Friday, July 8, 2011

New York Bishops " Failure to Communicate."


Archbishop Dolan says the Bishops did all they could do to fight SSM in NY! (Link NY BishopsIf you believe this, I've got a really big bridge I can sell you real cheap...just like them...CHEAP.  Read the article at the link.  By the way...Dolan left town before the vote.

A famous line from a movie staring a well know actor spoken by a well know character actor went like this:
"What we have here, is a failure to communicate." ( Cool Hand Luke).  For those of you too young to know of this line or the context in which it was spoken, not to worry...the Bishops of New York (save one: Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn) have proven that they subscribe to this completely.    They have TOTALLY failed to communicate about the "gay marriage" issue until it was a "fait accompli".  Now, Archbishop Dolan has come out with a statement lamenting the passage of the "Sodomy Bill".  I find that rather interesting.  Did the Bishops strike a deal with Cuomo to not campaign against the law?  Did any one see anything from ANY of the New York Bishops (save one) prior to the last week of "negotiations" or for that matter, even from the USCCB? No!  Even the Catholic bashing New York Times were stunned by the lack of opposition.  But wasn't that to be expected?   Have a look at Archbishop Dolan presiding at The Church of St. Francis Xavier at the rededication Ceremony June 19, 2010.  Of course this was a "Gay Mass" as is the Parish. Dolan presiding at Gay Mass

What about the rest of the Bishops?  Well, you really didn't expect Hubbard or Clark to say anything did you?  After all, Hubbard was the subject of a very difficult investigation a few years ago about an episode in a bar and if it hadn't been for some fancy footwork, there is no telling what could have come out. And, of course, there is the scandal about the Eucharist to Cuomo.( Link) No need to go into that as the Canon folks are looking into possible ramifications there.  There will be more about Hubbard and Clark coming up on the Blog, but for now, Archbishop Dolan is the topic. 

Here is an excerpt from an interview he gave:

On June 25, 2001, the day he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis, Msgr. Dolan gave an interview from the North American College in Rome to Zenit Press Service. The topic was “Countering the Myth of the ‘Gay Priesthood.’” Dolan said that the charge of the American media that the priesthood is becoming a “gay profession” was inaccurate and unfair. He admitted that there were homosexually active priests just like there were heterosexually active priests, but he said the priesthood remained a very “manly” vocation......“   

In response to a question on how the Church can express its “disapproval of homosexual behavior without being accused of bigotry or hate crimes,” Dolan, currently Chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Priestly Life and Ministry, said that the post-Conciliar Church prefers to accentuate the positive aspects of sexual love within marriage rather than condemn vice.

 Is there any doubt as to why the "gay marriage" bill saw such a small amount of adverse publicity from the "Catholic Establishment"?  Even the Archbishop of New York doesn't admit Sodomy is a sin. No "condemnation of a 'vice'."  And by the way, his Bishop in Wisconsin at the time of this statement...none other than Justin Rigali, now Cardinal and Archbishop of Pedophiladelphia.  Link

Soooo, the statement on his it knowing the facts and then take it with a grain or two of salt.Dolan's "afterthoughts"
It is always easier to dismantle from the inside than the outside.  Be vigilant about your Faith and your Church.  A friend of mine has quipped a phrase calling the recent events in Albany "Sodomy on the Hudson".  I would say that pretty well sums it up.  Where were you before the fracas Archbishop Dolan?  Oh yeah...having lunch with the Governor....

Jesus Is Lord!
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