Tuesday, January 11, 2011

University of Dayton...Once more

A post today by Matt Abbott concerning Marquette University brings the point into focus about the sad state of affairs at CINO universities.  I received another comment from 'Anonymous' at UD.  The comment is too long to post in it's entirety, but parts of it will explain the problem at the University of Dayton.  UD is not alone with this problem.  Our children are being duped into believing that the "social justice" of our Catholic Church leaves something to be desired. This is totally WRONG.  The Catholic Church is absolutely Correct in it's teachings.  The teaching of these professors leaves a lot to be desired.  This student walked away from UD feeling good about his experience there. He felt he got a good "Catholic" education.  What I am going to post here is directly from his comment.  Please understand that from the content and context of the statement, he really believes what he is saying:

Anonymous here again (the same one from yesterday). The reason I left the other topics without comment is because there's not an awful lot of room to argue. As I said in my post, I don't think you will meet anyone, former President or not, who will make the claim that the University of Dayton is 100% in alignment with the Catholic church. I also think back through my life and to every priest I have ever met and never have I found a priest who has lived his life in such a way that the Catholic church would label him 100% in alignment with the Catholic church.(I am saddened by this statement). Priests, at the end of the day, are man, and subject to pressures much more than just the purity of God's love. As such is the University of Dayton, which as is run by man, is subject to impurity. But I would make the argument that impurity is more beautiful than otherwise.(Emphasis mine) God created us in such a way that we would make fault, we would make mistake, and that we would grow from such. Do I think UD is "sinning" by labeling itself a Catholic institution while not following the doctrine 100%? I don't believe so. 

If you read what he is saying here he is saying that God designed us to sin.  Not true as anyone who knows the story of Adam and Eve can attest.  The problem here is that this student has learned this from somewhere, and for the life of me, through all 16+ years of my Catholic Education, I can not remember anyone ever saying "God created us in such a way that we would make fault."  God created us in His Image and Likeness.  Making that statement is saying God created an imperfect being...Not Possible.  We fell due to our free will, but not because He made us that way.  As for the University "sinning"?  They are just telling a lie by calling themselves "Catholic".  They are not Catholic.  They're "Marianist". As we continue with the premise he pursues, the balance of what I have been saying about the school will become very clear...they are not Catholic.

"The School of Law does promote, equally to other programs, employment opportunities that explore issues that destroy the life of the unborn........  The LGTBQ group does promote advocacy because there is a crisis in our country right now of gay students (elementary, high school, and college) being outted and feeling so alone that they kill themselves. Bullying like this wouldn't exist if the culture that surrounds people is accepting of such groups. Advocacy groups don't turn people gay, they don't promote gay sex, and they don't destroy homes. They are a tool to protect God's children from fear, awful decisions, and living their lives in the way God created them."

We are not talking about offering employment opportunities here, although that would be bad enough, we are talking about Internships and Learning experiences that shape the way these students think in the future.  As far as the Advocacy of the LGBTQ community...by it's own admission, it has parties and fosters the social side of the lifestyle. They promote gay sex by promoting the lifestyle in the public offerings that are present on the campus.  "The Vagina Monologues" which is produced under the guise of the UD Monologues brings a sour taste to anyone who knows what this is about.  The bullying and the 'crises' has been brought about by the "in your face" attitude of some of the groups that want homosexuality to be foremost in the mainstream of life.  Until recent history, the problem on campuses was minimal.  Past studies indicate the incidence of Gay-Straight difficulties was minimal compared to the troubles today.  This activity is not Catholic.  The love and tolerance that the Catechism speaks to is what is acceptable at a Catholic University.  ADVOCACY is NOT ACCEPTABLE.   The line he is stating above is almost directly from the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay Rights Advocate Group.  UD is supposed to be Catholic.  And by the way...God didn't create them that way.  It is an acquired taste...a chosen lifestyle.  There is no "gay gene."
I'm really sorry this student didn't get his education from the school in my time.  Since the Land of Lakes meeting in the 60's the atmosphere at most "Catholic" schools has not been conducive to Catholicism. They don't teach the Faith as the Church instructs it to be taught. The same problem can be found at St. Mary's in Texas.  The LGBT group there is called "Unity and Support", but does the same thing.  There is really not much difference in the Universities and the way they do business.  And it is a business; don't let anyone tell you differently.  Chaminade University in Hawaii is the third in the series, and also deals with the problems the same way UD handles theirs...they don't.  If you want a Catholic Education, these schools are not for you.  If you want a secular education while paying the price for a Catholic school, then by all means spend your money.  All three of these schools give a good Liberal Arts education.  Dayton even has a good Engineering School.  But Catholic?  Just read what the former student says.  Allowing this to take place is the fault of the Archbishop of Cincinnati.  His job is to Shepard the moral and Catholic teachings of the schools in his charge whether they are grade schools, high schools or colleges.

Chaminade High School in Dayton is another good example of the Bishop's failure to monitor the teachings of the schools.  They instituted a program from Boston College at Chaminade that was to bring all the issues of the students and their environment into play.  The program was called 'Boston Connects'.  This is the same Boston College that advocates for gay marriage, offers free abortion referrals on their website, has health insurance that supplies oral Contraceptives to it's students and faculty, etc.,etc., etc. read my post on BC for more info on that school.  But here we are not dealing with a college.  Here we are dealing with a high school that according to its President is very Catholic.  Using a program that was designed by a school as Anti-Catholic as Boston College, is by no means, Catholic.  The letter I received from the President of the school was so glossy it almost fell out of my hands.  Again, it is a Marianist school and it is not controlled by the Marianist order.  The President is not of the Religious order, not that it makes any difference.  I would truly question the Catholicity of any school that uses programs from any Jesuit school.  After all, they don't teach Catholicism, they teach in the "Jesuit Tradition".  It seems that the Marianists are falling lock step into the same mold.

The Archbishop of Cincinnati needs to wake up.  Either he's not being told what's going on or he doesn't care.  I'm not about to second guess him.  He has to answer to a MUCH higher authority than this Blog.

If you want further information on this school, and there is more, drop us a request at the e-mail listed in the  Profile Section.  We will keep all inquires strictly confidential.

One thing that has become very clear since I started this Blog...Truth can be very damaging when someone doesn't want it known.  Jesus called attention to those who gave 'lip service' to Judaism.  and they hung Him on a tree.  Please pray for us that we can continue to be truthful and complete in our journey.

Jesus Is Lord!


  1. wow. It really is no surprise you only have two followers. I feel as if you may be forgetting that the Bible was written by men. God was too busy to sit down with a pen and paper. And clearly (as seen in your post) men let prejudices come into their writings. I assume you also propose a return to slavery, which the bible views as tolerable.

    I am proud, lesbian and a Flyer.

  2. To Anonymous.
    Thank you for your comment. The purpose of these posts is to provide parents and prospective students facts about the "Catholic" schools they may wish to attend. The information provided gives the facts of the school, such as UD, and shows whether it follows the Catholic Faith in it's teaching standards and it's activities. Obviously, UD does not, or you would know that the Bible is the "Inspired Word of God" and though written by men, contains the Truths of Christianity and teachings of God. The Catholic Church has put down directives and rules that the schools must follow in order to be considered Catholic. UD does NOT follow the rules or directives. Hence the purpose of the Blog. This Blog's audience is multi-national and multi-cultural with readers from all over the world. Having listed followers only means that each thing we post is immediately posted on their sites as well.
    You obviously have not received a good Catholic education or you would know that there is no discrimination in the way the Church cares for it's Faithful. You may not even be Catholic, and therefore not know what a True Catholic Education imbues. The Church does, however, condemn the " Homosexual Lifestyle", not the person. The fact that you are a "Flyer" is only icing on the cake.
    Again, thank you for the comment. The more we have that prove the point, the better.

    Jesus Is Lord!

  3. Hang in there Tim. You're doing a great job.

    God Bless you!

  4. Ugh I can only hope that parents who see this will be able to see through your closed-mindedness. Stuff like this sickens me.

  5. I want to thank "Anonymous" for their comment. They have shown that we are correct in our assement of the "Catholic In Name Only" U of Dayton as the lack of true Catholic teaching is evident in the comment. Catholic Teaching is living without sin...the Homosexual Lifestyle is contrary to that teaching. There is no open or close-mindedness involved in True Catholic Beliefs and there is no compromise with sin.

  6. you CANNOT be Catholic and a practicing homosexual, thats pretty clear i think, if you think you can then you are one of the 99% idiots who just spent 6 years of mommy and daddys money on something completely useless in the real world

  7. As a third-generation UD grad, I can say that it is possible to graduate from the university and still be a conservative. My first class I took at UD was (and still is) taught by a priest who first introduced me to conservative politics. This priest also introduced me to the first-term (at the time) congressmen at the time John Boehner.

  8. Thank you for this good blog. There is indeed a crisis of Catholic identity at UD, and at other Catholic-in-name colleges. Students from Catholic families are paying $100,000+ to have their faith lives ignored (despite the tour guide/glossy brochure rhetoric) at best, or actively destroyed with shallow, ignorant, and intellectually dishonest academic propaganda at worst. The reality of Catholic doctrine, history, culture, and its true social justice perspective is beautiful, noble, inspiring, and if taken seriously at Catholic universities, could bring our sad world so much closer to God's plan. Sigh.