Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feds Tell College...'You're Not Catholic"

Here is a link to the story that this applies to,You're Not Catholic.  This is posted on the Blog of the Cardinal Newman Society.  The lead article is at Catholic Culture News.  I guess I'm correct in my statements that these schools aren't "Catholic".

After the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that a Catholic university’s fundamental purpose is secular, the Cardinal Newman Society warned that many Catholic institutions are risking their religious identity.
The NLRB ruled against Manhattan College in a case involving a bid to unionize the faculty. The NLRB ruled that the college is not exempt from regulations, despite its claim to be a Catholic institution, because “the purpose of the college is secular and not the ‘propagation of the faith.’”   Just thought I would throw this in on the heels of the last post about Uof D.  Please go read the article first at Catholic Culture and then at Cardinal Newman Society.

The more we dig into these schools, the more disgusted and scandalized we become.

Just a short note for your edification.

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  1. Here's a question that no one is asking. Are these colleges accepting any government money? If so, that must immediately cease. As long as they continue to accept government money (and by extension, participate in socialism), they have no business claiming independence from the state, when in fact and finances they aren't. I understand that Christendom in Front Royal takes not one red penny from government. As far as I've heard, they've managed to keep the government out of their hair.

  2. Perhaps, Catholic Institutions should do a better job of defending against Gooferment intrusion. The Gooferment makes the financing rules, competes for paying students, throws all sorts of diktats in the way, and then sets itself up as the arbiter of what's "catholic enough". Like the can only be one Queen in hive, the Gooferment sees the Church (any church) as a competitor for the "love" of the people. Plus, the Cardinal of NY has not "de-listed" MC from the roster of "Catholic" schools , which he has other schools. That should be disposititive.