Friday, August 12, 2011

Hubbard and His "Gays".

I just wanted to make a quick update on this Post:  The same notice was once again put into Parish Bulletins about the meeting. The group that Hubbard is sponsoring has been denied acceptance by numerous other Bishops over the years.  Obviously there is a reason for this.  Of course, Hubbard won't say no because he has too much at stake.  Did anyone hear a word from him about the NY Same Sex Marriage debacle?  Of course not!  Why would he cut off his own nose to spite his face?  Here is the information about the Bulletin Post.

Here is the information once again from Catholic Culture  and Life Site News and Catholic Vote.

The article from Catholic Vote has pretty much summed up the fact that this group is not part of the "Catholic Culture" that it claims to be.  Besides, did anyone hear Hubbard apologize for giving The Holy Eucharist to a prominent politician who not only supports SSM, but campaigned for it and exposed his daughters to the Scandal of the lifestyle, and supports and campaigns for Abortion? No, of course not.  Hubbard is silent on these issues even though Canon Law tells him to be vocal.

How much longer is the Diocese of Albany going to be saddled with this type of leadership?  Isn't he supposed to be retiring shortly?  Maybe The Vatican could sort of hurry that up a little bit, before the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Albany becomes some Protestant Cult.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M   

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