Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Note On Comments...

Lately, we have been getting comments on posts that are not relevant to those Postings, and don't comply with the requirements of a comment worthy of posting. So, here are guidelines to follow:

Comment must relate to the post it has been sent to.

Comment must be in good taste.

Comments made that are mean or mean spirited will not be posted.

Comments that contain vulgarities or foul language will not be considered for posting.

Comments that contain any racial or ethnic slurs will be deleted.  There is a reason we moderate the comments section, and if you read what some have sent, you would understand fully.

And finally, please check for spelling and grammar.  We are not editors and will post it as you write it, so be aware that everyone who reads the post can read your comment.

Thank you for reading and commenting.  We truly do appreciate the time you take to let us know your thoughts...just please put them in the right place and with the proper approach.

Jesus Is Lord!

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