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Notre Dame...Again

Once again I am privileged to be able to post the bulletin from The Sycamore Group.  William Dempsey, Chairman of the Group has penned a sort of forward to the Bulletin.  I feel his observations are as noteworthy as the Bulletin itself. They are coming up next and then the Bulletin in its entirety. 
Jesus Is Lord!
Many of you will have seen the interview before, but I want to draw your attention to the video of Fr. Miscamble's electrifying talk at the student-sponsored rally in opposition to the honoring of President Obama.  Also, I want to add some personal comments.First, this time I offer with special emphasis, my suggestion that you consider posting comments, no matter how brief. Fr. Miscamble is a remarkably courageous man. All who love Notre Dame owe him a great deal. We ought to lift a chorus of encouragement.  I can tell you, as Father indicates, that the atmosphere at Notre Dame is hostile to those willing to speak out about what's happened to the Catholic identity of this precious institution. Notre Dame has become indistinguishable in many ways from a corporation -- Notre Dame, Inc. -- in which conformity is a prime virtue and omerta is the governing ethos.
Fr. Miscamble is very charitable in his response to the question: "Given your protests of some of what Father Jenkins has done as president, is it hard to live in community there?" But you may find it chilling to learn that he has been excluded from the community residence because, he was told, his "presence in the university community would make life difficult for others." Just what sort of religious community is this,anyway? Those of you who know Fr. Miscamble personally will especially appreciate what an incriminating move this was, however little Fr. Miscamble makes of it. Finally, I want to underscore the significance of the move by the Administration to oust David Solomon from the directorship of the Ethics & Policy Center. We will have more to say about this in the future, but in my view this is a decisive test of the Administration's seriousness of purpose on life issues. David is a towering pro-life figure at Notre Dame. He and his colleagues and associates have carried the pro-life flag at the University for years. Alone, so far as the Administration is concerned. And the admirers of his and his associates'  work at the Center on issues central to the Catholic intellectual tradition are legion. (We are proud to have one of those associates, Elizabeth Kirk, formerly second-in-command at the Center, on our board.)  But, like Fr. Miscamble, Dr. Solomon has spoken publicly of problems at the University and was a leading critic of the honoring of President Obama.
Fr. Miscamble can be excluded from community residential life; the administration can oust David from the Center he founded and has nourished. The Administration can co-opt and silence the Center. The promise of Project Guadalupe can be erased. But then the Administration's claim of a University that is "unambiguously pro-life" becomes so hollow as to be embarrassing.
I might add that it is not a question of David Solomon's being director-for-life. It would be entirely appropriate to provide for a transition of several years during which Dr. Solomon would work with a successor chosen through a process in which he played a major role. But there is nothing at all of that sort in prospect at the moment, it seems. Let us pray this may change.
The Bulletin:  Embedded Video in Bulletin

SOUTH BEND, IN — With this bulletin we provide to you “Saving Notre Dame’s Soul,” an extraordinary interview of Father Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C. by Kathyn Lopez of the National Catholic Reporter.
Father Miscamble, a former rector of Moreau Seminary and Chair of the History Department, has taught at the University for twenty-five years.  An award-winning author of three books on the Truman era, he is one of the University’s most distinguished scholars and popular teachers.
We introduce Fr. Miscamble  to you here in a special way through this video of highlights of his stirring leading address at the 2009 Rally on campus organized by students in opposition to the honoring of President Obama. Watch it and you will be certain to pay special attention to his interview.
We will not try to summarize the interview, for we  could not do it justice.  We will simply offer a few observations that may be helpful
The history of the secularization of religious schools shows that secularization comes with the loss by the faculty of its anchor in the founding religion. Father Miscamble has dealt with the radical erosion of the Catholic presence on the Notre Dame faculty in an illuminating article in America  that we have featured previously and that we commend to you again.
This phenomenon proceeds slowly and out of sight of alumni and others outside the university. Outward signs of religion remain. But at some point something quite unexpected may happen to disclose the hollowness of the university’s claims of robust religious identity.
At Notre Dame there have been a succession of such shocks over the past six years, among them Fr. Jenkin’s sanction of the student performance of the execrable Vagina Monologues and of the Queer Film Festival, the consequent moving by 50 bishops of their conference away from Notre Dame, and, most calamitous of all, the honoring of President Obama, the most pro-abortion president in history. 
This startling action in violation of an important policy of the bishops of the United States further widened the breach with Bishop John D’Arcy, which had opened with the Vagina Monologues, and brought upon Notre Dame the condemnation of 83 cardinals, archbishops, and bishops and countless Catholics nationwide.
In these circumstances, after the Obama disaster the question of Notre Dame’s pro-life stance has become a surrogate for the fundamental question of the University’s Catholic identity. It is, so to speak, the canary in the mine. More, it is a measure of the depth of the commitment of the Administration and the Fellows – particularly the six C.S.C. priests among the Fellows – to a defining moral teaching of the Church and hence to the Church itself.
Father Miscamble describes what the University has and has not done on the pro-life front before and since Obama and what it all means. As you will see, his account is an essential antidote to the University’s insistence that it really is “unambiguously pro-life” after all.
We highlight here only the point that Father Miscamble himself underscores as of surpassing importance and special urgency. It has to do with “Project Guadalupe,” the Center for Ethics and Culture, and the founder and leader of both, Dr. David Solomon.
We have termed Project Guadalupe “the most promising pro-life initiative in the history of the University” and the Center “an invaluable focal point for the exploration and exposition of the Catholic intellectual and moral tradition.” 
We leave to Fr. Miscamble’s interview, the organizations’ web sites, and our bulletin full descriptions of these organizations as well as of the Fund for the Protection of Human Life, which Dr. Solomon also heads.  Suffice it to say that these organizations under Dr. Solomon’s leadership have been the principal pro-life forces at the University for many years and that, with the launch this summer of Project Guadalupe with its Notre Dame Vita Institute, they hold the promise of making Notre Dame a formidable pro-life force in the future. 
While the University has provided no support to any of these efforts, one would think it would at least be grateful for the credit Dr. Solomon and his associates and supporters have brought to Notre Dame. Others outside the university honor his work. The national University Faculty for Life organization has recently conferred upon him its annual Smith Award.
However, Dr. Solomon has also been a persistent, knowledgeable, and persuasive critic of the secularization of the university. More, he rallied other faculty members to stand with him during his rousing talk at the student-sponsored 2009 Rally on the quad in opposition to the honoring of President Obama. (One of those was Bill Kirk, the only top University officer to participate, whose subsequent abrupt dismissal after 23 years of service we have chronicled earlier.)
The Administration is evidently less than pleased. Father Miscamble declares:
[T] he future of the institute is in question, as worries increase that the administration will penalize its leader, philosophy professor David Solomon, for the distinctive witness he and others who support the fund provide on campus....[H]e has been given indications that his tenure at the center will only continue through this year.
And, Father Miscamble adds, “just as he is getting Project Guadalupe firmly established.”
Finally, we hope you will forgive our elevating a subordinate remark by Fr. Miscamble to a more prominent position:
Alums must continue to make their views known to the administration, I especially encourage alums to keep informed about developments at Notre Dame by subscribing to the Sycamore Trust bulletins....Sycamore [has] done a great job of promoting the Catholic character and mission of Notre Dame by providing a sustained and deeply thoughtful monitoring of events there.

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New Blog Addition

Since we have gotten sidetracked so often lately, we decided to open a new Blog for the specific purpose of keeping the "So-called Catholics" honest.  The new Blog is co-incidentally named Non-Faithful Catholics.

We hope that it will prove to be as successful as Non-Faithful Catholic Schools.

Thank you all very much.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Friday, August 19, 2011


If you have any doubt, here is the proof:

USCCB campaign urges parishes to pray, preach on behalf of DREAM Act 

The Justice for Immigrants campaign of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is urging priests across the nation to “incorporate petitions, prayers and homilies” into Sunday Masses on September 25 in support of passage of the DREAM Act. The bill, first introduced in 2001, would provide a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants.
The Justice for Immigrants campaign has also issued an invitation to “plan a vigil or public event between Sept. 18 - Oct. 9 in support of our DREAM students and youth” and offers a “sample agenda and elements of a powerful event” to assist in planning.

This article and more links to more articles are at Catholic Culture.  The "Catholic Bishops" would do well to remember that they are NOT supposed to preach politics or take a side in an argument that is totally political in nature.  They are to be Shepherds and "Teach" about the Word of God, His Moral Laws (gee, what a novel concept) and  true Social Justice, not the Saul Alinski/Obama Socialism  model they seem to advocate.  Preaching political agendas from the pulpit could have such an effect on the Government that they might take away the 'tax exempt' status of the churches. (small letter for the "c" for a very good reason).  WOW!  Imagine the USCCB having to fork over the money for the Parishes to pay taxes since they were they ones instructing the parishes to preach Politics from the Pulpit.

Oh, yeah.  The "Dream Act" is a backdoor attempt at Amnesty for know, the ones that steal your jobs, rape, pillage and plunder, drive drunk and kill a family of 4 and get a slap on the wrist, then deported only to be caught again in an illegal roundup two months later.  These are the ones our "Bishops" want to let have free education on our dime, and then become American Citizens.

Wake Up USCCB!  The education system in this country is in a shambles already. Just read this Blog and see how really bad the "Catholic" system is and then you want to foster THIS on us? You want to make it worse?  The law would allow these "students" to become "citizens" and THEN, they can bring in all their relatives...all for free...all on the American Taxpayers' dime.

Tell your "Bishops" and their lackeys to do what Jesus told Satan while He was fasting in the desert..."Get thee behind Me, Satan!".

Tell the USCCB the same thing.  Make no mistake, they are anything but Catholic.  Any doubt, just read the column from Louie Verrecchio at Renew America.

Oh, and one more item on the subject of "Illegals".  It seems the Bishops of New Mexico want the State to issue the Illegals Drivers Licenses.(Illegals driving).  The Governor wants to stop the practice.  She's right, they're wrong.  More "amnesty" regardless of how you try to package it is still NOT the job of the Bishops.  Maybe they should read the definition of what Catholic Social Justice truly is.  The Pope has a paper on it.  Very interesting reading.  Maybe they should try reading it.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hubbard and His "Gays".

I just wanted to make a quick update on this Post:  The same notice was once again put into Parish Bulletins about the meeting. The group that Hubbard is sponsoring has been denied acceptance by numerous other Bishops over the years.  Obviously there is a reason for this.  Of course, Hubbard won't say no because he has too much at stake.  Did anyone hear a word from him about the NY Same Sex Marriage debacle?  Of course not!  Why would he cut off his own nose to spite his face?  Here is the information about the Bulletin Post.

Here is the information once again from Catholic Culture  and Life Site News and Catholic Vote.

The article from Catholic Vote has pretty much summed up the fact that this group is not part of the "Catholic Culture" that it claims to be.  Besides, did anyone hear Hubbard apologize for giving The Holy Eucharist to a prominent politician who not only supports SSM, but campaigned for it and exposed his daughters to the Scandal of the lifestyle, and supports and campaigns for Abortion? No, of course not.  Hubbard is silent on these issues even though Canon Law tells him to be vocal.

How much longer is the Diocese of Albany going to be saddled with this type of leadership?  Isn't he supposed to be retiring shortly?  Maybe The Vatican could sort of hurry that up a little bit, before the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Albany becomes some Protestant Cult.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M   

Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Good News From "The Golden Dome", Notre Dame

The following is the newsletter from The Sycamore Group at Notre Dame.  It has some good news in it for a change.  However, it also has some not so good news...two of the board members are retiring.  I would personally like to thank Dan Boland, PhD for all his help and guidance to me over the last couple of years.  His help has been invaluable in making this Blog as effective as it is.  And make no IS effective.  So...with that said, here is the latest issue of the newsletter.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

SOUTH BEND, IN —We are pleased to report that there has been another departure from the Notre Dame Board of Trustees that is even more significant than the recent resignation of Roxanne Martino, a supporter of pro-abortion organizations whose inexplicable appointment and speedy resignation we have chronicled in recent (see Beating Around the Bush, Just Stop Talking, and Notre Dame Fellows Elect Prcamoro-Abortion Trustee.)
First, however, a reminder.
If you have not yet considered our recent appeal for financial support we hope you will do so now. Our ability to reach the countless alumni who share our concerns but know nothing of our work and thereby to increase our impact depends in substantial measure upon our resources. If you value what we have done to protect Notre Dame’s Catholic identity and want to help the organization grow in size and influence, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Sycamore in whatever amount you can afford. 
Sycamore Trust is a model of calm and reasonable yet unrelent­ing friendly questioning of recent events on the South Bend campus
The late Ralph Mcinerny, storied Notre Dame professor, scholar, and author.
Project Sycamore plays an enormously important role in promoting the Catholic character and mission of Notre Dame.
Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C., former chair of the History Department and Rector of Morreau Seminary and award-winning author.
[I’m] glad to add a word of support for a very worthwhile project that seems to be producing good results.
Russell Shaw, widely known and respected Catholic author and columnist, in response to the current fund drive:
Click to donate online or by mail.
The Departure of Trustee Marye Anne Fox.
The trustee who has left the Board is Dr. Marye Anne Fox, one of the nation’s most prominent promoters of embryonic stem cell research. Dr. Fox’s presence on the board for almost a decade has been far more at war with the University’s Catholic identity than Ms. Martino’s would have been. 
Dr. Fox’s departure is something of a mystery, as you will see. But before recounting what we have been able to find out, we describe Dr. Fox’s hostility to Church teaching and how the University has nonetheless not only invited her participation in governance but also accorded her signal honors.
Dr. Fox’s Unsuitability.
We have previously called attention to Dr. Fox’s glaring unsuitability to serve on the University’s board, as has The Irish Rover.
In opposition to the California bishops, Dr. Fox was a principal proponent of California Proposition 71, which authorized public funding of embryonic stem cell research; and her university, a major beneficiary of the funding, has "taken a key role” in the ensuing research. Indeed, Dr. Fox sits on the board of directors of the consortium conducting this research,
By electing and re-electing Dr. Fox over the past eleven years, the Fellows and Board of the University have violated the injunction of the country’s bishops in their Application of Ex Corde Eccelesiae to the United States:
Each member of the board must be committed to the practical implications of the university’s Catholic identity as set forth in its mission statement or equivalent document.
Nor is this by any means all.
In a 2008 warm-up for its celebration of President Obama in 2009, the University honored Dr. Fox by awarding her an honorary degree and naming her commencement speaker for the Graduate School. While, in contrast to the Obama calamity, this episode passed largely unnoted, it was just as plain a violation of the American bishops’ injunction against “honor[ing] those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.”
Nor could the University plead a “tradition” of honoring past Presidents or the value of “engaging” with a President or the prestige associated with a Presidential visitation.  Accordingly, when we inquired of the University why the board membership and the honoring of Dr. Fox did not collide with the school’s claim of Catholic identity, it was unsurprising to receive this reply:
[W]e will not be responding.
Dr. Fox’s departure. 
We discovered Dr. Fox’s departure from the board by accident. The University did not mention it in its announcement of changes in Board membership at its last meeting, nor was it reported in any other source so far as we can tell. Moreover, Dr. Fox was listed as a trustee on the University website as well as on Bloomberg BusinessWeek as late as June 27th,  the date we asked the University when Dr.  Fox would be up for re-election.
To our considerable surprise, the University responded:
Dr. Fox no longer is a member of the board. Beyond that, we’ll have nothing to add.
Notwithstanding this declaration, the University spokesman was good enough to answer our further question as to why Dr. Fox had been shown as a board member until the time of our inquiry, when it was removed. He explained:
We generally update various lists once a year, in mid-August.
On this timetable, the resignation of Roxanne Martino under pressure in June could not have been a factor in Dr. Fox’s departure. Nor, evidently, did Dr. Fox simply want to shed board obligations, since she almost immediately joined the board of Dartmouth.
One is left to speculation, which is certainly fueled by the silence of the University upon Dr. Fox’s departure – no expression of regret nor appreciation for her service – and its subsequent declaration that it would  “have nothing to add” to its explanation that she was not re-elected.
Whatever the reason, Dr. Fox’s departure is good news. And while it seems highly unlikely that the University would have discouraged Dr. Fox from standing for re-election, it is perhaps possible that the University’s post-Obama damage control efforts and the continued efforts of pro-life faculty have resulted in an atmosphere uncomfortable for an embryonic stem cell research champion.
It is perhaps suggestive that,  in describing her consortium’s research, Dr. Fox declared that “the first thing” is that “we don’t shy away from controversy” and that “virtually any top rate research university” conducts research “into all questions that are of importance to society today.”  On her view, Notre Dame would evidently not qualify. Dartmouth does. A thoroughly good thing.
In our next bulletin, we will examine the University’s policy and actions relating to embryonic stem cell research, which have been both lamentable and praiseworthy.
Farewell and Welcome.
Two of our founding and most valued board members, Dr. Dan Boland and Dr. Jack Gueguen, have retired from the board after six years of dedicated service. They leave with our deep appreciation and prayerful best wishes. Their successors are Dr. Daniel Mcinerny (A.B. ND '86, PhD '94  Catholic University), former Associate Director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics & Culture and Chair of the Philosophy Department of St. Thomas University (Houston),  and Dr. Robert Schmiege (A.B. ND '63, J.D. ND '66), former Chairman, President, and CEO of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad. Biographical notes on Dan and Bob on our website.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Government Authorized "Killing Of The Unborn...The Next Level Up"

With the recent decision of a former "Catholic" ( I use that term only as a descriptive adjective) lawmaker, Secretary Sebelius, HHS has mandated the inclusion of Contraceptives and "abortifacient drugs as covered contraception."  These last few words come from a statement by Sr. Carol remember her don't you?  The Nun who sold out the CHA for a pen at the signing of Obamacare?  Well, here is a statement from the CHA as listed at Catholic Culture.

The Catholic Health Association (CHA)--which broke with the nation’s bishops by supporting health-care legislation passed in March 2010--has expressed its concern about a new mandate that requires private insurers to provide women with coverage for FDA-approved contraception.
A “religious employer” is exempt from the requirement only if it “primarily serves persons who share its religious tenets”-- effectively preventing Catholic hospitals from making use of the exemption.
“CHA is very concerned about the inadequacy of the conscience protections with respect to the coverage of contraception,” the organization stated. “As it stands, the language is not broad enough to protect our Catholic health providers. Catholic hospitals are a significant part of this nation's health care, especially in the care of the most vulnerable. It is critical that we be allowed to serve our nation without compromising our conscience.”
The association also stated it would also seek to demonstrate that some of the contraceptives covered under the mandate have an abortifacient effect.
“We appreciate that the Administration does not intend to include abortifacient drugs as covered contraception,” the association stated. “Our comments will address our concerns about the mechanism of action of certain FDA-approved contraceptive drugs.” (Emphasis ours)

Here is an interesting dilemma; Keehan already did everything she could do to undermine the Bishops; still is. She also stood up as approving the abortion performed at St Joseph's Hospital in Arizona.  She has not specifically said that the CHA would NOT go along with the new mandates, only that she hoped the conscience protections would be afforded and expanded.  Is she for real or does she think no one remembers her Satanic Sell-out?  Here is the link to their own press release.  Please read it carefully and then see whether or not she really thinks this is all bad.  Catholic Hospital Assoc.

Located on the  Catholic Culture Site are many different topics that can help you understand your Catholic Faith that much better, but for this one, there are a couple of comments that I would like to post here that were in response to the Keehan fiasco.

         First comment:

  • Posted by: dover beachcomber - Aug. 03, 2011 5:33 PM ET USA I predict they'll get over their concern in due time.                                                                       

    Second Comment:
  • Posted by: Antigone - Aug. 03, 2011 4:48 PM ET USA They're "concerned" now? And what about all the Catholics who were warning them not to support ObamaCare? Now they're reaping what they've sown, but it's worse than that because we're all paying the price for their foolishness.

    Third Comment:
  • Posted by: DrJazz - Aug. 03, 2011 8:17 AM ET USA Sister Carol doesn't seem to get it. She is "both pleased and concerned" about the HHS regulations. She likes this one, doesn't like that one. Memo to Sister Carol: HHS and Sebelius aren't changing any regulations for you. They don't care what you think; they got what they needed from you last year.
 So, as you can see, the "Culture of Death" and the primary purveyor, Obama, is going strong.  Only by defunding Obamacare and defeating him at the next election will we even begin to save our children.  Left to the likes of Carol Keehan, we can kiss the next two generations of Americans good-by.  One Senator already said we had to have abortion that was paid for by the Government or the "health care system" wouldn't be able to sustain itself.  Only by killing babies and holding down the population will that be possible.  And also, just in case you didn't know, Chemical Contraceptives (Pill, etc.) kill babies just the same as an ABORTION.  Here is a link to Judy Brown at American Life League and her post on "Introduction to Abortion--A Crisis of Facts."  This is a great site for Truth and information on Abortion and Contraceptives.

Oh, for that "Executive Order?"   Not worth the paper it was printed on.  Time to clean house folks and get rid of all incumbents that have been there more than this least the "Tea Partiers" have tried to keep them honest, even if they haven't succeeded.

Any doubts about Abortion should be removed just by looking at the pictures on the right side of this Blog...If not, then may God have Mercy on your Soul. 

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M