Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catholic Charities and Gay Activists

We have always said that giving to a charity is up to the individual.  However, when you are supposed to be a "Catholic Charity", you expect that to be Catholic, not support subversive elements that undermine the teachings of The Church, or give awards to heretics and subversives. (Link)  Catholic Charities does just that.

Catholic Culture has posted another article about the infamous 'Catholic Charities' that all should know.  rather than give a link to the story, we decided to post the entire article here.  Know where your money goes.  This is the reason we say to donate directly to organizations that foster Catholic Values, not lump it together so a group can spend it any way they want.  Here is the article.

Catholic Charities USA works comfortably with gay lobbyist 

The Washington office of Catholic Charities USA has contracted with a lobbying firm owned by a noted gay activist, a homosexual-oriented newspaper in the nation’s capital reports.
For the 12-month period ending in April, Catholic Charities USA paid nearly $500,000 to the Sheridan Group, headed by gay activist Tom Sheridan. Although the lobbying group’s work for Catholic Charities did not involve gay-rights issues—it was devoted to anti-poverty campaigns—the Washington Blade story quotes homosexual activists as saying that the Catholic Charities office is sympathetic to their concerns.
Sister Jeannine Gramick, the founder of New Ways Ministry—a group whose work was censured first by the Vatican in 1999 and then by the US bishops’ conference in 2010--gave the Blade this assessment of Catholic Charities USA: “I feel they personally are pro-gay but they can’t do this publicly.”
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 As you can see, the crap just keeps on coming.  Dump Catholic Charities and dump Catholic Campaign for Human Development CCHD from your donations and DON'T contribute to them in hidden Parish collections disguised as help for your community...a very large percentage of your donations get to the National organization, just like Komen and Planned Parenthood and their Abortion mills. (See photos on right)
CCHD supports SO many groups that are contrary to Catholic Teachings, we can't begin to list them.  BUT, if you want the list, send us an e-mail and we will send you a PDF copy of the list of recipients of CCHD money and you can see for yourselves how many want to kill babies or foster contraception and are supported by your money given to CCHD

Please pray for a return to sanity.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

P.S.  We would like to add another Organization to this list thanks to Restore DC Catholicism that also supports and aids Abortion and Alinski Socialism groups and that is Catholic Relief Services.  Just thought you should know.

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  1. I'd suggest adding Catholic Relief Services to that sordid list of collections to boycott.