Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Fr. Jenkins: Please do your duty" FROM DR. DAN BOLAND, Ph.D

The following is an e-mail I received from Dr. Boland.  I think it deserves to go up because it hits the nail on the head as to the attitude of so-called "Catholic Colleges".  Notre Dame is fast becoming of little relevance as the following statement proves:  In it's entirety:

From: "Daniel Boland, Ph.D." <>
Date: March 6, 2012 3:33:25 PM EST
To: Office of the President <>
Subject: Fr. Jenkins: Please do your duty

To Notre Dame Spokespersons:
We are all aware of Cardinal Dolan's florid reference to Fr. Jenkins's moment of tactful diplomacy. One would wish to find some pride in this, some element of worthy achievement or celebratory clarity which resounds to the betterment of the Church. But the significance of that brief, solitary and vastly over-hyped moment is unworthily over-played by Notre Dame's off-target PR machine. Stop it.
Your use of that now-past moment as a cue for applause about Fr. Jenkins's leadership vigor is but crumbs to a hungry Catholic populace; a populace who look for authentic leaders who exemplify uncompromised fortitude and timely courage. These traits are hardly exemplified by Fr. Jenkins's further delays and lack of action.
Indeed, as multiple Catholic leaders -- clergy and laity, even Catholic teenagers -- stand and speak in unison to address the folly of the Obama Administration's attempts to neuter and overwhelm the Church, Fr. Jenkins's prolonged and, truth be added, astonishing silence speaks volumes of the worst sort. He is notable by his unseemly absence. Timidity, not commitment, leaps from the brevity of his few paltry comments. His excessive hesitation suggests that he still does not comprehend the power and influence he possesses as President of the University. It is as if he deliberately hides from the prophetic responsibility which his office as President of Notre Dame thrusts upon him.
Does he wait for permission to speak? If so, from whom? If not, let him speak "in his own voice." as the Notre Dame press release puts it (one wonders what other voice he might use?).
His prolonged silence -- and the silence of the University Fellows and the Board of Trustees -- brings no honor to our University, nor to any of them. Let Fr. Jenkins finally take action now. Let him at least become a worthy follower of more zealous and upstanding Catholic leaders, lest he heighten the distinct impression that Notre Dame's Fellows and Trustees (both clerical and lay) are increasingly irrelevant, willfully useless to their Church in this time of crisis. Fr. Jenkins's hesitation is now excessive, and depicts him as a man in shadow. He thus diminishes the God-given charism with which Notre Dame's leaders should confront the culture of death and its callous spokespersons who threaten the freedoms of all American citizens. His timidity does disservice to Notre Dame and to all who hold our affiliation with a Catholic Notre Dame in high regard.
If he does not yet see this, kindly allow him to read this message and/or encourage him to action. Passivity and clearly fallow attempts at prolonging what is now a dialogue of appeasement are no longer acceptable modes of responsible Catholic leadership.
Kindly tell Fr. Jenkins that the time to act is now. 
Thank you.
Daniel M. Boland, PhD
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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