Monday, March 28, 2011

"Catholic Charities" and Hesburgh?

I know this is deviating from the purpose for which we started this Blog, but sometimes it becomes necessary to draw attention to something so grotesque we just couldn't let it go by.

This article from Catholic Culture just goes to show how very much the USCCB needs to TOTALLY reorganize the charitable arm of the Church.  Catholic Charities has bestowed it's "highest honor" on Fr. Hesburgh for all his meritorious work.  This man is the most despicable "priest" to come down the pike.  He formulated the Land 'o' Lakes statement of autonomy for the "Catholic" colleges.  He was a high ranking official on the Rockefeller Foundation, a "staunch advocate of population control."  They were the ones who propagated the idea that Abortion is OK if you are trying to curb the growth of the world.  Look at the photos on the side of this Blog...That's Reality!!!  That's Hesburgh and his advocacy.  Maybe not donating to Catholic Charities would be a good way to remind them of their job...a Catholic Relief organization that actually helps the poor instead of honoring one who would see them aborted in the name of "population control."

Father Hesburgh, now 93, “is a person who perfectly embodies the spirit and the meaning of all that we stand for,” said Catholic Charities USA board member Kathleen Flynn Fox. (If this is what they stand for, then maybe they don't need to stand any longer) “We honor a man not only deeply admired and respected in this country,(by whom?) but around the world,” added Father Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA. “Few are of his caliber.”  (My God, I hope that is the case!)(Catholic Culture)  They really don't have a clue about what it means to be Catholic. He was the one who twisted the politicians arm from Michigan that ultimately sold out the unborn on the Abortion issue in Obamacare. Pelosi called him and he called Stupak.  He's the one that said it was OK for married people and women to be priests; that he had no problem with that. And this man is still a Priest?  Where are you Vatican?  Since when is it OK for false doctrine to be taught at "Catholic" Schools such as Notre Dame?

And people wonder why we started this Blog?  Just look at Notre Dame today and you will see just how far down toward Hell they have progressed.  They don't even admit culpability when a student kills herself because they are less than forthright in their handling of the problem of Rape.  Questions are still out there and will probably never be answered.

This where you want to send your children? 

And as for "Catholic Charities"...maybe they should just drop the name "Catholic"... find something more appropriate, like "Brimstone Charities." It would appear to be Blasphemy to use the word "Catholic", although, what difference would it make to them...their not Catholic anyway by espousing an abortionist for a top honor.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Friday, March 18, 2011

The "Philadelphia Story" Continued...

I want to thank Anonymous for his comment on the previous post.  I erroneously used an improper adjective describing the Congregation of [The] Holy Cross; I also linked that organization wrongly to The College of Holy Cross, which we all know is Jesuit.  I apologize for the error.  However, Anonymous also reiterated my point about the order since, as he so succinctly points out, they do control Stonehill and this is the link to the Post way back in October of '10.  We haven't gotten to the other schools he listed as of yet, but there is time.

As promised, with all the new problems that have cropped up recently in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, we could wonder how Cardinal Rigali is coping.  Obviously, he is not doing well if Scranton is any indication...or for that matter the actions of the USCCB of late.  When Bishop Martino left, Cardinal Rigali appointed Monsignor Bambera as 'Delegate of Cardinal Justin Rigali'.  I am going to post the letter I mailed to Cardinal Rigali.  After you have read it, I am also posting the reply I received.  Hopefully I can reproduce the entire document as it was sent to me.  Please pay close attention to the signature and the content, such as it is.

December 8th, 2009

His Eminence Cardinal Justin Rigali
222 North 17th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1299

Your Eminence,
Praise Be Jesus Christ.

I am writing to you with a heavy heart on this Feast of the Immaculate Conception, for the state of the Catholic Universities, particularly in the Scranton Diocese.

I had been in contact with the Pro-Life office when Bishop Martino was still in charge of the Diocese.  I can fully understand why he chose to retire.  He was very disturbed by the activities and clubs that are actively supported by the four Universities in Scranton that call themselves Catholic. Misericordia University, King’s College, Marymount University and University of Scranton.

These Universities do not follow the guidelines or precepts of the Catholic Church for Faithful Catholic Colleges as outlined in the CNS Guide to Catholic Colleges.  They sponsor events that allow speakers on the Campuses espousing the Homosexual lifestyle and abortion and give them the platform to speak.   Definitely NOT CATHOLIC.  The fact that their Religious faculty support this is scandalous.  Forty years ago this would have been considered heresy and they would have been barred from the Sacraments.  Not today.  Nada, Nothing!!

Bishop Martino had requested information from the schools as to their stance on distribution of birth control products and their open defiance of the Bishops ban on honoring those who do not stand with the Church on matters of Faith and Morals.  All four of these schools have ALLY groups sponsored by the University for the GLBT community and also sponsor meetings and social gatherings for these groups. They sponsor Internships that are dubious at best and blatant at worst, namely NOW.  Is this the way of the future for Catholic Colleges, because if it is, they are no better than Penn State or Harvard or any other secular college. 
I thought the Catholic Church didn’t go along with these types of organizations.  Isn’t that what the fight over the “Vagina Monologues” was all about to start with? Isn’t this what you and 83 other Bishops had so much to say about the Scandal at Notre Dame? St Joseph’s in Philadelphia even had an article about how they could get around the Church’s requirement for not distributing condoms or providing Oral contraceptives by issuing them on the pretense of cycle regulation, and going so far as to tell the students to go down the street to the drug store and buy them there. Next, their medical centers will provide abortions if this sham of health care is enacted.  They won’t have a choice or they will have to close and you know they won’t do that.  Too much money involved.  Some Stewardship.

I know, Your Eminence, that you are the Pro –Life Person in the Bishops Conference.  I also know you are very involved in the Manhattan Declaration of which I am a supporting signatory as well. These Colleges are blatantly slapping the Church in the face, let alone Mary or Christ Himself. 

I would like to see these schools back in the fold such as CUA or Franciscan University or Belmont Abbey, but that isn’t possible unless drastic action is taken.
I will pray that you will do what is necessary to either return them to the fold or strip them of their Catholic Identity.  Being Catholic is living the Word of Jesus Christ and teaching Moral and Ethical responsibility.  They most assuredly are not in that category by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.

God Bless you , Your Eminence for your task is daunting.  I will pray for you in my daily Rosary.  Being the Shepard sometimes requires a touch of the staff to kind of get the sheep back on the right path.  I pray you are able to help them. 

Well, that was way back when.  A lot of water under the bridge since then.  And now, "The REPLY".

As you can see, there really was nothing said...nothing at all.  None of the issues were addressed.  None of the facts were even mentioned.  And now, Monsignor Bambera is the Bishop of Scranton.  It's "business as usual" for the four schools.  Not one peep from Bishop Bambera about the scandals or the unfaithfulness to the Church that was so obvious to Bishop Martino.  Still think he resigned because he was 'sick'?  Welcome to the world of Smoke and Mirrors.  By attempting to skirt the issues I inquired about, this Diocese, just like Boston, Rochester, etc.,etc., has managed to bring itself into the light.

It's time to get the Bishop back on track.  If you are a True Catholic, crap like this should make your blood boil.  If they think they can get away with the small stuff, just imagine what they might actually try to do.  The Bishop's job is to be a Shepard for his flock.  Not the wolf in disguise.  Ask questions as to what these schools are really teaching.  Demand answers from the Bishop.  It's not just the Colleges being affected here, people!  If they hide it in higher education, what's to keep them from teaching False Doctrine at the Secondary level...or for that matter, from kindergarten on.  It's time to make them accountable for their actions, starting with the Bishop!

What with the the new abuse scandals and new pedophiles popping up I don't imagine he has much time to listen to the folks in the pews, but I'll bet he listens when you don't send him the money.

More to come...

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The "Philadelphia" Story...All About ...?

Back in '09, then Bishop Martino took on the task of determining the Catholicity of the four "Catholic" colleges in his Diocese... Misericordia University, King’s College, Marywood University, and The University of Scranton.   He made some enemies because he was forced to leave his post as Bishop of Scranton.  What did he ask that got him fired?  He asked if these schools were teaching Catholic Doctrine or not.  He asked to see their health care files to determine whether they were dispensing contraceptives to their students since it became public knowledge that St. Josephs' in Philadelphia was taking "the middle ground", as they put it, in regard to Contraceptives.  He asked them to abide by the Bishops 2004 Directive to be Catholic in who they invited to their campuses to give talks.  Instead they invited the Gay Marriage advocate for the Diversity Institute and public officials that were pro-abortion.  Many different times he requested this information.   Sr. Margaret Gannon, IHM, professor, Marywood University (PA) was on Obama’s Catholic National Advisory Committee and against the orders of Bishop Martino, took part in a pro-Obama panel discussion in a parish church in Scranton.  Again at Marywood:  Oct. 2, 2008: Pro-Obama lecture by former CUA law dean Douglas Kmiec. (Newsweek (10/17/08), “A Catholic Brief for Obama.”). Opposed by Bishop Martino. This is Marywood and it's "faithfulness".   Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  

OK.  He was fired, although they don't say that.  They (USCCB) say he resigned because of 'health reasons'.  Yeah.  Their health, not his...they were too afraid he would uncover something they didn't want to have made public.  Maybe they supported contraceptives in their health care centers.  All four of these schools advocate for the LGBT organizations and promote their activities on campus against the directives of the Catholic Church.  Of course, that doesn't surprise me one bit as King's College is the Congregation of Holy Cross; you know the ones who gave Planned Parenthood the run of their campus at Stonehill.

And then at The University of Scranton, the "Jesuits" are educating in "The Jesuit Tradition" rather than Catholicism. Here is a post that goes into more detail...actually, there is a whole series on this in case you haven't read them. Boston College "Catholicism"

Here is an article from Catholic Culture.  The link is to the main website as I am posting the entire article here:

Bishop Martino exhorts Catholic college to prove it upholds Catholic moral teaching.

Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton has asked Misericordia University to “convey to its alumni, and in fact to all the faithful of the Diocese of Scranton, its efforts to teach Catholic morality regarding sexuality and homosexuality. In doing this, the Bishop believes the school should speak precisely, naming courses, content and even catalog numbers.” “Students attending a Catholic institution,” the diocesan statement continued, “should have a clear understanding that while all persons should be treated with dignity, homosexual activity is not condoned by the Church and should never be construed as acceptable behavior.”

Bishop Martino is also asking the school to consider discontinuing its Diversity Institute, where Keith Boykin, an advocate for same-sex marriage, has served as a visiting scholar. An speaking appearance by Mr. Boykin at the university prompted Bishop Martino’s “absolute disapproval” last week. The NAACP has come to the defense of the Diversity Institute, and university students quoted in a local newspaper article were critical of the bishop’s statement.

This, folks, is "Misericordia University"  More to the Story.  Additional Links Here, and Here.
The four Colleges involved had firmly stated that they were not in violation by distributing Contraceptives, as stated in this article from Life Site NewsOK.  I can really believe that, can't you? 

And how about the "The University of Scranton?"
Well, we have a little problem that arose there after the new Bishop took over.  This article, again from Catholic Culture,  gives a birds eye view of the problem.  The article:

Ten days after his ordination to the episcopate, Bishop Joseph Bambera of Scranton expressed concern about a speaker at the Jesuit-run University of Scranton.
“Bishop Bambera has engaged in a dialogue with Father Scott Pilarz, SJ, president of the University of Scranton, regarding an event being hosted tonight (May 6) by the University’s Inclusion Initiative,” the diocese said in a statement, adding:

Tonight’s event features a talk by Sara Bendoraitis, a lecturer in the Department of Sociology at American University. Ms. Bendoraitis belongs to the Facebook group “AU (American University) Students for Choice,” a group that supports abortion rights. In March she spoke at and accompanied American University students to the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference, which included presentations on abortion rights and access to birth control.

Ms. Bendoraitis obviously supports positions that are contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church. For this reason, Bishop Bambera has expressed concern to Father Pilarz about the University hosting this speaker.

Father Pilarz has informed the Bishop that he will attend the lecture to ensure that the principles of Catholic teaching are upheld.

Bishop Bambera cited his obligation to ensure that authentic Catholic teaching is being provided in all Catholic institutions in the Diocese, and that viewpoints in opposition to this teaching are not being presented as acceptable alternatives."
 Here is where there could be a small 'conflict of interest'.  Bishop Bambera was on the Board at The University of Scranton before Cardinal Rigali named him Bishop. And what is this crap about "engaged in a dialogue"?  One of the comments that was made about this story at Catholic Culture News is as follows:  How will Father Pilarz's attendance at the lecture "ensure that the principles of Catholic teaching are upheld"?...and another one:  "I wonder why there is no mention of homosexual behavior as being the issue that is incompatible with Catholic teaching and not only abortion?" and another one:  Good for the new bishop of Scranton! However, I, too, wonder how Fr.Pilarz's attendance at the lecture will put a stop to anything contrary to Catholic teaching. The very presence of this speaker who advocates actions in opposition to our Catholic faith should be enough to disallow the invitation. Is this not what the bishops meant when they issued this instruction regarding speakers who maintain views in opposition to the Church? You don't invite them and then HOPE they don't say anything.

After Bishop Martino left and before Bishop Bambera was installed, I had written to Cardinal Rigali regarding the investigations Bishop Martino was fostering.  I will put that letter into the next post along with the "reply" I received.

As always, we try to provide information for people trying to learn facts about "Catholic In Name Only" schools.  CINO's are very prevalent in the educational minefield and as such need to be identified.  It's no wonder they are calling Philly "Pedodelphia" as the abuse scandal heats up.

More to come.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Total And Complete Stupidity of the New York Bishops.

You know, the really unfortunate thing about this article is that it basically tells the truth about more than just New York Bishops...It proves that MOST of them are wimpy, politically correct appeasers that don't believe that Jesus Is Lord.  If they did, they would be concerned about the welfare of their own souls and those of their flock.  They aren't.  They could care less about the souls of their Flock or their IS their responsibility under Canon Law to call out those who are giving Scandal to the Faith.  Yet these "Bishops" are no better than their wishy-washy protestant counterparts...those who feel it's OK to "Murder The Unborn" in order to not make waves.  Well, those of us who happen to believe in the Sanctity of Life won't put up with this.  I challenge the Powers of Rome to make this YOUR JOB and get rid of the pretenders.  If they don't follow the Canon, get rid of them.  FIRE THEM!!!  This is not some job that they can pick and choose what to enforce and what not to enforce.  All good Catholics should storm their "Bishops" about following the Magisterium and Canon Law...that's what it's there for!!!
Here is the article from Catholic Culture.  There is much more to read on their site.  I am putting this article here so you can read it as it now exists.  Please pray for these "Bishops".  They appear to need it very badly as they are demonstrating they are no longer Catholic.  Here is the Article.

March 09, 2011

The bishops of New York State will not deny Holy Communion to politicians who support abortion and same-sex marriage, according to Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany.
“Some bishops have done that but not all bishops have done that,” he said. “Quite frankly, there is a disagreement among bishops about using the communion line as a place for a confrontation. And I don’t think that the bishops of New York State feel that’s appropriate.”
Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law states that those “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.” In 2000, the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, authoritatively interpreting the canon, declared that parish priests must deny Holy Communion to those who have remarried outside the Church if they persist in seeking Holy Communion following a warning.
Asked whether Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is divorced and living with his girlfriend, ought to receive Holy Communion, Bishop Hubbard echoed earlier comments and said that “there are norms for all Catholics about receiving Communion and we have to be sensitive pastorally to every person in their own particular situation,” adding, “and when it comes to judging worthiness for Communion, we do not comment on either public figures or private figures. That’s something between the communicant and his pastor personally. It’s not something we comment on.” Governor Cuomo and his wife, Kerry Kennedy, divorced because she was having an affair with a married man.  

This is not our usual post, but I felt it was so egregious that we had to put it up.  Contact Rome and really let them know that you are insulted and offended that a Roman Catholic Bishop won't defend the lives of the unborn or marriage and will commit sacrilege in order to be "Politically Correct"



Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Little Note from "America Needs Fatima" About One Of Our CINO? Schools.

I put the question mark there in the title because I'm not sure they even fall into THAT category. Oh well...

I have received a request from "America Needs Fatima"( Link)  and John Ritchie from TFP Student Action (Link) to sign a petition to stop Canisius College from having THE most notorious LGBT advocate speak at their campus.  Of course, this is in direct violation of the USCCB directive about having non-faithful folks speak at the campusses, but what does that matter to the Jesuits?  They do what they Damn Well Please regardless of how asinine it makes them look.  They're good at it, too.  Just look at BC.
Anyway, here is the Link to the petition.  I would ask that you check out the TFP Student Organization and either fill it out there or click on the one we have here

There are many other articles on their site that are quite valuable in our fight to keep Catholic Colleges faithful. And, of course, America Needs Fatima is absolutely a must!!!

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Catholic Colleges" and Abortion...An Update

There has been a lot of activity lately over the de-funding of Planned Parenthood,  and for a very good reason.  Activities by Planned Parenthood that promote underage sex, abortions at 12 and 13 years old, non-compliance with Parental Notification laws, avoidance of legal requirements to inform authorities of statutory rape of minors, etc.,etc., etc.

Boston College offering "Free Abortions" on their Law School website (7100 Complaints) Next week, Boston College Law School plans to celebrate the "life and work" of Jesuit Father Robert Drinan—a former U.S. Congressman who championed abortion rights and federal funding for abortion.

Russ Feingold—who was stridently pro-abortion while a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin—was hired in January to teach at Catholic Marquette University.

Sister Carol Keehan—the Catholic Health Association president who undermined the U.S. bishops on Obamacare, then clashed with Bishop Olmstead over an abortion at a CHA hospital —remains on the Board of Trustees for Catholic St. John's University (New York) and the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota).

Boston College has also put itself out there for having it's Nursing School advocate for birth control, eugenics, and "family planning" using women's 'reproductive rights'...a euphemism for abortion.  "Catholic College" remember. Link to Post.

University of Dayton Law School advocating for Abortion rights:   University of Dayton
This is an entire series on the College and actual comments have been included in the post.  Please pay close attention to the second part of the series as it has a former student indicating how correct we are in our assessment of the Law School. What a crying shame that this once great school has gone to H--L.

Santa Clara has come out in favor of Abortion by siding with Catholic Healthcare West and Sr. Keehan on the St. Joseph Hospital debacle.

We just thought we would give you a quick review of the status of some of the CINO schools that have Medical Schools like Boston College and Nursing Schools and advocate for Abortion.

We also have a picture for you to look at.  This comes to us courtesy of Barbara Kralis at Renew America.  Her post, Eradicating Minorities will give you a very good idea as to what is happening and what Planned Parenthood is trying to achieve.


Actual Image of 2 trimester aborted baby