Friday, August 19, 2011


If you have any doubt, here is the proof:

USCCB campaign urges parishes to pray, preach on behalf of DREAM Act 

The Justice for Immigrants campaign of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is urging priests across the nation to “incorporate petitions, prayers and homilies” into Sunday Masses on September 25 in support of passage of the DREAM Act. The bill, first introduced in 2001, would provide a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants.
The Justice for Immigrants campaign has also issued an invitation to “plan a vigil or public event between Sept. 18 - Oct. 9 in support of our DREAM students and youth” and offers a “sample agenda and elements of a powerful event” to assist in planning.

This article and more links to more articles are at Catholic Culture.  The "Catholic Bishops" would do well to remember that they are NOT supposed to preach politics or take a side in an argument that is totally political in nature.  They are to be Shepherds and "Teach" about the Word of God, His Moral Laws (gee, what a novel concept) and  true Social Justice, not the Saul Alinski/Obama Socialism  model they seem to advocate.  Preaching political agendas from the pulpit could have such an effect on the Government that they might take away the 'tax exempt' status of the churches. (small letter for the "c" for a very good reason).  WOW!  Imagine the USCCB having to fork over the money for the Parishes to pay taxes since they were they ones instructing the parishes to preach Politics from the Pulpit.

Oh, yeah.  The "Dream Act" is a backdoor attempt at Amnesty for know, the ones that steal your jobs, rape, pillage and plunder, drive drunk and kill a family of 4 and get a slap on the wrist, then deported only to be caught again in an illegal roundup two months later.  These are the ones our "Bishops" want to let have free education on our dime, and then become American Citizens.

Wake Up USCCB!  The education system in this country is in a shambles already. Just read this Blog and see how really bad the "Catholic" system is and then you want to foster THIS on us? You want to make it worse?  The law would allow these "students" to become "citizens" and THEN, they can bring in all their relatives...all for free...all on the American Taxpayers' dime.

Tell your "Bishops" and their lackeys to do what Jesus told Satan while He was fasting in the desert..."Get thee behind Me, Satan!".

Tell the USCCB the same thing.  Make no mistake, they are anything but Catholic.  Any doubt, just read the column from Louie Verrecchio at Renew America.

Oh, and one more item on the subject of "Illegals".  It seems the Bishops of New Mexico want the State to issue the Illegals Drivers Licenses.(Illegals driving).  The Governor wants to stop the practice.  She's right, they're wrong.  More "amnesty" regardless of how you try to package it is still NOT the job of the Bishops.  Maybe they should read the definition of what Catholic Social Justice truly is.  The Pope has a paper on it.  Very interesting reading.  Maybe they should try reading it.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

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