Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boston College and Abortions, Again 2011

It seems that the Jesuits are at it again.  The Law School of Boston College is holding an awards ceremony to praise a priest that was in favor of Partial Birth Abortion.  He had been a Congressman from MA and supported abortion.  Here is the link to the story from Cardinal Newman Society on the Law School honors.  It goes to show you that the Law School that offers "free abortions" on its website will go on to sponsor those in the "catholic church" that also feel it's OK to murder an unborn child.  Here is the link to the article on the event.  Maybe now the Vatican will consider defrocking these "Priest Pretenders" and remove BC from a list of "approved catholic colleges". (no caps for a reason). Yeah, I really believe that.  The more that comes out, the more " Irrelevant" the USCCB becomes. Nothing from them at all.  But then, nothing from The Vatican either.  Here is the link: .

Jesus Is Lord!
 Tim M

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