Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Little Note from "America Needs Fatima" About One Of Our CINO? Schools.

I put the question mark there in the title because I'm not sure they even fall into THAT category. Oh well...

I have received a request from "America Needs Fatima"( Link)  and John Ritchie from TFP Student Action (Link) to sign a petition to stop Canisius College from having THE most notorious LGBT advocate speak at their campus.  Of course, this is in direct violation of the USCCB directive about having non-faithful folks speak at the campusses, but what does that matter to the Jesuits?  They do what they Damn Well Please regardless of how asinine it makes them look.  They're good at it, too.  Just look at BC.
Anyway, here is the Link to the petition.  I would ask that you check out the TFP Student Organization and either fill it out there or click on the one we have here

There are many other articles on their site that are quite valuable in our fight to keep Catholic Colleges faithful. And, of course, America Needs Fatima is absolutely a must!!!

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

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