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University of Dayton...Part 2..They Really Are In Trouble.

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It seems as though I stirred up a little controversy with the original post yesterday.  I have received a "comment" that, when I first read it, seemed so biased that I figured it had to have come from some liberal blogger who really doesn't get what we are trying to do here. After reading the piece through a couple of times, I realized they are a victim of the "education" they received. Being instructed in The Catholic Faith from an enlightened Catholic perspective would have given this person the understanding of what we are about.  Informing Catholics about the CINO schools is how we get back to teaching the True Faith of The One True Church.  Yeah, ya see there is no Ecumenism at work on this Blog.  Catholic all the way!
This is the "comment". I want you to read it all the way through and then read our rebuttal at the bottom.  I figure that this person must be a recent graduate from UD because they really didn't get the point; and they also didn't even begin to comment on any other portion of the post...only the LGBT portion.  Remember, the Catholic Church doesn't leave room for feelings or interpretation...just Theological Teaching.

Here's the comment: Anonymous, by the way.


"They have an active LGBTQ community at UD. They have the Women's Center as the "Point Man" in this endeavor of making the LGBT community mainstream. They Advocate for this group and give them a platform to foster their beliefs and lifestyle in contradiction to the Catholic Directives. Catholic Schools are not to give them platforms for Advocacy."
(Our part of the post)

This is false. The LGTBQ group at the University of Dayton provides a safe harbor for students who feel lost and gives them an area to build on the strength of each other and other community members. Sexual deviency is never a topic and would be taboo in any social setting. According to the Catholic Catechism, "They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition."

Being homosexual in any regard is in no way against the Catholic church, and as someone who obviously stands tall on your belief that you have a firm understanding of the doctrine, would have to agree. However, acting upon homosexual acts is frowned upon. Nevertheless, if you are to follow the beliefs of the church and welcome homosexuals into your heart, then you must admit that the social pressures that are put upon them - especially in a prodominetly catholic institution like the University of Dayton where it is very rare to meet a homosexual so they tend to feel even more alone - giving them an outlet to express themselves, feel a part of something, and meet similar people provides a level of comfort that heterosexuals wouldn't normally realize the need for.

You're right. The University of Dayton (also my alma mater) does not live true to the Catholic tradition 100%.
(emphasis mine) Do I regret attending as a catholic?(note the small "c") No. I regret coming from a school that put out a closed minded alumni such as yourself who would refuse a quality, full branching education as per the Marianist Charisms. The Marianists speak of educating the whole person - and just as Priests take courses solely on Satan during their learning, teaching for the sake of educating and making people aware of ideals which might not neccessarily align with oneself is a part of that process.(Still must be Catholic, though.)

Dr. Daniel Curran not being a Marianist is a very taboo choice for a university that shows its roots amongst Marianist tradition, however Bro. Ray Fitz, S.M. is still incredibly involved in the University and has shown his support for Curran. If you care for the Marianist education and continuing Marianist Catholic Spirit at the University of Dayton, why venture so different from the former president who has shown his support?

Fr. Paul Marshall is no longer the Rector at the university. While Rev. James Fitz, S.M., the new Rector, is an amazing person himself, I might point you in the direction of Fr. Kozar, S.M., who is an incredibly brilliant example of a modern day Marianist. He taught me during my years at UD and continues to impact my life to this day. His email address is joseph.kozar@notes.udayton (dot edu). Fr. Kozar is the assistant Rector. He may be able to help enlighten you to how the modern day University of Dayton still continues to align itself with the Marianist Spirit and the Catholic Church.


Here is our rebuttal. (by the way, any and all misspellings in the above piece is the fault of the author.  No corrections were made)
The actual existence of the LGBTQ Community is not in question...And the statement is not false...It is the fact that they DO have "Coming Out" events and Gay Pride Week, marches and displays on the campus. Actively promoting the organization and the lifestyle is NOT to be permitted.  The University has SANCTIONED this activity. That is in direct conflict with what the Church teaches. The Catechism  gives the guidelines and parameters...a proper way to respond to the situation.   An Ally Group is one thing. Providing a safe haven and place for building on the strength from each other was never an issue.  An Advocacy Group that promotes the lifestyle and makes it appear as mainstream accepted behavior is Not Acceptable. This has nothing to do with discrimination.  This has to do with a "Catholic" institution not living up to the requirements of being Catholic.  I don't know when you graduated, but it was obviously well after my time as the curriculum and atmosphere has changed considerably since then.  The "Marianist Tradition" is not necessarily the Catholic Tradition. Even Fr. Heft admitted that in his address in '06 stating that some people could be Marianists but not Catholics. Allowing for the "Political Correctness" of the current atmosphere in the Country doesn't excuse the University from it's Catholic Duty.  They choose not to abide by the requirements.  Also, you said that being homosexual is in no way against the Church.  Correct.  Physically acting upon those tendencies however, is more than just "frowned upon"; that is a serious sin.  Celibacy is the only acceptable lifestyle.  Period.
The "Catholic Spirit" at UD is no longer viable.  They have deviated too far from the true Catholic Identity to be considered Catholic.  Reliance on government funding for research and doing Stem Cell research, even though they "say" its not Embryonic,  allowing their own professors to contradict Church teaching and on, and on, and on, indicates that they no longer consider themselves a true Catholic Institution.  If they did, the balance of the excesses listed in the post would not be going on. We would really like to have those questions answered that were sent to the now former Rector Fr. Marshall.  If Rev. Fitz would like to respond to the questions, I would be happy to have him do so.  Be prepared to be subject to scrutiny.  We take nothing at face value and research all before we print it. It seems things change quickly at UD as the letter to Fr. Marshall was sent in May of '09. We do thank the Commenter for the information on the new Rector, though I seriously doubt anything will change. Everything stated here is backed up with documentation.  This University is so proud of it's stand, they put it all in writing.
One more point before I close this segment:  The University of Dayton STILL has the reputation for being the largest consumer of Alcoholic beverages on campus of any school its size.  Whether this is true or not, the allegation is out there.  Reading about the problems the Campus Authorities are having leaves little doubt that the allegations have a lot of truth within them.  When I was there, Greek Fraternities and Sororities were not permitted on Campus as sanctioned organizations.  Now they are.  "Party Central" is alive and well at UD.

Since we started the series on Secular "Catholic" colleges, we have pretty much left the Authority for the operation of the Universities and Colleges alone.  No More.  The Archbishop of Cincinnati is responsible for each and every school within its borders.  They better start to do their job in defending the Faith or we will make sure their Parishioners are made aware of their failures.  Still more to come on this school.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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  1. This school offered me a scholarship. I looked em' up, but thank GOD I did my research. I looked up if they were a "party-school" and a one sight with porn ads on the bottom had them listed on there. Disgusting! I then found this and thanks for confirming my suspicions. I can tell that you're honest (a fellow Catholic can tell). These heretics (I think it's safe to say about these "marianists") need to quit posing as Catholics. They also need to stop with the "marianist tradition" label because it is blasphemy against the Virgin Mary, something she addressed in Fatima. It's better for them to leave the Church instead of posing; it confuses Catholic identity, and there are consequences for such actions. GOD Bless!!!