Wednesday, January 19, 2011

USCCB "Agenda" and Obamacare

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't get involved in something like this, but standing around and being silent when our very existence as a Country and as Catholics is involved is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  If you want to read the entire document, here is the link. ( ). There are good parts and bad parts.  You can make your own decisions about those parts with which you agree.  I don't even mind if you disagree with me.  It is a free country and you have that right as an American.  But, that is the an AMERICAN or legal immigrant.

Catholic Culture  has an article on today's news items about the USCCB and the Obamacare fiasco.  This writer would like to point out to the Bishops that the program as passed should be totally repealed, not just 'reworked' into something that is acceptable to the Bishops.

From the USCCB:

...In a January 18 letter to members of the House of Representatives. “Throughout the last Congress the Catholic bishops of the United States affirmed our strong support for universal access to health care,”wrote Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, and Coadjutor Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles. “Basic health care for all is a moral imperative, not yet completely achieved. It has never been, and is not now, for the bishops to decide the best means to realize that essential goal. However, regardless of which means are chosen, they must fall within certain fundamental moral parameters, which the bishops have a duty to articulate strongly and clearly.”

What the Bishops are asking is the existing law, as passed, be changed to include the anti-abortion and conscience protections (that's good) but that the other provisions be kept.(that's bad).  This is the United States of America.  We do not have socialized medicine nor do we want it.  Government control of the Health Care program would turn this country into a failed system the same as England, which is now attempting to "Privatize" the NHS.

Maybe the Bishops should concern themselves with the Faith and Morals of  "catholics" such as the CHA and Sr. Carol Keehan and her $900K+ salary who undermined the Bishops and approved the passage of Obamacare...who right now, are lobbying for Congress NOT to repeal the abortion providing health care act by her letter of  Jan 18th, 2011...who has stated that the abortion performed  at St. Josephs was Ok and that Bishop Olmstead was wrong.  He was 100% correct in excommunicating the nun and in dumping the hospital.  Where are you USCCB?

 Maybe they should concern themselves with the heresy and distortion of Catholic teaching and outright disregard for the teachings of Christ where a Bishop will give The Eucharist to an Abortionist and a Cardinal will advance the Gay Agenda by tying the hands of Catholic Educators to teach the Truth of Christ in "Catholic" Schools.  This is where the USCCB should direct it's "Agenda".

And just so there isn't any doubt, this Country has borders.  Those borders need to be observed.  Suggesting that illegal immigrants are entitled to the same liberties and freedoms as those immigrants who have gotten here legally is ludicrous.  Our immigration laws have been ignored for such a long time that even the Bishops seem to think that they should be 'overlooked' in order to facilitate the Illegals.  As Archbishop Dolan states in his letter to Congress..."...does not depend on where people were born or how they came to our nation.  Truly comprehensive immigration reform will include a path to earned citizenship, with attention to the fact that international trade and development policies influence economic opportunities in the countries from which immigrants come.  It also must foster family reunification, the bedrock principle upon which our national immigration system has been based for decades.  Immigration enforcement policies should honor basic human rights and uphold basic due process protections."

Actually, it DOES matter where they were born and it DOES matter how they got here.  I'm really sorry to disagree with him in this case. 'Illegals' are not American Citizens.  They are not even legal immigrants.  Deportation is the correct answer for the illegals.  His statement about family re-unification is based on "legal" immigrants, not illegals, no matter where they come from.  Trying to gloss over that particular fact and turn it around to include "Illegals" is a gross distortion of the facts. I had hoped he would come to understand that our laws have been violated in such a way as we may never recover.  "Legal Immigration" is the correct answer.  Allowing illegals a path to citizenship amounts to Amnesty.  If you don't believe in the legal way of doing things, you have no business trying to do them at all. Maybe the USCCB should clean it's own house and get rid of the "False Prophets" and pretenders in order to be Catholic once again.  Until you do these things you just might be irrelevant.  I know you have been accused of this in the past, but for some reason, it seems that now maybe they were correct in their assessment.

Repeal Obamacare and get the Insurance companies into competition for the premiums just as has happened with Auto insurance.  Allowing companies to deal across State lines has resulted in tremendous savings to everyone, including the high risk drivers.  Setting up public clinics to provide the uninsured with basic health care would be a very good step in the providing of services to those who can not afford it. That's much better and smaller than trying to run a government bureaucracy that can't find it's own bathroom.  Stay out of the Immigration issue until you grasp the solution to the problem.  Most of all, be Catholic and teach Catholicism as Christ would do;  don't kill babies in the womb and don't commit sodomy and try to say it's accepted sexual activity.  When you can say you have accomplished these things, within your OWN house, then maybe you will become relevant once again. 

Jesus Is Lord!

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  1. Don't be sorry to disagree with Dolan on illegal immigrants. He's the one who should be sorry.