Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Gay Marriage?" And Governor Cumo. Where Are Our "Bishops"?

Normally, we don't get into political camps with this Blog unless it directly relates to a school or religious group we are profiling, but this situation warrants a statement from True Catholics who believe our "Bishops" have failed their Mission. We alluded to this problem, no actually STATED this problem in a previous post. ( here )Now, though, the silence has been deafening. 

I guess Governor Cumo of New York is right at home as a "Gay Divorcee".  After all, being "Catholic" gives him the knowledge of what it's like to be on the short side of the, that's not right.  He's in FAVOR of "Gay Marriage" and is trying to twist the arms of those who are against it to make it legal in New York State.  Forget the fact that as a "Catholic" he is supposed to be a moral person, not someone in favor of Sodomy and unnatural sexual perversions as listed in 'The Bible'.  But then again, he really isn't a Catholic as he doesn't believe he's living in a state of Sin, (oh, that nasty word!) when living with a woman to whom he is not married and favoring the killing of the unborn as a "choice".  And Mayor Bloomberg...we wonder where he would be if his mother had decided Abortion was the better alternative and had exercised her "choice"?

I'm still waiting for the Archbishop of New York to weigh in on this...not a word.  Bishop Hubbard...not a word.  Had lunch with the Gov lately guys?  Still believe it's OK to give him The Body and Blood Of Christ in The Eucharist, or is that Blasphemy?  Has anyone ever asked about the second thief that was crucified with Jesus?  Any idea what happened to him? Anyone remember what he said to Jesus?  Everyone knows the 'good thief'...just a little food for thought.  Michael Voris sums it up when he says the Bishops are only doing a 9-5 job...they are no longer "Real Catholics".  We totally agree, at least where these are concerned. And we were dumb enough to think that Archbishop Dolan as President of the USCCB was a good idea. Guess we got snookered, huh? 

Do your job as "Catholic Leaders" if that's what you are, (doubtful) and get the lead out of your A-- and say something to defend the Institution of Marriage created by God or ask the Pope to replace you with someone with Backbone.  Someone who is truly Catholic.  We're getting tired of non-Catholic "Bishops" trying to masquerade as Catholics. Your "Choice".

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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