Monday, January 24, 2011

Georgetown Does It again!!

If ever there was a doubt that the Jesuits at Georgetown or any other Jesuit school for that matter were Catholic, this will put that question to rest. They truly are NOT.   At The Cardinal Newman Society they have posted a new video and there is extensive comments on this very subject.  They admit they do not teach about God nor is it their job to do so. Here is the link to the specific Blog post.  Please read it all the way through.  When done, think about the fact that this is the teaching of ALL Jesuit schools.  St. Ignatius is turning over in his grave.  If I were him, I'd ask God for forgiveness for they have strayed so far from being True to God, they need to change their name.
Here is the link:

Please pray for them, especially as today is the " Respect Life" march in Washington.  And don't forget the fact that they had a "Free Abortion" ad from Planned Parenthood on their website at Boston College Law School.  Guess they don't teach "Right to Life" at BC Law School.  Seems like the same as at University of Dayton Law School.  It appears the Jesuits and Marianists are of the same Non-Catholic bent...they appear to not care about murdering the unborn as they offer these kind of programs at their schools. 

We are preparing a new series on some Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania.  We will put them all together as one series of postings as they are all basically the same.  The more you are informed, the better decisions you can make.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M 

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