Monday, February 14, 2011

"Vagina Monologues" Continued.....

Since the beginning of this Porno program in '96, it has been performed all over the world in support of the Anti-Violence Against Women initiative.  The Initiative is a good thing...the play is pure exploitation and pornography.  Here is a description of one of the segments of the "play".  It concerns the rape of a 13 year old girl (later changed to 16 year old) by a Lesbian older woman.  Here is the description from Wikipedia:

The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could, in which a woman recalls memories of traumatic sexual experiences in her childhood and a self-described "positive healing" sexual experience in her adolescent years with an older woman. In the original version, she is 13, but later versions would change her age to 16. This particular skit has sparked numerous controversies and criticisms due to its content.   

 Another section that causes an enormous amount of controversy follows:

The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy, in which a sex worker for women discusses the intriguing details of her career and her love of giving women pleasure. In several performances it often comes at the end of the play, literally climaxing with a vocal demonstration of a "triple orgasm." 

Some of the criticism actually comes from some very outspoken feminists such as Harriet Lerner and pro-sex feminist Betty Dobson.  If these women feel this play is degrading and sexist, considering who they are, it must really be bad.  Some of their criticism:

Elements of the play critics find contentious include:
  • The amount of attention given to brutal sexual encounters compared with consensual or harmonious sexual encounters;
  • Negative portrayal of male-female sexual relationships;
  • In "The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could", an underage girl (thirteen in earlier performances, sixteen in the revised version) recounts being given alcohol and then having sex with an adult woman; the incident is recalled fondly by the grown girl. Her abuser is also portrayed positively as someone "rescuing" her from male violence.
  • The fact that Ensler interviewed a six-year-old girl, asking her intimate questions, such as what her vagina smells like.   
The list of 'Catholic" schools that still endorse the play and put it on is shrinking, but some of them not only endorse it, but sanction the performance, give it monetary support and actively promote it on their campus.  I had given you a list in the previous post of some of the schools, but how about this one:  Fordham University Law School.   That would be typical, however, for a Jesuit school.  After all, the Boston College Law School was sponsoring free abortions at Planned Parenthood until there was such an outcry from students and others they had to pull the ad.  Really says a lot for "Catholic" schools run by Jesuits.  St. Ignatius must be turning over in his grave.  And then of course, you have University of San Francisco.  They not only put on the play, but have a 'GALA' and a 'Dance' and all the things the LGBT community wants all sanctioned by the University.
So much for a real Catholic Education.

Once again I urge you to contact your Bishops and tell them to be CATHOLIC.  That means to be a Shepherd and do the job Jesus asked them to do and take care of their flock.  If they won't do it, then let Rome know and bombard them until they get a Real Bishop to do the job, not a 'politically correct' appeaser who subscribes to the Saul Alinski School of Socialism. 


Jesus is Lord!

Tim M

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