Friday, June 10, 2011

ND, Ms.Martino And Abortion: A Letter From Dr. Boland

This is a letter regarding the Notre Dame Board and their activity concerning Ms. Martino and Emily's list.  Read this carefully and I hope the links provided will work as they are an integral part of the letter.  This is but one more nail in the "Catholic" coffin of Notre Dame.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 19:08:04 -0700
Subject: Teen abortion support w/o parental knowledge: A page from a group supported by Ms Martino

To Interested Pro-Life Persons in regard to the Martino Issue at Notre Dame:
There is no question about the sole pro-choice purpose of Emily's List. Their web site is abundantly clear in its pro-choice advocacy.
However, out of nagging curiosity (admittedly, not always the best of motives, but in this case, justifiable) I checked to see exactly what sort of pro-choice activities are also endorsed and produced by the Personal PAC to which Ms Martino is reported to have made significant financial contributions.
It is this PAC about which Ms. Martino, Fr. Jenkins, Chairman Notebaert and other University Fellows claim no knowledge whatever and were apparently surprised to learn of its work.
What I found on that PAC's web site was a stunning amount of clearly stated pro-abortion material which University leadership seeks to dismiss with a single sentence.
I here submit only one page of that PAC:
This Personal PAC clearly and openly promulgates its primary purpose with utmost clarity:  to militantly promote abortion. It even seeks to reassure teenagers that abortion without parental knowledge or consent is available in Illinois, as the link demonstrates.
One always tries to keep a fair and open mind, to believe that University leadership is sincere in its protestations of ignorance regarding Ms Martino's contribution to a pro-choice (is that not a way of saying pro-abortion?) organization and her support of this pro-abortion political action committee as well.
Upon visiting the web site of that political action committee, one's fairness and open mindedness are sorely tested, one's confidence in the reliability of University leadership shaken to the core.
Upon viewing that political action committee's pro-abortion web site, one comes to the conclusion that it is fair to wonder if Ms Martino and her defenders among University leadership  -- i.e., Fr. Jenkins,, Mr. Notebaert, other University Fellows and Trustees -- are truly aware of the fundamental moral reality of our time, abortion, and of the moral position of the Catholic Church about the grave evil of abortion.
Do they deliberately choose not to see what is evident to any who will but look? 
Given the gravity of the moral issues, one wonders why University leadership finds it so difficult to prioritize the simple act of selecting and embracing truly pro-life Catholics as representatives to its governance body? Are there so few prominent pro-life Catholics capable of stepping up and guiding the University on a truly Catholic path to research acclaim?
Finally, one cannot also help but wonder how far these persons in leadership intend to go and how long the leadership of the Congregation of Holy Cross intends to silently acquiesce?
Daniel M. Boland, PhD

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