogger Kathy Schiffer–follow earlier concerns that Notre Dame’s website touts past internships of political science students at the pro-abortion Feminist Majority Foundation, National Women’s Law Center, Human Rights Watch, and more. That listing titled “Summer Internship Opportunities” remains on Notre Dame’s website with the disclaimer, “Listing here does not constitute an endorsement of the mission of [sic] agenda of these organizations by the department or the University.” Pontius Pilate couldn’t have said it better.
Notre Dame’s Office of the President has issued emails attacking TFP, which revealed the website listing last month, because TFP incorrectly claimed that Notre Dame “offers pro-abortion ‘internship opportunities.’” In fact, as the University clarified, it does not “offer” the internships but instead identifies past internships that students may have secured independent of the University. Absent from the emails is any assurance from President Father John Jenkins, CSC, that the University will erase inappropriate internships from the website.
Daniel M. Boland, PhD

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