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University of Dayton...Another "So-Called" Catholic University

The really difficult part of this story is the fact that I am a graduate of this school.  When I went there in the early 60's it was small well rounded and Catholic.  That is not the case today.  They have allowed the 'political correctness' of the secular educational system to override their primary goal of educating the Catholic Student.  They have become a Secular University with some Catholic courses.  Their "Social" standing is more important than their Catholic teaching and following of the Catholic Tradition of Faithful Catholic Schools.  The following is a brief outline of their failings.

Much like their counterpart in Cincinnati, Xavier, they are supposedly controlled by their religious order, The Marianists.  Funny how there are only two religious on the Board of Directors.  When I was there, the President was a member of the order.  No longer and it has been that way for years.  They don't follow the Magisterium in their practices.  In fact, at one of their meetings of the Marianist Universities in '06,  James L. Heft, Chancellor and University Professor of Faith and Culture even said in his paper of June 6, 2006, that the basis of Catholic University education was the paper of John Paul II,  Ex corde ecclesia and should be the guiding light for the Universities to follow.  Too bad they didn't listen to him.  Although I take exception to some of his writing in this paper, he makes some good points that if followed, could make the school better. 

They have an active LGBTQ community at UD.  They have the Women's Center as the "Point Man" in this endeavor of making the LGBT community mainstream.  They Advocate for this group and give them a platform to foster their beliefs and lifestyle in contradiction to the Catholic Directives.  Catholic Schools are not to give them platforms for Advocacy.  UD does exactly that.  They promote the study of Feminism using the works of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues and the National Organization of Women.  Both of these studies are contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church in respect to homosexuality as an accepted lifestyle and the promotion of Abortion on demand.

During the 2008 election, they permitted avowed Abortionist supporter Cheryl Crow on campus for an Obama political rally in direct opposition the the 2004 Bishop's directive.  They also had the following:
(10/21/08)  Criticizes the "narrow agenda of causes such as opposition to gay marriage and abortion..."
E.J. Dionne, Jr., a Washington Post columnist and National Public Radio analyst, discussed “Faith and Politics in the 2008 Presidential Race” on October 6 at the University of Dayton. Dionne criticizes conservative Christians in his recent book Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith & Politics After the Religious Right. According to a University of Dayton statement: “Dionne claims many Christians feel like they have been used to push a narrow agenda of causes such as opposition to gay marriage and abortion, but now those Christians are discovering common ground with secular Americans on issues of social justice, peace and the environment.” Source: University of Dayton

It would seem to me that the University doesn't take itself seriously when it should put it's "Catholic" foot forward.  The fact that they even let this happen just goes to show how non-Catholic they are.  

Back in '05, The Women's Center held an event titled:

Be a Better You  

Events throughout October designed to help people feel better about themselves through exercise, nutrition and body image awareness.
September 30, 2005 - The University of Dayton Women's Center is turning "Love Your Body Day" into a month-long celebration called "Be a Better You: Love Your Body Month." Events are designed to help women and men feel better about themselves through exercise, nutrition and body image awareness. "Love Your Body Day" on Oct. 19 is a national day of self-appreciation sponsored by the National Organization for Women. "The goal of 'Be A Better You' is to promote a holistic approach to taking care of ourselves," Women's Center Director Lisa Rismiller said. "'Be A Better You' is about more than eating right and exercising, although those are important. It is about being the best person you can be, inside and out. It is about learning to love yourself for who and what you are." The Body Monologues, based on the popular play The Vagina Monologues, will be a featured event during "Be A Better You." The Body Monologues will present stories, poems and reflections written by students about their bodies. The entries will be displayed throughout campus on pink, life-sized figures.     It appears that they also support The Vagina Monologues just like BC.
The University of Dayton Law School has within its confines the Office of Career Services.  This office has a publication titled The Opening Statement.  The latest edition available is the Nov. 20 2010 issue.  Some of the Internships available from this Catholic Law School:
The Reproductive Freedom Project of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation.  Through litigation, advocacy and public education, the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project works to protect access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care, from sexuality education and family planning services to prenatal care and childbearing assistance to Abortion counseling and services.  This is a CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY!! 
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and AIDS Project of the ACLU's National Office in New York.
They also provide in their "Special Announcements" section:  Law Students for Reproductive Justice is pleased to share their latest edition of the Guide to Internships and Fellowships in Reproductive Rights and Justice.  
I'm sorry to say that this is the norm for the Law School. We have many different issues of "The Opening Statement" in our archives and over 80% of them are very much like the issue cited above.  
How about the Theology of the University? After all,  they are supposed to be Catholic, right?  The only member of the Administration that is a member of the Society of Mary (Marianists) is the Rector.  He graduated two years after me from UD, so when some concerns about the Catholicity of the school came to my attention, I wrote to him.  His name is Fr. Paul Marshall. The concern I had was in regard to the Medical Center dispensing Contraceptives and "The Morning After Pill".  I was not able to confirm anything about this information, so I wrote to the Rector for clarification.  Not a Word in response.  I have subsequently found out that the University Medical center does dispense Birth control pills under the guise of regulation of menstrual cycles as is permitted by the Catholic Church.  They removed links to the Abortion Clinics that were attached to the Women's Center when they were apparently caught out similar to what happened at BC.  
Space limitation won't let me go on with this post, but more to come.  Cardinal Burke is right...These schools need to fix the problem or get out!  The Marianist High School in town isn't much better.  More detail on this when we continue.   
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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  1. I go to ud and this isn't true, they do not dispense birth control. You're a closed minded misogynist. I will pray for you and that you can enter a healthier, less distructive chapter of your spiritual life.