Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Catholic" Education And The USCCB

Lately there has been a lot of talk and discussion about the Catholic Colleges and Universities needing to clean up their act and start being Catholic again.  Here is a quote from one of our "favorite Catholic" Bishops directed at the schools.  It was first noted on Catholic Culture in a statement from Bishop Kicanas...you remember him, right?  Yeah, I thought so.  Here's the quote.

“Catholic is not just an adjective accidental to who you are,” he told the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. “Catholic is core to your identity, the center of what you are about.”
“Clearly there needs to be room in an academic community for disagreement, debate and a clash of ideas, even in theology,” he continued. “Such debate and engagement can clarify and advance our understanding. In discussions with local bishops, faculty need to be able to disagree and question with mutual respect. However, the bishop is the authentic teacher of the faith and, in union with the Pope and bishops, responsible to interpret the faith.”
“We are a polarized family, and this is a deep concern for all of us,” he added. “And yet we are one faith; we are one Church.” 

It seems to me that this is the kettle calling the pot black.  If I'm not mistaken, he was in favor of letting Pedophiles into the Church as Priests when at the Seminary in Chicago; in fact, Ordained at least one:  was in favor of the most pro-Abortion President speaking at  Notre Dame, the supposedly "Premier" Catholic College in the US( yeah, right);  Still defended his ordination of the "convicted pedophile" years after when he was up for election as President of the USCCB this past year.  What right does he have to try to tell any school it needs to get back to the fundamentals?  As there is also no place in Catholic Education for doubting or debating the Churches' position on Faith and Morals, as he suggests in his statement. 

He's right about the premise, however, but for what reason is he apparently espousing the change?  My guess his reason (Their reason) would be the tax-exempt status that the schools will LOSE if their Church affiliation isn't the foremost purpose of their existence.  These schools have been taking Federal money for so long they wouldn't know what to do if they started to be Truly Catholic again.  (That means no Government Infulence).  I would like for them to tell me I'm wrong.  I would like for them to PROVE to me that all the Crap going on at the schools we are investigating is just a "big mistake"  and it really doesn't mean anything, that they are really Catholic. That these schools don't have professors teaching false Doctrine and telling students it's OK to be promiscuous and "Gay Marriage" is nothing to be concerned about;  that they really don't mean it when they say the Bishops don't really have anything to say about how they run THEIR schools; that Theology Professors don't really tell a Nun at a Catholic Hospital it's OK to MURDER an unborn Baby;  that the "hook-up" atmosphere doesn't exist at these schools; that they really aren't "state secular colleges" masquerading as "Catholic".   

I'm sorry, but that won't wash, I don't care how much Bleach you use.  Get real Bishop Kicanas.  When you teach and LIVE a good Catholic life, then you have the right to talk.  Until then, it might be to your advantage to keep quiet and then you won't give Catholics who care about our FAITH any reason to degrade what you say to the realm of Political Rhetoric.  Or worse.  My previous post about the NLRB and Manhattan College  will give you some background if you aren't familiar with the case.

One thing we must always be aware of as Catholics...there are many of "our own" who would like nothing better than to see us fall.  They work very hard each day for that to happen.  We must stay vigilant and pray constantly for the guidance and strength of The Holy Spirit.
 More to come....

Jesus Is Lord!


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  1. I have asserted in several posts on my blog that no Catholic school, at any level, should accept one red penny of governmental monies. Aside from the sinful participation in socialistic redistribution, such acceptance WILL lead to compromise of faith and morals, as the schools become more addicted and dependent on governmental funds.