Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I've been given a treasure"...This From Bishop Bambera.

I really am beginning to wonder where this guy's brains are.  I know that someplace along the way God gave him some semblance of intelligence, because it takes a lot of brains to get through the Seminary, unless you're gay, a pedophile, and have Kicanas as your leader.  But for the life of me, I can't see where he put them after making that statement.  Let's look at what he's been handed.  Cardinal Rigali, you really chose well.

He was given a Diocese that was being forced to be really Catholic by Bishop Martino.  Oh, wait a can't have that.  Someone will be offended that they are being told they can't have Gay Rights Advocacy or dispense Contraceptives on their campuses such as was the case at Misericordia.

He has decided that the previous school closings weren't enough, so now he is doing more.  He came from a Parish where he had a low profile, as well he should have as he didn't know the Scripture about the Washing of the feet of Twelve Men...he washed the feet of men, women, teenagers all at the Easter Vigil in his Parish before Cardinal Rigali made him Bishop of Scranton.  Then, after he's Bishop, he gives the Eucharist to an Abortion promoting Senator...even goes so far as to shake his hand as he walks down the Aisle.  Really great for a Bishop. Says a lot about his belief in Catholic Teachings.

Let's look at a statement he made in an interview with The Times-Tribune reporter.  She asked him a series of questions regarding some "tough" decisions he had to make.  I'm going to post one of the questions and then his answer.  One part of his answer will be the subject of some additional information when the statement is finished. 

Q: Along with the announcement of school closures we've recently seen the sale of Mercy Hospital to a non-Catholic owner. Do you think the Catholic influence on this historically predominantly Catholic region - not just in parishes, but health care facilities, schools and social service agencies - will wane?
A: As much as it pains me to see that Catholic facility no longer affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy and no longer being recognized as a Catholic institution, I don't see that as a sign of diminishment at all here. I see that as a result of a lot of very complicated things that have to do with health care.
Quite the contrary. Look around this region of northeastern and northcentral Pennsylvania. It is a very Catholic area. We still have four very strong and vital Catholic universities that continue to adhere to their Catholic identity and Catholic values

Well, I guess the fact that the sale could have been stopped didn't actually occur to him. I would say that within 6 months they are performing Abortions and Sterilizations at that hospital.  But let's look at his statement regarding the "four very strong and vital Catholic Universities that continue to adhere to their Catholic identity and Catholic values".  Where is that Bull coming from?  What have we just gone through with the University of Scranton? 

He tells the President of University of Scranton that he's 'concerned' about the controversial person they are going to have speak at this "Catholic Jesuit" School.  Sara Bendoraitis ( an avowed Abortion loving Lesbian.  The link tells the story.
What have we been detailing about Marywood and their Yoga and "earth day" programs on GOOD FRIDAY?  Dancing in the Sanctuary.  Not wanting to let Michael Voris, a True Catholic, speak at their school?  How about Kings College and their Gay,Lesbian,Bi-Sexual,Transgender Advocacy program?  Encouraging their activities on campus. They must not think Sodomy is a Sin.   How about their Curriculum and their Internships that promote Abortion and Planned Parenthood through the "Maternal and Family Health Services."  This group has family planning services, Morning After pill for "Emergency Contraception" referrals for "other services" and information for teens. This good "Catholic" college provides them with Interns.  How about a group called "Parents Anonymous."  Instructions in Birth Control, Oral Contraceptives, Planned Parenthood, how to use a condom and how to obtain Abortion services.  Specific programs for 'teens'.  King's College gives them Interns.  The Biology department supplies Interns to places for Stem Cell research.   These are the "four very strong and vital Catholic Universities that continue to adhere to their Catholic identity and Catholic Values."  HOGWASH!!

I don't know what Catholic Church he is referring to, but it sure isn't mine.  Please watch the Michael Voris Videos for the real truth about what's going on in the Church.  Here are the links for the Scranton/Wilkes Barre videos. 

Michael Voris Part One
Michael Voris, Part Two
Michael Voris, Part Three

If anyone wants  the entire interview that The Times-Tribune did, just drop us an e-mail at the address in the  About Me section and I'll be happy to forward the entire interview to you. 

We will pray for all the Parishioners in the Diocese of Scranton...with what you now have for a Bishop, you are truly going to need all the prayers you can get.  Cardinal Rigali did NOT do you any favors.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M 

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