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Penn State and Planned Parenthood...What They Have In Common

The following article came from Alliance Defense Fund and was published by Steven H. Aden, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund.

Here is the article in it's entirety.  We thought it necessary to provide this at this time to prove that Child abuse is not just for small children.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Penn State and Planned Parenthood

  • An institution once held in high esteem by the public has been shamed by revelations that it failed to report sexual abuse against children. Despite knowledge by its officials that sexual predators were victimizing children, they swept it under the rug. Now that the news media has brought this to public attention, the institution is facing well-placed anger and demands for justice. Highly placed officials have been forced out. The federal government is investigating whether the refusal to report this child sexual abuse violated federal laws that apply because of reporting requirements attached to the large amounts of federal funding. An excellent public image just one week ago has now been justifiably tarnished as people rethink their support for an institution that could effectively facilitate sexual abuse against children.
    I’m speaking of Penn State. But this should also describe Planned Parenthood.
    A fourteen year old Ohio girl is impregnated by her twenty-two year old soccer coach, a man that she and her parents trust. The coach knows that he needs to get this “problem” taken care of as quietly as possible since the pregnancy is now proof of his statutory rape - repeated statutory rape, in fact, that began almost a year earlier. He turns to Planned Parenthood and they don’t let him down. With no questions asked, the Planned Parenthood clinic allows him to sign for the minor’s abortion in place of her mother and father and to speed up the process and perform the abortion quickly in violation of the state’s 24 hour waiting period. Planned Parenthood staffers don’t report the sexual abuse to the authorities either – leaving the coach with the opportunity to continue molesting his victim. In another Ohio case, Planned Parenthood staffers failed to reporta father’s sexual abuse of his thirteen-year-old daughter – resulting in his continued abuse of his daughter, Denise Fairbanks, for over another year. According to a staffer’s handwritten note, their policy is “don’t ask, don’t tell.”
    Sadly, there is strong evidence that these are not isolated incidents, only examples of a Planned Parenthood policy of empowering sexual abuse of minors. Live Action investigations have revealed that Planned Parenthood clinics across the country have a similarly nonchalant approach to sexual abuse of young girls. Posing as a thirteen-year-old girl seeking an abortion due to intercourse with her thirty-one-year-old boyfriend, Lila Rose called a Bloomington, Indiana Planned Parenthood clinicand was encouraged to lie about her boyfriend’s age and to go out of state to skirt parental notification laws. Calls to Planned Parenthood clinicsin Indianapolis, Tucson, Phoenix, Memphis, Birmingham, Milwaukee, and Louisville revealed similar willingness to hide sexual abuse against children.
    Of Penn State’s scofflaw officials, a leading ethicist, Edward Queen of Emory University, speaks for the chorus when he declares, “they should be wholeheartedly condemned and punished.” Change will come, Queen says, when we as a culture honor whistleblowers who put the safety of the most vulnerable members of our society first; if we do not, he says, “we ourselves must bear the guilt.”
    The evidence is overwhelming that Planned Parenthood, which receives hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding annually, routinely ignores, fails to report, and covers up sexual abuse of young girls by older men.
    It is time for the nation’s number one abortion provider to answer some of the same questions we’re now asking of a football coach in Pennsylvania.

    Steven Aden

Monday, November 28, 2011

Notre Dame Faciltates Pornography

As the purpose of this Blog is to inform about the antics and stupidity of "Catholic In Name Only" colleges and Universities, we present the latest from The Sycamore Trust in it's never-ending battle to reclaim ND as a Catholic University.  Here is the latest Bulletin.

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SOUTH BEND, IN —In this bulletin we describe, among other happenings, the University’s role in the distribution of pornography to students. First, however, we offer some introductory comments about the disparate messages sent by various of the University’s actions.
Notre Dame is beset by an identity crisis, neither truly Catholic nor fully secular. It fails its own test of Catholic identity because of the radical reduction of Catholic representation on its faculty, as we have shown. Still, important Catholic elements persist.
The result is that actions by or at the University sometimes evidence the erosion of its Catholic character and sometimes the Catholic strengths that remain.
It is crucially important to recognize that these events are of only secondary importance. What counts for a university is who teaches and what they teach.
Still, these events are significant symptoms of what’s happening to the University. Episodes such as The Vagina Monologues, the Queer Film Festival, and the honoring of President Obama alert unsuspecting alumni and others that something is amiss. On the other hand, projects such as the University’s adult stem cell research initiative that we described in a recent bulletin give hope that what has been lost may yet be regained.
In this bulletin we continue our account of events that evidence this identity crisis.
The University as pornography enabler.
The last edition of The Irish Rover contains an arresting lead article about the University’s role in making pornography available to students.

It is no secret that the hookup culture has a hold at Notre Dame just as it does on campuses across the country. The article explores the relationship between pornography and illicit sex and confirms the pervasiveness of pornography at Notre Dame.
"As many members of the Notre Dame community attest, Notre Dame is no exception to [pornography’s] widespread use, primarily in male dorms."
The principal source of pornography for students is doubtless the Internet, probably supplemented by television. The University controls both. It is the Internet Service provider and the supplier of cable television.
As to the Internet, as the Rover reported, University policy prohibits students and others from “view[ing]” or “send[ing]” “obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or offensive material.” However, the Rover also reported that the University “does not currently filter any sites” in order to block pornography.
This prompted us to ask the University why not.
Our question:
As the ISP and the provider also of cable television to students, the University doubtless has the ability to block sites and channels that are without question egregiously pornographic. This would not, of course, prevent students from gaining access to pornography. It is too omnipresent. But at least much of the worst material might be blocked and, more importantly, the action would amount to a statement by the University. [We] assume pornographic magazines are not offered in Hammes or elsewhere on campus, but at present the University delivers it to the students via the Internet and television in large and unrestricted volume.
The University spokesperson’s answer, “essentially the same” as he had given the Rover, was – brace yourselves – that the University relies upon the students not to look.
"The University relies on the integrity of our students, faculty and staff to abide by this and many other policies."
It is no criticism of the spokesperson, who is courteous and prompt in responding to our inquiries and must work with what he has, to note the transparent inanity of this explanation. Surely common sense and common experience teach those responsible for these services that to count on students' self-restraint respecting pornography is to invite ridicule.
So one can only speculate as to the real reason the University serves as the principal distributor of pornography at Notre Dame. To make matters worse, the University charges for doing it. But what is in any event clear is that, since the University thereby acts as an enabler of what the Church teaches is grave sin, the University is not acting in accord with Ex Corde Ecclesiae’s injunction that at a truly Catholic university “ Catholic teaching and discipline are to influence all university activities.”
Lax on pornography for students while conscientious on birth control for staff.
This heedlessness respecting pornography contrasts sharply with a laudable University action we have described recently: its opposition to the proposed Administration regulation that would require the University to include coverage for contraception in the health insurance it provides employees.
The irony is striking: The University conscientiously resists subsidizing birth control pills for its adult employees but does not do what it can to interdict a fetid stream of pornography to students entrusted by parents to its care.
More items of interest:
  • Two of the prime movers in Notre Dame’s stem cell projects -- Dr. Henry Hyde and Dr. Phillip Sloan recently participated in an important Vatican conference on the subject, and Professor Richard W. Garnett, Associate Dean of the Law School, has been appointed as a consultant to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ new Committee on Religious Liberty.
  • “Want smarter children? Space siblings at least two years apart, research shows.” That’s Notre Dame’s billing of a recent study by Notre Dame researchers. They built upon prior research that, they write, has found that “children from large families generally have lower educational attainment, lower IQ scores, worse unemployment outcomes, and are more likely to engage in risky behavior.” The University’s praiseworthy refusal, as a Catholic university, to sponsor research that could be used to promote embryonic stem cell research evidently is not thought relevant to research that doubtless will be seized upon by Planned Parenthood and its ilk with stress upon its Notre Dame provenance.
The report is likely to have substantial impact. Already it is reported that "[t]he news is making the rounds of the blogosphere this week since so many parents want to do everything they can so their child can have an advantage."
  • In a recent notable column in The Washington Post, “Obama Turns His Back on Catholics,” that closely parallels one of our recent bulletins , Michael Gerson opens his analysis of the administration’s assaults on the Church with a description of how Notre Dame was taken in by the President when he was honored in 2009. Gerson’s view of the emptiness of Obama’s carefully crafted words echoes our report
    Catholics, eager for reassurance from a leader whom 54 percent of them had supported, were duly reassured. But Obama’s statement had the awkward subordinate clauses of a contentious speech-writing process. Qualifications and code words produced a pledge that pledged little.
  • We have often urged the support of the centers of Catholicism on campus that nourish the Catholic character of the school. One of the most important of these is the student Right to Life club. Visit their home page to see what they do and to contribute. We especially recommend subscribing to the club’s newsletter, “Footprints,” which you can do at
  • We remind you again of the opportunity to contribute in support of the upcoming student-organized Edith Stein conference. For a description and instructions see our previous bulletin.

Friday, November 25, 2011

CCHD And Abortion...Part 2

Since we sent the letters to different Bishops, it was interesting to note the responses we received from two of the "more liberal" or maybe we should call them more "non-Catholic" diocese...namely Albany and Scranton.  We are also posting this on our Sister Blog, Non-Faithful Catholics so there won't be anyone who might miss the replies these Bishops made. The original posting details the CCHD's support for Abortion providing Grant Recipients.  Remember, that this is a "Catholic" organization providing the money.  Here are the responses of these two Dioceses.

First we will do Scranton...they seem to hedge a little in their response.  Included is the name and address of the person involved from the Diocese if you wish to query them on their ambiguous response.  We have removed the name of the person who wrote the letter so as not to cause them any undue hardship.

Subject: re CCHD Collection

Bishop Bambera has asked me to respond to your letter regarding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the status of the collection in our Diocese. We appreciate that you have shared your concerns about this collection. Thank you also for providing the analysis undertaken by Mr. Marshner. Please know that we are aware of similar concerns that have been raised about CCHD’s decisions to fund certain groups and organizations.  In response to these criticisms, the Bishops who oversee CCHD have undertaken a thorough review of this program.  As a result of this review, CCHD has developed The Review and Renewal of CCHD. The Review and Renewal includes changes for CCHD procedures and policies.  Most notable, as stated in CCHD’s Review and Renewal documents, is the implementation of “new structures to assist CCHD in applying its prohibitions on funding groups which act in conflict with Catholic social and moral teaching…, a consulting relationship with a moral theologian, a CCHD Review Board, and a staff position focused on CCHD mission and identity.” If this process results in a determination that a particular grant recipient has violated CCHD requirements, then funding is prohibited or cut off.  We are confident that these changes will ensure that the funds collected through CCHD will be distributed to organizations whose work complements Catholic teaching. As such, the collection will be taken in the Diocese of Scranton in January (although many dioceses take the collection around Thanksgiving, we take ours in January).  Of course, participation in this or any other collection is strictly voluntary. If you still believe that the CCHD campaign is not worthy of your support, you can certainly choose not to contribute. Be assured that making this choice will not put you in opposition to your pastor or parish.  
Thank you for allowing me to explain the position of the Diocese on this matter.
Hope all is well with you...God bless,
Bill Genello
Executive Director of Communications
Editor, The Catholic Light
Diocese of Scranton
300 Wyoming Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503
fax: 207-2271

Next is Albany.  Again, we have removed the name of the recipient to save them any undue hardship.
First, we will recap the letter as sent and then response.  Obviously, Albany doesn't care a bit about truth or facts...that is quite evident in their very short and terse reply.

The following information was sent to me by a reader of my Blog.  This is important enough to forward on to you to either print or forget about.  If you choose not to print the letter, I WILL send it to the Secular newspapers in the area and I know that they will be happy to print it.  We will also post it on our Blog.  The following is the letter as it was sent to the Diocese of Scranton.

To: bishops-office <>
Sent: Thu, Nov 3, 2011 10:57 am
Subject: CCHD Collection

Dear Mr. Genello:

     I am quite concerned regarding the possible upcoming CCHD collection which is promoted in parishes each year on the last Sunday before Thanksgiving.  I am asking that in the event the collection is still being considered, Bishop Bambera direct that this funding be canceled in a letter to all parishes.
     You may be aware of the controversies surrounding this organization and their quite liberal use of monies collected.  For the last two years many Catholics like myself have refused funding based on information we received and verified.  We were elated when they recently distributed a reply to our concerns which at first seemed comforting.  However, when we look at the facts we can now determine that they are engaging in even more inappropriate funding of organizations and groups which are completely contrary to Catholic Church teaching. 
    A gentleman by the name of W H Marshner, STD who is a professor of Theology at Christendom College in Fort Royal, VA (his full list of credentials are mentioned in the included attachment) has released a copy of the letter he sent to the CCHD in reply to their distributed claim that their money disbursement has been tracked and is now fully compliant with Catholic teaching.  He volunteered his services to make sure the CCHD had in fact revamped their cash distribution procedures.  According to Mr. Marshner there are very disturbing findings some of which I have listed:

*     Condom distribution
*     Funding for "reproductive justice" which includes contraception and abortion
*     Sex-educational programs where condoms as well as IUDs are distributed
*     Sexual liberation and abortion courses which encourages homosexual and trans-gendered acceptance

     Please read the attached letter Mr. Marshner has sent to the CCHD.  To my knowledge, the information he has provided has not been refuted.  Please ask the Bishop to make sure these collections do not take place on the appointed Sunday.  If he does not take this action, we will be placed in a position of opposition to our parish as well as our pastors.  I think he will agree, faithful Catholics should not have to defend loyalty to our beliefs.
     Thank you for all your help and I look forward to your reply.
Now, the "Reply" from Albany.

Ginny Daley ( on behalf of Bishop Howard Hubbard (
Tue 11/08/11 3:26 PM

Thank you for your e-mail.
I am sorry that I disagree with your assessment of CCHD and the funding you believe to be credible.
The CCHD Committee has a very respectable moral theologian from St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg.  He and the staff monitor very clearly the grant requests and allocations - no grants are given for the purpose you describe and if a grantee is found to violate our Catholic teaching the program is defunded.

First of all, it was not MY assessment of was  Mr. Marshner's assessment.  His credentials speak for themselves. I wonder if the Albany Diocese even knows where the grant money goes?  They provided a really slick advertisement for the collection, attempting to make it sound really great, but does anyone know where their money actually goes?  Maybe they should really ask the Bishop before they donate.
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Since it's that time again for the "Collection" for the Campaign for Human Development, (notice I didn't say "Catholic") we felt it necessary to shed a little light on just what this group actually does. The following is a Link
to our sister site that has the entire story detailed.  If you still want to contribute after reading this, it's your conscience.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M