Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marywood, Michael Voris, Bishop Bambera and The Diocese of Scranton

We have been fortunate to be able to bring you the latest and the best in information on this still unfolding story.   Here is the link from Michael Voris on the background of the rejection.  Please watch it all the way through as it is only about 7 minutes long but full of information.  Check out the Video and then finish reading this post...I promise you it will be eye-opening.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDJx49A5D-4. We try to detail the schools that call themselves "Catholic" in order to show just how Non-Catholic they really are.  It doesn't matter if you have it run by Secular people or a "So-Called" religious order. (note no capital on 'religious').  Marywood University doesn't follow the dictates of the Catholic Church in anything it does.  If you want a truly Catholic Education for your children, Marywood does NOT fit the need.

We have detailed part of their program in a former post here, http://non-faithfulcatholicschools.blogspot.com/2011/04/continuing-saga-of-pedophiladelphia.html and here http://non-faithfulcatholicschools.blogspot.com/2011/03/philadelphia-storyall-about.html. 

We have now found even more disturbing information about Marywood and their "way of life".
The "sisters" there, with a VERY few exceptions, subscribe to the Saul Alinski School of Socialism.  On their Justice and Peace web page, there is not one mention of following the dictates of The Church.  Here is part of a quote from their page:

Responding to the movement of Spirit as manifested in our IHM Chapter documents, Core Values, Vision Statement, and Constitutions, and echoed through the International Union of General Superiors (2010), we ask the question and attempt to live into the mystery of the shift of consciousness that is needed for the life of the world. This shift involves a deepening awareness of the mysticism of our call as women religious and the prophetic stance to which it calls us. The goal is to journey deeper, encountering communion with the Holy One and all that is, which in turn enables us to “see the world with the eyes of God and live in the world with the heart of Jesus.” Justice becomes the way of life. 

This statement in itself begs the question as to what they are really referring to, and the word MYSTICISM is one the reasons for the question, especially when they foster the beliefs of some of the most radical socialist groups in the Country.  And I'm not really certain where Jesus fits into their life at all.  As you read on, I think you will ask yourself that same question.  

One of these groups is "Maryknoll Center for Concern."  This group embraces the UN health mission which sets up Abortion and Sterilization clinics in third world countries for population control in the guise of "healthcare".  Just like Doctors Without Borders who perform Abortions and Sterilizations free of charge when they go into the disaster ridden parts of the world.  This link is from American Life League.

The IHM "sisters" are advocates of  Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.  They also believe in the redistribution of wealth and use the 'Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good' as an example of their ideas.  Here is a section from the website of the "CIA":  

"Economic Justice

The economy should serve the people, not the other way around. All workers have the right to organize and join unions. They also have the right to fair wages, safe working environments, and access to productive work. And while people have a basic right to economic initiative and private property, this right has its limits. No person should amass excessive wealth when others lack the basic necessities of life. (Emphasis mine).
“There are needs and common goods that cannot be satisfied by the market system. It is the task of the state and of all society to defend them. An idolatry of the market alone cannot do all that should be done.”  This quote comes from John Paul II in 1991.  It does not suggest re-distribution of wealth as does this group... and of course the Marywood 'sisters'.


And then there is the SOA.  School of the Americas.  I'm not really sure where they fit in here, but here is one of their posters...I'll let you decide for yourselves:

 I guess this must have something to do with the justice part of their website.

And then there is the question of "EarthCARE"  Remember folks that this is a "Catholic" religious order, not some off-the-wall environmental wacko group...oops...I'm not so sure about that.  Here is a link to that part of their site.  I don't see anything on the page that speaks to Jesus as their Lord or to Mary for that matter EarthCARE 

Then we have the violation of the Vatican directive about "Liturgical Dance".  The "sisters" have had a liturgical dance ensemble for over 5 years.  They held a "Gathering" at Immaculata University in 2005.  Dancing in the Sanctuary during Mass is a "no no".  They don't seem to care.  They did it this past Christmas in the Cathedral while Bishop Bambera sat there watching.  That picture is already up on one of the previous posts on Scranton.  So...here they are dancing away.  Remember, these are "Nuns" that are supposed to be faithful to Rome.  Yeah....right.

And then of course we have another example of the "dance group" doing their thing.  This also took place at the "Gathering" by the "Liturgical Dance" group.
This is a "Catholic University" that has the full support of Bishop Bambera.  I guess we know just how "Catholic" the Diocese of Scranton is now, don't we.  I hope Cardinal Rigali is pleased with his appointment of a homosexual and abortion approving Bishop that doesn't let Orthodox Catholic opinion have a place in the Diocesan Venue, but abortion loving lesbians can speak any time they want to.  Way to go Cardinal!!

Oh, and just as an afterthought, Teresa Osborne, the Chancellor of the Diocese is a graduate of Marywood and also has NEVER held a Diocesan post before this one.  Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?  Nah, not really.  Destroy from within is the Alinski way!

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

We have a little addendum to add to this post from Cardinal Arinze on "Liturgical Dance".  here is the link:



  1. SSPX is looking better every day! O yeh! The Bishop said we can't go to their Masses. I forgot...

  2. In our further research on Marywood, we ran across a site that was rating colleges by the students that attended them. This is the link. There are some that really don't apply, but the majority of them are very informative. Enjoy the reading...it's a real eye opener.

  3. The dance at the Cathedral was during a concert not Mass, as it says in the caption below the picture. So continue to check your sources pal.

  4. I would like to thank Anonymous for his comment. At least we know they are reading it, but the picture you were talking about was on the previous post. We know it was a concert as the paper said it was. But if that's all you have to say, maybe you should read what the Vatican says about "Liturgical Dance" in the Western Church. I think that would explain the Catholic Churches' position, regardless of the fact that it was a concert. Many of the groups at that concert were there under protest because of the "dance"
    Thank you for commenting.

  5. @Rockin' Schism is not the answer to irreverence or heresy.