Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Happened To The "Infamous" ND 88? (Notre Dame Trespassers)

For those of you who might have been asleep or otherwise occupied in '09, Notre Dame had Obama as it's graduation speaker. (I didn't know they had enough room for the teleprompters). The firestorm this lit off at The Cardinal Newman Society, Catholic Diocese and Parishes, and other groups, ended up with a lot of people being arrested for 'trespassing' as Fr. Jenkins, President of ND, had said.  Well, it seems something has changed from then until now.  Here, in it's entirety, is the latest from The Sycamore Trust in regard to the infamous "ND88". 

We have now studied the Agreement that ended the ND88 criminal prosecutions.  Together with the preceding events, it tells an instructive story that we recount in this bulletin.
SOUTH BEND, IN — The obvious question is why the University reversed course after two years of supporting the prosecutions. The University seems to suggest that it acted out of compassion and its pro-life commitment.
  • The Agreement declares, “The to provide a basis for reconciliation before God and a continuing dialogue” with defendants.
  • Father Jenkins announced that he was “sincerely pleased that the charges...have been dismissed” and added that “everyone involved...has been in complete accord on the sanctity of human life...from the start.”
But the facts suggest a much more pragmatic reason, one that does nothing to erase the shadow thrown by these cases over the University’s pro-life claims.
This is what happened prior to the Agreement:
  • The University repeatedly explained its support of the prosecutions through a statement by Fr. Jenkins in which he said:
    1. That the cases were “in the hands of” the prosecutor.
    2. That the defendants had “violated University policies” and “were given repeated warnings” and yet “persisted.”  More, “they were led by individuals who threatened peace and order by promising upheaval on our campus.”
    3. That the prosecutor’s proposals were “balanced and lenient.”
    4. Finally, that Notre Dame could not properly seek leniency for defendants because it “cannot have one set of rules for causes we oppose and another more lenient set for causes we support.”
  • Defense counsel were regularly rebuffed in their efforts to persuade Father Jenkins to relent.
  • Tom Dixon: “The general counsel’s office of Notre Dame has responded to me by saying that Father Jenkins has no interest in discussing these matters any further.”
  • Tom Brejcha: [Father Jenkins] now seems adamant that he can do no more than insist that all the defendants submit to the conditions on which the prosecutor insists.”
  • Sycamore discovered and reported that, far from treating the ND88 the same as other trespassers, the University was discriminating against them. During Fr. Jenkins’s tenure Notre Dame had simply let go pro-gay and anti-military demonstrators that ND police had arrested for trespass.
  • During discovery, Notre Dame tried but failed to prevent defense counsel from examining William Kirk, the long-time outspokenly pro-life Associate Vice President who had been in charge of the ND police until he was fired.  (We have reported earlier on this lamentable episode.) At the time of settlement, the judge was about to rule on whether Mr. Kirk should answer certain questions directed at the University
  • Defense counsel asserted that police arrested some defendants while ignoring nearby pro-Obama demonstrators.
  • Defendants had notified Notre Dame that they intended to sue Notre Dame for damages for illegal arrests. The time for defendants to file their lawsuits was about to expire when the settlement was reached
This, then, was the prospect Notre Dame faced at the time of settlement:
The imminent filing of damage suits against the University; dozens of criminal jury trials with sympathetic defendants one after the other in the dock; cross-examination of Notre Dame personnel respecting the treatment of pro-Obama and pro-gay and anti-military demonstrators and a full range of other issues; a drumbeat of adverse publicity from pro-life sources stretching over years; the real possibility of acquittals; and a battery of civil damage trials with uncertain outcomes.
The settlement ended all of this. It is simply not credible to suppose that the driving force for the University was a suddenly awakened desire to reconcile rather than a desire to put an end to the risks the future held.
Indeed, to suppose that the University’s purpose in seeking leniency for defendants was to “reconcile” with its “brothers and sisters in the faith” whose pro-life convictions it shares would be to suppose that Fr. Jenkins authorized precisely what he said he could not, i.e. the application of “one set of rules for causes we oppose and another more lenient set for causes we support.”
Rather, the core provisions of the Agreement evidence the parties’ vital interests. The University traded its promise to intervene with the prosecutor for the defendants’ promise not to sue the University.
While this was a prudent and welcome decision by the University, the time had long past when the University could have earned praise for acting compassionately toward these pro-life defendants.
There is one other feature of the Agreement worth noting: Not only did the University exact a promise from defendants and counsel not to “disparage or criticize” the agreement, but the agreement even forbids counsel for defendants from making “any comment which is inconsistent with the spirit of this Agreement,” whatever that might be. One wonders exactly what criticism the University wants to still.
We will await reports on reconciliation and dialogue.  Since Fr. Jenkins has declared that he would recommend the honoring of President Obama if he had it to do over again, plainly there can be no reconciliation on the issue that divided the parties. Perhaps nevertheless these promises can somehow be better realized than was the expectation of “engagement” with President Obama that was raised as warrant for honoring him.  Still, the recent appointment to the Board of Trustees of Roxanne Martino, a benefactor of the important pro-abortion organization Emily's List, suggests that these promises too may remain unfulfilled. 

Please feel free to go to The Sycamore Trust for more information on their ongoing battles with the non-faithful Congregation of Holy Cross and the fate of Notre Dame.  God knows they can use your help.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Governor And Bishops Of New York on "Being Catholic."

Before you read this post, I would like for you to go to this edition of Real Catholic TV and watch the video.  It's short, only about 5 minutes, but relates entirely to this post.  Please watch it. Thank you and God Bless you.

During the last few months, the Governor of New York has done some really good things to bring about fiscal responsibility.  It's just too bad he doesn't run his personal life the same way.  He professes to be "Catholic", but he lives with a woman not his wife, he gives full support and aid to the murder of the unborn with Abortion on Demand and would expand that to encompass third trimester late term abortion if he thought he could get away with it; he supports and campaigns for "same-sex marriage" and scandalizes his daughters by marching in a Gay Pride parade with them.  This is the "Catholic" Governor of New York.  Of course, his Lt. Governor is a carbon copy...also says he's "Catholic" and does the same things.  Now, my point.

Archbishop Dolan, Bishop Hubbard, Bishop Clark, all say that this is his 'personal business' and they don't have any right getting involved in it. Vatican Theologians say different.   Cannon 915 says different.   ( Can.  915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.) and others    The job of the Bishop is to Shepard his Flock.  Failure to do this is to Scandalize the office of Bishop.  Where do these men stand on Catholicism? (Link)  I'm not really sure they are Catholic.  Here's a good example:
ALBANY - There was salmon and cheesecake but no hard feelings on the menu for Gov. Cuomo and the state's Catholic bishops on Tuesday.
"It was a candid, frank dialogue that both sides benefited from," Archbishop Timothy Dolan said after lunch with Cuomo at the executive mansion.
Dolan also said the bishops did not bring up the recent comments of a Vatican adviser who said Cuomo should be denied Communion because of his relationship with live-in girlfriend Sandra Lee.
"Our religion would also say it is not good to judge a person," Dolan said.

Our religion, being as how it's Roman Catholic, DOES say that you are not to condone the actions when they are blatantly in opposition to the teachings of the Church.  Here's a little more.

There were questions about whether Cuomo intentionally snubbed the bishops, after an adviser to the Vatican said Cuomo should be denied communion because he lives with his girlfriend, celebrity chef Sandra Lee.
Dolan addressed that issue Tuesday.
"The founder of our religion Jesus Christ said be careful about judging," said Dolan. "We bishops would agree we're not about to shy away from matters of faith and morals and we feel strongly about that. But what we're saying to you in all sincerity is there's a time and place for everything. We wouldn't dodge that."
Seems to us they aren't dodging it, they're just dismissing it as though it didn't happen  Just look at this photo...Should an avowed Abortionist and an Archbishop be all buddy buddy?  You tell us.  Seriously, write us a comment and tell us if you think they should be best buds.  Remember to be respectful or we won't post the comment, but we'd really like to know what you think.

Then, of course, we have Hubbard.  I think he would make a really good Methodist Minister.  He is a really terrible "Catholic Bishop", and I use that term loosely.  But, he's not nearly as bad as Bishop Clark.  Did you know he actually has women running his Parishes and the Priests assigned to them are only there to administer the Sacraments.   He has been chastised by The Vatican before for this activity, but he doesn't seem to care.  I wonder what he will tell Jesus at his judgment day?  "Oh, gee, I didn't think it would make that much difference that I didn't follow Your Church.  I thought my way was better."  Good luck with that.

There are 8 Catholic Diocese and Archdiocese in New York State.  Lots going on, but three of the worst are coming.

Bishop Hubbard, Bishop Clark and Bishop Kmiec.
These will be next.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Sunday, May 15, 2011

University of Scranton, Jesuits And The Advancement of The Gay Agenda

The following comment was made on the 15th of May for the post on Holy Cross.

Anonymous said... Jesuit University of Scranton performs the play RENT - your thoughts on this please? I am a convert and new to the faith. I feel this is an inappropriate play to have Catholic Students participate in at a Catholic School - am I incorrect? Thank you for any help you may provide.  

It is quite obvious that the Jesuits at the Jesuit run Colleges, have as part of their agenda and "Jesuit Tradition", the obliteration of Catholic teaching on Homosexual Lifestyles and acceptance of Abortion, Sodomy and Deviant Behavior. Each time one of these colleges invites someone to speak that is totally contrary to Catholic Church and Biblical teaching, they fall back on the "academic freedom" position. Here   That's HOGWASH! 

This person has asked a very good question.  But first, I would like to say to this wonderful person, "Welcome to the Faith" have more in your little finger than all the Jesuits in 'higher' education put together. 

The Jesuits do NOT teach in the Catholic Tradition. They don't teach Catholicism.  They even say it's not their job to teach about God.  Link Here  As a matter of fact, they even say as much in their "manifesto" as stated in the"Mission Statement from Xavier High School...that's right, High School.

To assist young men in their formation as leaders and men for others through rigorous college preparation in the Jesuit tradition.

Not one word about Catholicism. ( Link)  Actually, not one word about God either.   Well, the more we learn about the deviant Jesuits, the more it makes sense that they should be removed from the Catholic Church as an Order of "Priests".  And to think that Bishop Bambera was on the Board at Scranton.  Actually, that makes a lot of sense at this point.  Cardinal Rigali wanted someone who would join in the feminizing of the Church and he has truly found him in "Bishop Bambera"...Soooo in answer to our Convert's question---No you are NOT incorrect.  Catholic Schools should not promote the Homosexual Lifestyle in the guise of Academic Freedom. 

We will pray for this new Catholic that their Faith grow and mature in the light of True Catholic Teachings...obviously the University of Scranton does NOT fit this category in any way.

Much more coming, folks.  I just felt this deserved an answer for someone so new and Faithful.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I've been given a treasure"...This From Bishop Bambera.

I really am beginning to wonder where this guy's brains are.  I know that someplace along the way God gave him some semblance of intelligence, because it takes a lot of brains to get through the Seminary, unless you're gay, a pedophile, and have Kicanas as your leader.  But for the life of me, I can't see where he put them after making that statement.  Let's look at what he's been handed.  Cardinal Rigali, you really chose well.

He was given a Diocese that was being forced to be really Catholic by Bishop Martino.  Oh, wait a can't have that.  Someone will be offended that they are being told they can't have Gay Rights Advocacy or dispense Contraceptives on their campuses such as was the case at Misericordia.

He has decided that the previous school closings weren't enough, so now he is doing more.  He came from a Parish where he had a low profile, as well he should have as he didn't know the Scripture about the Washing of the feet of Twelve Men...he washed the feet of men, women, teenagers all at the Easter Vigil in his Parish before Cardinal Rigali made him Bishop of Scranton.  Then, after he's Bishop, he gives the Eucharist to an Abortion promoting Senator...even goes so far as to shake his hand as he walks down the Aisle.  Really great for a Bishop. Says a lot about his belief in Catholic Teachings.

Let's look at a statement he made in an interview with The Times-Tribune reporter.  She asked him a series of questions regarding some "tough" decisions he had to make.  I'm going to post one of the questions and then his answer.  One part of his answer will be the subject of some additional information when the statement is finished. 

Q: Along with the announcement of school closures we've recently seen the sale of Mercy Hospital to a non-Catholic owner. Do you think the Catholic influence on this historically predominantly Catholic region - not just in parishes, but health care facilities, schools and social service agencies - will wane?
A: As much as it pains me to see that Catholic facility no longer affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy and no longer being recognized as a Catholic institution, I don't see that as a sign of diminishment at all here. I see that as a result of a lot of very complicated things that have to do with health care.
Quite the contrary. Look around this region of northeastern and northcentral Pennsylvania. It is a very Catholic area. We still have four very strong and vital Catholic universities that continue to adhere to their Catholic identity and Catholic values

Well, I guess the fact that the sale could have been stopped didn't actually occur to him. I would say that within 6 months they are performing Abortions and Sterilizations at that hospital.  But let's look at his statement regarding the "four very strong and vital Catholic Universities that continue to adhere to their Catholic identity and Catholic values".  Where is that Bull coming from?  What have we just gone through with the University of Scranton? 

He tells the President of University of Scranton that he's 'concerned' about the controversial person they are going to have speak at this "Catholic Jesuit" School.  Sara Bendoraitis ( an avowed Abortion loving Lesbian.  The link tells the story.
What have we been detailing about Marywood and their Yoga and "earth day" programs on GOOD FRIDAY?  Dancing in the Sanctuary.  Not wanting to let Michael Voris, a True Catholic, speak at their school?  How about Kings College and their Gay,Lesbian,Bi-Sexual,Transgender Advocacy program?  Encouraging their activities on campus. They must not think Sodomy is a Sin.   How about their Curriculum and their Internships that promote Abortion and Planned Parenthood through the "Maternal and Family Health Services."  This group has family planning services, Morning After pill for "Emergency Contraception" referrals for "other services" and information for teens. This good "Catholic" college provides them with Interns.  How about a group called "Parents Anonymous."  Instructions in Birth Control, Oral Contraceptives, Planned Parenthood, how to use a condom and how to obtain Abortion services.  Specific programs for 'teens'.  King's College gives them Interns.  The Biology department supplies Interns to places for Stem Cell research.   These are the "four very strong and vital Catholic Universities that continue to adhere to their Catholic identity and Catholic Values."  HOGWASH!!

I don't know what Catholic Church he is referring to, but it sure isn't mine.  Please watch the Michael Voris Videos for the real truth about what's going on in the Church.  Here are the links for the Scranton/Wilkes Barre videos. 

Michael Voris Part One
Michael Voris, Part Two
Michael Voris, Part Three

If anyone wants  the entire interview that The Times-Tribune did, just drop us an e-mail at the address in the  About Me section and I'll be happy to forward the entire interview to you. 

We will pray for all the Parishioners in the Diocese of Scranton...with what you now have for a Bishop, you are truly going to need all the prayers you can get.  Cardinal Rigali did NOT do you any favors.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M