Monday, March 28, 2011

"Catholic Charities" and Hesburgh?

I know this is deviating from the purpose for which we started this Blog, but sometimes it becomes necessary to draw attention to something so grotesque we just couldn't let it go by.

This article from Catholic Culture just goes to show how very much the USCCB needs to TOTALLY reorganize the charitable arm of the Church.  Catholic Charities has bestowed it's "highest honor" on Fr. Hesburgh for all his meritorious work.  This man is the most despicable "priest" to come down the pike.  He formulated the Land 'o' Lakes statement of autonomy for the "Catholic" colleges.  He was a high ranking official on the Rockefeller Foundation, a "staunch advocate of population control."  They were the ones who propagated the idea that Abortion is OK if you are trying to curb the growth of the world.  Look at the photos on the side of this Blog...That's Reality!!!  That's Hesburgh and his advocacy.  Maybe not donating to Catholic Charities would be a good way to remind them of their job...a Catholic Relief organization that actually helps the poor instead of honoring one who would see them aborted in the name of "population control."

Father Hesburgh, now 93, “is a person who perfectly embodies the spirit and the meaning of all that we stand for,” said Catholic Charities USA board member Kathleen Flynn Fox. (If this is what they stand for, then maybe they don't need to stand any longer) “We honor a man not only deeply admired and respected in this country,(by whom?) but around the world,” added Father Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA. “Few are of his caliber.”  (My God, I hope that is the case!)(Catholic Culture)  They really don't have a clue about what it means to be Catholic. He was the one who twisted the politicians arm from Michigan that ultimately sold out the unborn on the Abortion issue in Obamacare. Pelosi called him and he called Stupak.  He's the one that said it was OK for married people and women to be priests; that he had no problem with that. And this man is still a Priest?  Where are you Vatican?  Since when is it OK for false doctrine to be taught at "Catholic" Schools such as Notre Dame?

And people wonder why we started this Blog?  Just look at Notre Dame today and you will see just how far down toward Hell they have progressed.  They don't even admit culpability when a student kills herself because they are less than forthright in their handling of the problem of Rape.  Questions are still out there and will probably never be answered.

This where you want to send your children? 

And as for "Catholic Charities"...maybe they should just drop the name "Catholic"... find something more appropriate, like "Brimstone Charities." It would appear to be Blasphemy to use the word "Catholic", although, what difference would it make to them...their not Catholic anyway by espousing an abortionist for a top honor.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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  1. Tim, I believe it. Catholic Charities gets the bulk of its income from the Federal government. At the last DC Catholic Charities Gala, the "person of honor" was Sister Carol Keehan. This is no shock at all.