Saturday, February 26, 2011

The "Gutless" USCCB, The CHA, And The CHW...What Do They Have In Common?

On our previous post about the Gutless USCCB, we were fortunate to receive a comment from Restore DC-Catholicism.  In their comment, they gave a link to a posting about the USCCB and The Catholic Hospital Association.  I want to express our deepest gratitude for that link.  It enabled us to do further research into a very disturbing area.

I know this is a deviation from our usual type of posting, but we felt it was so pertinent to what is going on now in the Government's attempt to crush organized Religious Groups that we simply had to post the information.  Hopefully some Faithful Bishop like Bishop Olmstead will take up the battle with us.  Here's what we found.

In addition to Sr. Keehan standing up for St. Josephs' Hospital for performing the abortion she also has issued a statement  praising CHW for a “long and stellar history in protection of life at all stages.” This would seem to be a contradiction since Catholic Healthcare West is under investigation for performing Sterilizations and Abortions at other CHW locations.  The Bishop of San Francisco is "investigating." as well. Here is the connection.

Catholic Culture has an article by Phil Lawler that can shed more light on this.  Here are some facts from an additional article concerning Catholic Healthcare West. 

Lloyd Dean, president and CEO of Catholic Healthcare West. is also one of four officers of the Catholic Hospital Association of the United States.  According to Federal Election Commission records for 2009, Mr. Dean made $10,000 in contributions to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee over a ten-day period.. In addition, he donated $250 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on June 15. An early supporter of Obama’s presidential campaign, Mr. Dean gave $2,300 to Obama for America in September 2007.

This is a board member of Catholic Hospital Association; namely Sr. Keehan's boss.  He is one of those responsible for her salary of $900,000.00+ per year.  That's pretty good for a NUN. I thought they were supposed to take vows?  Old fashioned idea, huh?

Now let's get current as to what brought this up. This Link will take you to the post that will tie this all together.  The USCCB will never disassociate itself from CHA because it can't.  The CHA and the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) are integrated into the USCCB and are controlled by one person, namely John Carr.  Please read the post here that Restore DC Catholicism. has put together defining the alliance and this should give you the reasons the USCCB will NEVER go against CHA.  I can't reiterate often enough how Irrelevant the USCCB is fast becoming. 

We as Catholics need to be on top of everything the so called "leadership" tries to do. Not all the Bishops are this way.  More and more of them are finally beginning to take their job as a Shepard  seriously...not all, but some.  It would appear that the rest really don't have the people in the pews' interest at heart...only what they can garner for their own 'political ambitions'.  Just look at Boston and "Cardinal Sean".

Pray for them.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Monday, February 21, 2011


The Obama Administration has gutted the Conscience Clause and removed the ability of Health Care professionals to not distribute Abortificants. Here is the link from our "Bishops" and their "Gutless Reply".

Each time they open their mouth, the Irrelevancy becomes more and more apparent!  Time for them to go.  They won't even deny Communion to an Abortionist Governor and his 'girlfriend'.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

When I posted this yesterday, I was not aware of the Reading for today's Feast, 'The Chair Of Peter'.  I am posting the first reading for today as it is definitely appropo.  Think of this as you read it, and remember to whom it is directed.

1 Pt 5:1-4
I exhort the presbyters among you,
as a fellow presbyter and witness to the sufferings of Christ
and one who has a share in the glory to be revealed.
Tend the flock of God in your midst,
overseeing not by constraint but willingly,
as God would have it, not for shameful profit but eagerly.
Do not lord it over those assigned to you,
but be examples to the flock.
And when the chief Shepherd is revealed,
you will receive the unfading crown of glory.

Pray for them...they need it desparately!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boston College and Abortions, Again 2011

It seems that the Jesuits are at it again.  The Law School of Boston College is holding an awards ceremony to praise a priest that was in favor of Partial Birth Abortion.  He had been a Congressman from MA and supported abortion.  Here is the link to the story from Cardinal Newman Society on the Law School honors.  It goes to show you that the Law School that offers "free abortions" on its website will go on to sponsor those in the "catholic church" that also feel it's OK to murder an unborn child.  Here is the link to the article on the event.  Maybe now the Vatican will consider defrocking these "Priest Pretenders" and remove BC from a list of "approved catholic colleges". (no caps for a reason). Yeah, I really believe that.  The more that comes out, the more " Irrelevant" the USCCB becomes. Nothing from them at all.  But then, nothing from The Vatican either.  Here is the link: .

Jesus Is Lord!
 Tim M

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Vagina Monologues" Continued.....

Since the beginning of this Porno program in '96, it has been performed all over the world in support of the Anti-Violence Against Women initiative.  The Initiative is a good thing...the play is pure exploitation and pornography.  Here is a description of one of the segments of the "play".  It concerns the rape of a 13 year old girl (later changed to 16 year old) by a Lesbian older woman.  Here is the description from Wikipedia:

The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could, in which a woman recalls memories of traumatic sexual experiences in her childhood and a self-described "positive healing" sexual experience in her adolescent years with an older woman. In the original version, she is 13, but later versions would change her age to 16. This particular skit has sparked numerous controversies and criticisms due to its content.   

 Another section that causes an enormous amount of controversy follows:

The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy, in which a sex worker for women discusses the intriguing details of her career and her love of giving women pleasure. In several performances it often comes at the end of the play, literally climaxing with a vocal demonstration of a "triple orgasm." 

Some of the criticism actually comes from some very outspoken feminists such as Harriet Lerner and pro-sex feminist Betty Dobson.  If these women feel this play is degrading and sexist, considering who they are, it must really be bad.  Some of their criticism:

Elements of the play critics find contentious include:
  • The amount of attention given to brutal sexual encounters compared with consensual or harmonious sexual encounters;
  • Negative portrayal of male-female sexual relationships;
  • In "The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could", an underage girl (thirteen in earlier performances, sixteen in the revised version) recounts being given alcohol and then having sex with an adult woman; the incident is recalled fondly by the grown girl. Her abuser is also portrayed positively as someone "rescuing" her from male violence.
  • The fact that Ensler interviewed a six-year-old girl, asking her intimate questions, such as what her vagina smells like.   
The list of 'Catholic" schools that still endorse the play and put it on is shrinking, but some of them not only endorse it, but sanction the performance, give it monetary support and actively promote it on their campus.  I had given you a list in the previous post of some of the schools, but how about this one:  Fordham University Law School.   That would be typical, however, for a Jesuit school.  After all, the Boston College Law School was sponsoring free abortions at Planned Parenthood until there was such an outcry from students and others they had to pull the ad.  Really says a lot for "Catholic" schools run by Jesuits.  St. Ignatius must be turning over in his grave.  And then of course, you have University of San Francisco.  They not only put on the play, but have a 'GALA' and a 'Dance' and all the things the LGBT community wants all sanctioned by the University.
So much for a real Catholic Education.

Once again I urge you to contact your Bishops and tell them to be CATHOLIC.  That means to be a Shepherd and do the job Jesus asked them to do and take care of their flock.  If they won't do it, then let Rome know and bombard them until they get a Real Bishop to do the job, not a 'politically correct' appeaser who subscribes to the Saul Alinski School of Socialism. 


Jesus is Lord!

Tim M

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's St Valentines Day, So It must Be "The Vagina Monologues" Again.

Well, not to disappoint anyone, once again there are "Catholic In Name Only" Colleges that are producing this pornographic play.  These colleges claim to be Catholic in substance and mission.  I don't see how they can claim this when they permit the performance of this obscenity on their campuses. Here is a partial list of the schools that have or are having the play performed on their campus with the full knowledge and approval of their "religious" faculty.  (I put that in quotes for very obvious reasons).

Let's start with Georgetown, of course;  then we will go to Holy Cross; then to Saint Mary's College in Moraga, California, then to University of Detroit, Mercy; then we have Brescia University.  What about Bellarmine University in Louisville?

According to John Ritchie of TFP Student Action, those attending will be treated to "a production full of explicit discussions of sexuality and sexual encounters, including lesbian activity and masturbation." According to Ritchie, this is how one student described the play: “It was a horrible exhibit of vice, lust, and infidelity. Everything about the play was decidedly opposed to everything the Church teaches on abortion, contraception, holy matrimony, modesty, chastity, vulgarity, humility, and reverence.”

Ritchie noted that the institution (Saint Mary's College) describes itself thus, “We're a Catholic, Lasallian, liberal arts college, and we're rooted in the life and work of Saint John Baptist de la Salle, founder of the Christian Brothers and the patron saint of teachers. Our traditions and heritage inform everything we do.”

If this is the work of St. John Baptist de la Salle, maybe the Church should look into whether he should be kept as a Saint.  I for one, and I know there are many who agree with me, believe these schools have NO place in the Catholic Educational system.  It's time the Faithful started demanding their Bishops remove these schools from the list of Catholic Colleges and Universities as they are the furthest from them you can get.  Maybe the "Christian Brothers" should stick to making wine, then they couldn't corrupt the souls of the students, only their bodies.

We continue with the list:  St John Fisher College in Rochester NY:  Loyola University and DePaul University, Chicago (where else?): John Carroll University (Jesuit, of course).  Many more that space constraints won't allow me to post.

I'm not saying they can't get an education at these schools, I'm just stating that they won't get a CATHOLIC EDUCATION, at least not a 'real' one.  They might as well go to a Secular School...they can waste your money there as easily as at a CINO college.  Maybe these schools could join the ranks of FORMER CATHOLIC COLLEGES such as Marist College, Marymount Manhattan College, Nazareth College of Rochester, New York.  These are three that come to mind right now...they were stripped of their "Catholic" identity and were removed from  The Official Catholic Directory There are a lot more to come, folks.  With your help and prayers, the non-faithful schools can and will be rooted out and deleted from the ranks of the Faithful...even if it's a school like Notre Dame.  If it teaches Heresy, it MUST go!  Our children need the best, not the worst!

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catholic School Week

This past week has been the time set aside by the Bishops and Catholic Educators to promote the values of a Catholic Education. There is a piece from  Father Phillip De Vous, pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Crescent Springs, Kentucky.  Matt Abbott has graciously granted me permission to post the article here for you all to read.  Please pay close attention to what Father says about Catholic Education...he really hits the nail on the head.  All of Matt's columns may be read HERE.

The Splendor of a Catholic Education

By Father Phillip De Vous
As we celebrate Catholic Schools' Week in the Diocese of Covington, and here at St. Joseph's, during the first week of February, we are mindful of what is the splendor of a Catholic education. The splendor of a Catholic education shows itself all the more shining and necessary in a culture where the secularist elites in law, government education, mass media, academia, advertising, and others — who act as self-appointed gatekeepers in order to control the official definitions of reality — want put our Catholic Faith and the demands of the Catholic way of life in a box. Our Catholic schools exist to teach our children to think, act, and live in an authentically, evangelically Catholic way so they can be formed as whole persons in Jesus Christ, who is "The Way, The Truth, and The Life."

The witness and work of Catholic education is all the more important when we recognize the diabolical power and persuasion of the culture of death — aptly described by Blessed John Paul II — which suffocates the souls and suffuses the lives of so many, leaving in its wake a great spiritual, moral, psychological and personal poverty. The idea that fuels the hateful, anti-human and atheistic worldview is that of secularism.

Secularism has become the regnant ideology in our time. Secularism, both as a philosophical idea and an uncritical ideology, artificially separates truth into two domains. The image of a two-story house is instructive to understanding the secularist worldview: The first "floor" of the house is the realm of "facts," generally narrowly defined in an empiricist and totally materialist way. So only the truths of science, as secularists define and understand them, are admitted to the first floor. It is only on this "floor" that "facts" are to be known and where "real truths" about the world — truths that are objective and verifiable — are found. Note the narrowness of this view and how far from actual human experience and reality it is.

Secularists confine "values" such as statements about beauty, morality, and God, to the second "floor" of the house. These are considered by secularists to be expressions of mere personal preference only, which have no basis in objective reality and thus are unverifiable. And since they have no foundation in objective reality and are unverifiable, according to secularist renderings, they cannot form the basis for public discussion or actions, personal or communal. So religion, which is the lived-life of the Faith, is treated like an eccentric aunt shut up in the attic.

The practical conclusion that one reaches if they buy or breathe in this worldview is that the Christian life, which the Faith gives us and forms in us and among us, is not really true and, if it happens to be true, then it doesn't really matter. Given the low rates of Mass attendance and participation in the whole life of the parish by those who have received and are in the midst of receiving a Catholic education, it is clear this pernicious and humanly-unfulfilling idea has been breathed in and bought by many in our day.

Catholic education in our time is a witness to a fuller, authentically human, and true way of life. In this our Faith forms the foundation, the first "floor" and second "floor" of the "house," as well as providing all the furnishings, as the human spirit is lifted to God on the twin wings of faith and reason. Authentic Catholic education stands over and against the materialist and secularist worldview that would define us as nothing more than the sum total of our possessions and earning power. The work of Catholic education in our Catholic schools is about teaching the next generation of Christ's disciples how to be men and women in full, not "folks full of stuff." In that regard our schools seek to educate the whole person, not just in the technical skills of living in the world, but in the truths that are indispensable in reaching their eternal destiny: life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The challenges of carrying out the work of Catholic education are faced by every generation who would apply themselves to this holy and necessary vocation. And it is often the case that at precisely the moment when something becomes the most challenging and difficult to accomplish is when the work is most necessary and urgent. I believe that to be the situation as it pertains to the work of Catholic schools. Catholic schools are more necessary, and their survival more urgent, than ever, especially as we recognize the debilitating and toxic moral, spiritual, intellectual, and spiritual environment our children and their families are exposed to on a daily basis.

It is a fact that the challenges involved and the sacrifices required in achieving and maintaining a Catholic school that provides an authentically Catholic education are formidable. The consequences, however, of not meeting those challenges and making those sacrifices in order to succeed in keeping the holy and necessary work of Catholic schools alive in our parishes and in the world are even more daunting and devastating, given the alienation and toxicity of contemporary lifestyles.

Catholic schools are islands of moral, spiritual, intellectual, and spiritual sanity in world that has been turned upside down. Catholic schools, and the work of Catholic education, provide the witness to hope and truth that our world needs to see in action, to which we all need to contribute, and that our children must receive. As our Bishop, the Most Reverend Roger J. Foys, D.D., has taught us on many occasions, "[W]hen it comes to Catholic education, there are many alternatives, but no substitute."

Blessed John Paul II was fond of saying that "Jesus Christ is the answer to the question that is every human person." Catholic schools, in carrying out the work of Catholic education, are foundational and necessary in helping our children answer that question for their own sake and for the life of the world, now, and that yet to come — but already in our midst in the gift and mystery of the Church. All the sacrifices it takes to accomplish the work of St. Joseph School are nothing compared to the blessings we shall reap for our fidelity to this Godly task. That is the splendor of a Catholic education!

There is really nothing more to add.  I truly do pray that Catholic Education remains strong and viable.  God knows it is taking a real beating in our Colleges.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Notre Dame: The Sycamore Trust Defends Catholicism And LIFE!

The following article comes from Mr. William Dempsey of The Sycamore Trust.  They were the ones who fought tooth and nail against Obama at Notre Dame.  They are truly defenders of Catholic Teaching at Notre Dame.  This is a copy of the latest bulletin from them in regard to ND and the "pro-life" stance they have not taken.  Bill gave me permission to print this article in my Blog as we have done many things together in the past.  These folks are doing a fantastic job.  The things going on at Notre Dame are horrendous. The last thing they are is "Catholic". After all, their President belonged to Millennium Promise, a group that sets up abortion clinics and family planning sites in Third World countries in order to curb their populations.  You know, murder their unborn children and sterilize their women in the name of "Reproductive Rights".  This from the President of a "Catholic" University.  He is no longer a member of the board because his term expired, not because he quit.  Here is a link to the Organization itself.  If you can see your way clear to help, they surely wouldn't turn away any donations.

The title of this piece is:
                                   Did I say Pro-Life?
The most prominent leader of pro-abortion Catholics welcomes statement of high profile Notre Dame ethicist and lawyer that abortion to protect the health or life of the mother and in cases of rape is morally justified and should be legally protected. 

According to an alarming recent study, a large number of students become pro-choice while at Notre Dame. The class that was tested began Notre Dame 31% pro-choice and left 42% pro-choice – precisely the same pro-choice proportion as the general population today!

Why does this happen?  After the Obama episode, Father Jenkins declared that the University is pro-life. What does that mean?
It does not mean that Notre Dame would not again confer high honors upon a major pro-abortion leader. Despite the criticism of 83 cardinals, archbishops, and bishops and the tsunami of protests from pro-life Catholics across the country over the honoring of President Obama, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees has stoutly defended the decision   and Father Jenkins has said that he “would do it again”
What of the faculty? 
  • As we have noted before, the repeated standing ovations accorded by faculty to Father Jenkins over the Obama episode suggest a great many are pro-choice.
  • A prominent Notre Dame moral theologian who has been associated with Watch, Dr. Jean Porter, has contended in her treatise Moral Action & Christian Ethics that “the early-stage fetus is not a person” and may be aborted “in some cases,” and that even late-term abortions are justified if the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother.
  • Dr. Porter expressed in the South Bend Tribune her opposition to the establishment of the Fund for the Protection of Human Life and her “dismay” ”at the  “university sponsored faculty and student participation in the annual March for Life,” an objection Bishop Rhoades considered “unbelievable at a Catholic university.”
Now one of Notre Dame’s most widely published commentators on ethical and policy issues has voiced her dissent from the Church’s teaching that “human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.”
During a widely publicized Princeton University conference on abortion, Dr. Cathleen Kaveny, a member of both the Theology and the Law School faculties, declared her belief that abortion is morally permissible where there is a threat to the health or life of the mother or in cases of rape:
I do not believe [the mother] has an obligation to provide life support to the unborn if pregnancy imposes a significant burden on her health or if she was raped. Under those circumstances I think those actions are describable as intentionally ending the burden of the pregnancy and can be described differently than intentional killing.
Note that Dr. Kaveny goes far beyond the “personally opposed but unwilling to impose” position championed by Governor Mario Cuomo in his famous 1984 Notre Dame address and embraced by many Catholic politicians ever since. She is not even personally opposed.
But, naturally, neither would she impose, and accordingly her presentation was promptly seized upon by the leading “Catholic” supporter of Roe v. Wade, Frances Kissling, another Princeton panelist and the long-time president of Catholics for a Free Choice.
Praising Dr. Kaveny’s  “deviation from orthodoxy” and taking full advantage of her association with Notre Dame, her presumed pro-life perspective, and her expertise as a lawyer, Ms.Kissling reported in Salon:
Cathleen Kaveny, a pro-life lawyer and ethicist at Notre Dame, declared,  “I do not think the American law should prohibit abortions in the case of rape, or where necessary to protect the life or health of the mother. I think that unborn life is equal in dignity to the rest of us. But I don't think the law can rightly require a woman to bear the significant burdens associated with continuing a pregnancy in such instances.”
But there is more. Dr. Kaveny also asserted that the unborn have no moral rights until “twinning,” or about 14 days after conception. This opens the door to embryonic stem cell research, since an embryo suitable for such research can be destroyed after about five days.
(The pro-life position was ably upheld by other panelists including, from Notre Dame, Dr. Richard Garnett and Dr. John M. Finnis of the Law School. However, Dr. Kaveny’s participation was taken by an informed commentator as one sign among many that the conference was stacked against the pro-life cause: “Any conference where Notre Dame’s Cathy Kaveny is on the pro-life side means the conference is in trouble from the start.”)
Dr. Kaveny and Dr. Porter are, of course, free to say what they think. What they and other faculty members say, however, bears upon what it means for Fr. Jenkins to call Notre Dame pro-life. Moreover, when the University honors the Church’s most formidable abortion adversary and when prominent Notre Dame Catholic professors dissent from Church teaching, it does not seem remarkable that this teaching does not take hold among a good many students. If there were a required course unit in life issues, the outcome might be different. But there is not.
Fortunately, there are faculty who have long carried the pro-life flag; there are new pro-life initiatives to be celebrated; and there is the continuing presence of a dedicated band of pro-life students.  Nearly 400 of them were led by Father Jenkins and dozens of other dedicated faculty and staff in the recent March for Life. We will report on all of this shortly.
 After reading this piece, I'm sure you can understand my purpose in writing this Blog.  There are over 200 schools in this Country that call themselves "Catholic" that wouldn't know what the word actually means...and I don't mean the Greek meaning of UNIVERSAL.

Please understand that our purpose is to inform and educate those who are in the Pews and pay the bills just what is happening in our Church today.  If we don't get the Bishops and liberal nay-Sayers back on track, there won't be a Catholic Church or Catholic Education in this Country ever again.

Jesus Is Lord

Tim M

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Catholic" Education And The USCCB

Lately there has been a lot of talk and discussion about the Catholic Colleges and Universities needing to clean up their act and start being Catholic again.  Here is a quote from one of our "favorite Catholic" Bishops directed at the schools.  It was first noted on Catholic Culture in a statement from Bishop remember him, right?  Yeah, I thought so.  Here's the quote.

“Catholic is not just an adjective accidental to who you are,” he told the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. “Catholic is core to your identity, the center of what you are about.”
“Clearly there needs to be room in an academic community for disagreement, debate and a clash of ideas, even in theology,” he continued. “Such debate and engagement can clarify and advance our understanding. In discussions with local bishops, faculty need to be able to disagree and question with mutual respect. However, the bishop is the authentic teacher of the faith and, in union with the Pope and bishops, responsible to interpret the faith.”
“We are a polarized family, and this is a deep concern for all of us,” he added. “And yet we are one faith; we are one Church.” 

It seems to me that this is the kettle calling the pot black.  If I'm not mistaken, he was in favor of letting Pedophiles into the Church as Priests when at the Seminary in Chicago; in fact, Ordained at least one:  was in favor of the most pro-Abortion President speaking at  Notre Dame, the supposedly "Premier" Catholic College in the US( yeah, right);  Still defended his ordination of the "convicted pedophile" years after when he was up for election as President of the USCCB this past year.  What right does he have to try to tell any school it needs to get back to the fundamentals?  As there is also no place in Catholic Education for doubting or debating the Churches' position on Faith and Morals, as he suggests in his statement. 

He's right about the premise, however, but for what reason is he apparently espousing the change?  My guess his reason (Their reason) would be the tax-exempt status that the schools will LOSE if their Church affiliation isn't the foremost purpose of their existence.  These schools have been taking Federal money for so long they wouldn't know what to do if they started to be Truly Catholic again.  (That means no Government Infulence).  I would like for them to tell me I'm wrong.  I would like for them to PROVE to me that all the Crap going on at the schools we are investigating is just a "big mistake"  and it really doesn't mean anything, that they are really Catholic. That these schools don't have professors teaching false Doctrine and telling students it's OK to be promiscuous and "Gay Marriage" is nothing to be concerned about;  that they really don't mean it when they say the Bishops don't really have anything to say about how they run THEIR schools; that Theology Professors don't really tell a Nun at a Catholic Hospital it's OK to MURDER an unborn Baby;  that the "hook-up" atmosphere doesn't exist at these schools; that they really aren't "state secular colleges" masquerading as "Catholic".   

I'm sorry, but that won't wash, I don't care how much Bleach you use.  Get real Bishop Kicanas.  When you teach and LIVE a good Catholic life, then you have the right to talk.  Until then, it might be to your advantage to keep quiet and then you won't give Catholics who care about our FAITH any reason to degrade what you say to the realm of Political Rhetoric.  Or worse.  My previous post about the NLRB and Manhattan College  will give you some background if you aren't familiar with the case.

One thing we must always be aware of as Catholics...there are many of "our own" who would like nothing better than to see us fall.  They work very hard each day for that to happen.  We must stay vigilant and pray constantly for the guidance and strength of The Holy Spirit.
 More to come....

Jesus Is Lord!