Saturday, February 26, 2011

The "Gutless" USCCB, The CHA, And The CHW...What Do They Have In Common?

On our previous post about the Gutless USCCB, we were fortunate to receive a comment from Restore DC-Catholicism.  In their comment, they gave a link to a posting about the USCCB and The Catholic Hospital Association.  I want to express our deepest gratitude for that link.  It enabled us to do further research into a very disturbing area.

I know this is a deviation from our usual type of posting, but we felt it was so pertinent to what is going on now in the Government's attempt to crush organized Religious Groups that we simply had to post the information.  Hopefully some Faithful Bishop like Bishop Olmstead will take up the battle with us.  Here's what we found.

In addition to Sr. Keehan standing up for St. Josephs' Hospital for performing the abortion she also has issued a statement  praising CHW for a “long and stellar history in protection of life at all stages.” This would seem to be a contradiction since Catholic Healthcare West is under investigation for performing Sterilizations and Abortions at other CHW locations.  The Bishop of San Francisco is "investigating." as well. Here is the connection.

Catholic Culture has an article by Phil Lawler that can shed more light on this.  Here are some facts from an additional article concerning Catholic Healthcare West. 

Lloyd Dean, president and CEO of Catholic Healthcare West. is also one of four officers of the Catholic Hospital Association of the United States.  According to Federal Election Commission records for 2009, Mr. Dean made $10,000 in contributions to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee over a ten-day period.. In addition, he donated $250 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on June 15. An early supporter of Obama’s presidential campaign, Mr. Dean gave $2,300 to Obama for America in September 2007.

This is a board member of Catholic Hospital Association; namely Sr. Keehan's boss.  He is one of those responsible for her salary of $900,000.00+ per year.  That's pretty good for a NUN. I thought they were supposed to take vows?  Old fashioned idea, huh?

Now let's get current as to what brought this up. This Link will take you to the post that will tie this all together.  The USCCB will never disassociate itself from CHA because it can't.  The CHA and the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) are integrated into the USCCB and are controlled by one person, namely John Carr.  Please read the post here that Restore DC Catholicism. has put together defining the alliance and this should give you the reasons the USCCB will NEVER go against CHA.  I can't reiterate often enough how Irrelevant the USCCB is fast becoming. 

We as Catholics need to be on top of everything the so called "leadership" tries to do. Not all the Bishops are this way.  More and more of them are finally beginning to take their job as a Shepard  seriously...not all, but some.  It would appear that the rest really don't have the people in the pews' interest at heart...only what they can garner for their own 'political ambitions'.  Just look at Boston and "Cardinal Sean".

Pray for them.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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