Monday, January 24, 2011

Georgetown Does It again!!

If ever there was a doubt that the Jesuits at Georgetown or any other Jesuit school for that matter were Catholic, this will put that question to rest. They truly are NOT.   At The Cardinal Newman Society they have posted a new video and there is extensive comments on this very subject.  They admit they do not teach about God nor is it their job to do so. Here is the link to the specific Blog post.  Please read it all the way through.  When done, think about the fact that this is the teaching of ALL Jesuit schools.  St. Ignatius is turning over in his grave.  If I were him, I'd ask God for forgiveness for they have strayed so far from being True to God, they need to change their name.
Here is the link:

Please pray for them, especially as today is the " Respect Life" march in Washington.  And don't forget the fact that they had a "Free Abortion" ad from Planned Parenthood on their website at Boston College Law School.  Guess they don't teach "Right to Life" at BC Law School.  Seems like the same as at University of Dayton Law School.  It appears the Jesuits and Marianists are of the same Non-Catholic bent...they appear to not care about murdering the unborn as they offer these kind of programs at their schools. 

We are preparing a new series on some Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania.  We will put them all together as one series of postings as they are all basically the same.  The more you are informed, the better decisions you can make.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

March For Life, 2011

This weekend has been designated as the one weekend where we show Solidarity as Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Anglicans, actually All Christians who believe in the Sanctity of Life.  The stark revelations this week of the murdering "Dr" and his cutting of the spinal cord of Alive aborted babies, should bring into sharp focus the "Culture of Death" prevalent in this country.  I pray that this atrocity will have the impact it should have on all people to counter this "Intrinsic Evil" that subverts our Civilization, if that's what you can call it.  Please don't quit praying for an end to Abortion when this weekend is should be a daily prayer. When asked to support a group that purports to be against Abortion, please check their credentials carefully before giving your support.  CCHD  is one such group.  Though they say they are Catholic, they support many organizations that actually promote Abortion.  Until the organization is cleaned up, don't support them. Read more at American Life League. 

God be with all who are able to participate physically...I will be there in Prayer and Pleadings.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

USCCB "Agenda" and Obamacare

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't get involved in something like this, but standing around and being silent when our very existence as a Country and as Catholics is involved is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  If you want to read the entire document, here is the link. ( ). There are good parts and bad parts.  You can make your own decisions about those parts with which you agree.  I don't even mind if you disagree with me.  It is a free country and you have that right as an American.  But, that is the an AMERICAN or legal immigrant.

Catholic Culture  has an article on today's news items about the USCCB and the Obamacare fiasco.  This writer would like to point out to the Bishops that the program as passed should be totally repealed, not just 'reworked' into something that is acceptable to the Bishops.

From the USCCB:

...In a January 18 letter to members of the House of Representatives. “Throughout the last Congress the Catholic bishops of the United States affirmed our strong support for universal access to health care,”wrote Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, and Coadjutor Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles. “Basic health care for all is a moral imperative, not yet completely achieved. It has never been, and is not now, for the bishops to decide the best means to realize that essential goal. However, regardless of which means are chosen, they must fall within certain fundamental moral parameters, which the bishops have a duty to articulate strongly and clearly.”

What the Bishops are asking is the existing law, as passed, be changed to include the anti-abortion and conscience protections (that's good) but that the other provisions be kept.(that's bad).  This is the United States of America.  We do not have socialized medicine nor do we want it.  Government control of the Health Care program would turn this country into a failed system the same as England, which is now attempting to "Privatize" the NHS.

Maybe the Bishops should concern themselves with the Faith and Morals of  "catholics" such as the CHA and Sr. Carol Keehan and her $900K+ salary who undermined the Bishops and approved the passage of Obamacare...who right now, are lobbying for Congress NOT to repeal the abortion providing health care act by her letter of  Jan 18th, 2011...who has stated that the abortion performed  at St. Josephs was Ok and that Bishop Olmstead was wrong.  He was 100% correct in excommunicating the nun and in dumping the hospital.  Where are you USCCB?

 Maybe they should concern themselves with the heresy and distortion of Catholic teaching and outright disregard for the teachings of Christ where a Bishop will give The Eucharist to an Abortionist and a Cardinal will advance the Gay Agenda by tying the hands of Catholic Educators to teach the Truth of Christ in "Catholic" Schools.  This is where the USCCB should direct it's "Agenda".

And just so there isn't any doubt, this Country has borders.  Those borders need to be observed.  Suggesting that illegal immigrants are entitled to the same liberties and freedoms as those immigrants who have gotten here legally is ludicrous.  Our immigration laws have been ignored for such a long time that even the Bishops seem to think that they should be 'overlooked' in order to facilitate the Illegals.  As Archbishop Dolan states in his letter to Congress..."...does not depend on where people were born or how they came to our nation.  Truly comprehensive immigration reform will include a path to earned citizenship, with attention to the fact that international trade and development policies influence economic opportunities in the countries from which immigrants come.  It also must foster family reunification, the bedrock principle upon which our national immigration system has been based for decades.  Immigration enforcement policies should honor basic human rights and uphold basic due process protections."

Actually, it DOES matter where they were born and it DOES matter how they got here.  I'm really sorry to disagree with him in this case. 'Illegals' are not American Citizens.  They are not even legal immigrants.  Deportation is the correct answer for the illegals.  His statement about family re-unification is based on "legal" immigrants, not illegals, no matter where they come from.  Trying to gloss over that particular fact and turn it around to include "Illegals" is a gross distortion of the facts. I had hoped he would come to understand that our laws have been violated in such a way as we may never recover.  "Legal Immigration" is the correct answer.  Allowing illegals a path to citizenship amounts to Amnesty.  If you don't believe in the legal way of doing things, you have no business trying to do them at all. Maybe the USCCB should clean it's own house and get rid of the "False Prophets" and pretenders in order to be Catholic once again.  Until you do these things you just might be irrelevant.  I know you have been accused of this in the past, but for some reason, it seems that now maybe they were correct in their assessment.

Repeal Obamacare and get the Insurance companies into competition for the premiums just as has happened with Auto insurance.  Allowing companies to deal across State lines has resulted in tremendous savings to everyone, including the high risk drivers.  Setting up public clinics to provide the uninsured with basic health care would be a very good step in the providing of services to those who can not afford it. That's much better and smaller than trying to run a government bureaucracy that can't find it's own bathroom.  Stay out of the Immigration issue until you grasp the solution to the problem.  Most of all, be Catholic and teach Catholicism as Christ would do;  don't kill babies in the womb and don't commit sodomy and try to say it's accepted sexual activity.  When you can say you have accomplished these things, within your OWN house, then maybe you will become relevant once again. 

Jesus Is Lord!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Xavier U, U of Dayton, Chaminade-Julienne HS...Follow Up

Maybe the Archdiocese of Cincinnati  would like to follow in the footsteps of "Cardinal Sean" in Boston and turn the schools into a free-for-all.  That way the fact that a school such as Chaminade-Julienne, Alter H.S., Xavier H.S., etc. won't have to worry about what it teaches or the programs it uses such as the ones from Boston College.  Teaching Catholicism won't be a problem any more because they won't be able to do it for fear it will "offend" someone.

The Archdiocese of Boston has sold out to the Devil.  Some of the programs that are used in the Boston "Catholic" schools were developed in part by Boston College; you remember, the school that offered "free abortions" on their website?  Please go to The Tenth Crusade for a complete rundown on the sell-out of Catholicism in Boston.

Chaminade is no longer called Chaminade.  They are now called CJ  or Chaminade-Julienne Catholic High School.   Unfortunately back in the early '70's they had to consolidate with the Catholic girls high schools, Julienne and St. Joseph's Commercial High School due to lack of enrollment and funding.   This wasn't a bad thing though, as they were able to continue to provide a very good Catholic secondary education.  That may no longer be the case.

Where they stand today because of their reliance on programs from the likes of BC is any one's guess.  The replies I received to my letters of inquiry didn't say much except that they weren't going to discuss the BC program due to the fact it had already been implemented.  I guess the Archbishop had to know about that and approve it for it to be part of the curriculum.  Too bad as that makes him culpable as well.  Since this school was my Alma Mater, I feel the betrayal more than most.  The bad thing is, the parents of the students don't even know there is a problem.  I guess ignorance is bliss after all. There were quite a few areas of inquiry that went unanswered in my letters to the President of the school, but I would think that to answer the specific questions would put the school in a very bad light...questioning, as I did, their Catholic Identity. (copies of letters available upon request)

I just thought I'd complete the series on the non-faithful schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati with a note of warning to Catholic Parents.  Are your kids being taught True Catholicism or are they being taught the 'feel good catholicism' of the Progressive Liberation "Catholics"?  Is the "social justice" they are learning about real Catholic Social Justice, or is it from the school of Saul Alinski Socialism?  His idea was to subvert from within, and it looks like his ideas are doing well within the "catholic church".  It warrants your investigation as it is your responsibility to ensure your children's steadfastness in the Faith.  That's what you swore to do before God at their Baptism.

Jesus Is Lord!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feds Tell College...'You're Not Catholic"

Here is a link to the story that this applies to,You're Not Catholic.  This is posted on the Blog of the Cardinal Newman Society.  The lead article is at Catholic Culture News.  I guess I'm correct in my statements that these schools aren't "Catholic".

After the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that a Catholic university’s fundamental purpose is secular, the Cardinal Newman Society warned that many Catholic institutions are risking their religious identity.
The NLRB ruled against Manhattan College in a case involving a bid to unionize the faculty. The NLRB ruled that the college is not exempt from regulations, despite its claim to be a Catholic institution, because “the purpose of the college is secular and not the ‘propagation of the faith.’”   Just thought I would throw this in on the heels of the last post about Uof D.  Please go read the article first at Catholic Culture and then at Cardinal Newman Society.

The more we dig into these schools, the more disgusted and scandalized we become.

Just a short note for your edification.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

University of Dayton...Once more

A post today by Matt Abbott concerning Marquette University brings the point into focus about the sad state of affairs at CINO universities.  I received another comment from 'Anonymous' at UD.  The comment is too long to post in it's entirety, but parts of it will explain the problem at the University of Dayton.  UD is not alone with this problem.  Our children are being duped into believing that the "social justice" of our Catholic Church leaves something to be desired. This is totally WRONG.  The Catholic Church is absolutely Correct in it's teachings.  The teaching of these professors leaves a lot to be desired.  This student walked away from UD feeling good about his experience there. He felt he got a good "Catholic" education.  What I am going to post here is directly from his comment.  Please understand that from the content and context of the statement, he really believes what he is saying:

Anonymous here again (the same one from yesterday). The reason I left the other topics without comment is because there's not an awful lot of room to argue. As I said in my post, I don't think you will meet anyone, former President or not, who will make the claim that the University of Dayton is 100% in alignment with the Catholic church. I also think back through my life and to every priest I have ever met and never have I found a priest who has lived his life in such a way that the Catholic church would label him 100% in alignment with the Catholic church.(I am saddened by this statement). Priests, at the end of the day, are man, and subject to pressures much more than just the purity of God's love. As such is the University of Dayton, which as is run by man, is subject to impurity. But I would make the argument that impurity is more beautiful than otherwise.(Emphasis mine) God created us in such a way that we would make fault, we would make mistake, and that we would grow from such. Do I think UD is "sinning" by labeling itself a Catholic institution while not following the doctrine 100%? I don't believe so. 

If you read what he is saying here he is saying that God designed us to sin.  Not true as anyone who knows the story of Adam and Eve can attest.  The problem here is that this student has learned this from somewhere, and for the life of me, through all 16+ years of my Catholic Education, I can not remember anyone ever saying "God created us in such a way that we would make fault."  God created us in His Image and Likeness.  Making that statement is saying God created an imperfect being...Not Possible.  We fell due to our free will, but not because He made us that way.  As for the University "sinning"?  They are just telling a lie by calling themselves "Catholic".  They are not Catholic.  They're "Marianist". As we continue with the premise he pursues, the balance of what I have been saying about the school will become very clear...they are not Catholic.

"The School of Law does promote, equally to other programs, employment opportunities that explore issues that destroy the life of the unborn........  The LGTBQ group does promote advocacy because there is a crisis in our country right now of gay students (elementary, high school, and college) being outted and feeling so alone that they kill themselves. Bullying like this wouldn't exist if the culture that surrounds people is accepting of such groups. Advocacy groups don't turn people gay, they don't promote gay sex, and they don't destroy homes. They are a tool to protect God's children from fear, awful decisions, and living their lives in the way God created them."

We are not talking about offering employment opportunities here, although that would be bad enough, we are talking about Internships and Learning experiences that shape the way these students think in the future.  As far as the Advocacy of the LGBTQ it's own admission, it has parties and fosters the social side of the lifestyle. They promote gay sex by promoting the lifestyle in the public offerings that are present on the campus.  "The Vagina Monologues" which is produced under the guise of the UD Monologues brings a sour taste to anyone who knows what this is about.  The bullying and the 'crises' has been brought about by the "in your face" attitude of some of the groups that want homosexuality to be foremost in the mainstream of life.  Until recent history, the problem on campuses was minimal.  Past studies indicate the incidence of Gay-Straight difficulties was minimal compared to the troubles today.  This activity is not Catholic.  The love and tolerance that the Catechism speaks to is what is acceptable at a Catholic University.  ADVOCACY is NOT ACCEPTABLE.   The line he is stating above is almost directly from the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay Rights Advocate Group.  UD is supposed to be Catholic.  And by the way...God didn't create them that way.  It is an acquired taste...a chosen lifestyle.  There is no "gay gene."
I'm really sorry this student didn't get his education from the school in my time.  Since the Land of Lakes meeting in the 60's the atmosphere at most "Catholic" schools has not been conducive to Catholicism. They don't teach the Faith as the Church instructs it to be taught. The same problem can be found at St. Mary's in Texas.  The LGBT group there is called "Unity and Support", but does the same thing.  There is really not much difference in the Universities and the way they do business.  And it is a business; don't let anyone tell you differently.  Chaminade University in Hawaii is the third in the series, and also deals with the problems the same way UD handles theirs...they don't.  If you want a Catholic Education, these schools are not for you.  If you want a secular education while paying the price for a Catholic school, then by all means spend your money.  All three of these schools give a good Liberal Arts education.  Dayton even has a good Engineering School.  But Catholic?  Just read what the former student says.  Allowing this to take place is the fault of the Archbishop of Cincinnati.  His job is to Shepard the moral and Catholic teachings of the schools in his charge whether they are grade schools, high schools or colleges.

Chaminade High School in Dayton is another good example of the Bishop's failure to monitor the teachings of the schools.  They instituted a program from Boston College at Chaminade that was to bring all the issues of the students and their environment into play.  The program was called 'Boston Connects'.  This is the same Boston College that advocates for gay marriage, offers free abortion referrals on their website, has health insurance that supplies oral Contraceptives to it's students and faculty, etc.,etc., etc. read my post on BC for more info on that school.  But here we are not dealing with a college.  Here we are dealing with a high school that according to its President is very Catholic.  Using a program that was designed by a school as Anti-Catholic as Boston College, is by no means, Catholic.  The letter I received from the President of the school was so glossy it almost fell out of my hands.  Again, it is a Marianist school and it is not controlled by the Marianist order.  The President is not of the Religious order, not that it makes any difference.  I would truly question the Catholicity of any school that uses programs from any Jesuit school.  After all, they don't teach Catholicism, they teach in the "Jesuit Tradition".  It seems that the Marianists are falling lock step into the same mold.

The Archbishop of Cincinnati needs to wake up.  Either he's not being told what's going on or he doesn't care.  I'm not about to second guess him.  He has to answer to a MUCH higher authority than this Blog.

If you want further information on this school, and there is more, drop us a request at the e-mail listed in the  Profile Section.  We will keep all inquires strictly confidential.

One thing that has become very clear since I started this Blog...Truth can be very damaging when someone doesn't want it known.  Jesus called attention to those who gave 'lip service' to Judaism.  and they hung Him on a tree.  Please pray for us that we can continue to be truthful and complete in our journey.

Jesus Is Lord!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

University of Dayton...Part 2..They Really Are In Trouble.

Welcome and God Bless you all for taking the time to stop and read our posts
It seems as though I stirred up a little controversy with the original post yesterday.  I have received a "comment" that, when I first read it, seemed so biased that I figured it had to have come from some liberal blogger who really doesn't get what we are trying to do here. After reading the piece through a couple of times, I realized they are a victim of the "education" they received. Being instructed in The Catholic Faith from an enlightened Catholic perspective would have given this person the understanding of what we are about.  Informing Catholics about the CINO schools is how we get back to teaching the True Faith of The One True Church.  Yeah, ya see there is no Ecumenism at work on this Blog.  Catholic all the way!
This is the "comment". I want you to read it all the way through and then read our rebuttal at the bottom.  I figure that this person must be a recent graduate from UD because they really didn't get the point; and they also didn't even begin to comment on any other portion of the post...only the LGBT portion.  Remember, the Catholic Church doesn't leave room for feelings or interpretation...just Theological Teaching.

Here's the comment: Anonymous, by the way.


"They have an active LGBTQ community at UD. They have the Women's Center as the "Point Man" in this endeavor of making the LGBT community mainstream. They Advocate for this group and give them a platform to foster their beliefs and lifestyle in contradiction to the Catholic Directives. Catholic Schools are not to give them platforms for Advocacy."
(Our part of the post)

This is false. The LGTBQ group at the University of Dayton provides a safe harbor for students who feel lost and gives them an area to build on the strength of each other and other community members. Sexual deviency is never a topic and would be taboo in any social setting. According to the Catholic Catechism, "They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition."

Being homosexual in any regard is in no way against the Catholic church, and as someone who obviously stands tall on your belief that you have a firm understanding of the doctrine, would have to agree. However, acting upon homosexual acts is frowned upon. Nevertheless, if you are to follow the beliefs of the church and welcome homosexuals into your heart, then you must admit that the social pressures that are put upon them - especially in a prodominetly catholic institution like the University of Dayton where it is very rare to meet a homosexual so they tend to feel even more alone - giving them an outlet to express themselves, feel a part of something, and meet similar people provides a level of comfort that heterosexuals wouldn't normally realize the need for.

You're right. The University of Dayton (also my alma mater) does not live true to the Catholic tradition 100%.
(emphasis mine) Do I regret attending as a catholic?(note the small "c") No. I regret coming from a school that put out a closed minded alumni such as yourself who would refuse a quality, full branching education as per the Marianist Charisms. The Marianists speak of educating the whole person - and just as Priests take courses solely on Satan during their learning, teaching for the sake of educating and making people aware of ideals which might not neccessarily align with oneself is a part of that process.(Still must be Catholic, though.)

Dr. Daniel Curran not being a Marianist is a very taboo choice for a university that shows its roots amongst Marianist tradition, however Bro. Ray Fitz, S.M. is still incredibly involved in the University and has shown his support for Curran. If you care for the Marianist education and continuing Marianist Catholic Spirit at the University of Dayton, why venture so different from the former president who has shown his support?

Fr. Paul Marshall is no longer the Rector at the university. While Rev. James Fitz, S.M., the new Rector, is an amazing person himself, I might point you in the direction of Fr. Kozar, S.M., who is an incredibly brilliant example of a modern day Marianist. He taught me during my years at UD and continues to impact my life to this day. His email address is joseph.kozar@notes.udayton (dot edu). Fr. Kozar is the assistant Rector. He may be able to help enlighten you to how the modern day University of Dayton still continues to align itself with the Marianist Spirit and the Catholic Church.


Here is our rebuttal. (by the way, any and all misspellings in the above piece is the fault of the author.  No corrections were made)
The actual existence of the LGBTQ Community is not in question...And the statement is not false...It is the fact that they DO have "Coming Out" events and Gay Pride Week, marches and displays on the campus. Actively promoting the organization and the lifestyle is NOT to be permitted.  The University has SANCTIONED this activity. That is in direct conflict with what the Church teaches. The Catechism  gives the guidelines and parameters...a proper way to respond to the situation.   An Ally Group is one thing. Providing a safe haven and place for building on the strength from each other was never an issue.  An Advocacy Group that promotes the lifestyle and makes it appear as mainstream accepted behavior is Not Acceptable. This has nothing to do with discrimination.  This has to do with a "Catholic" institution not living up to the requirements of being Catholic.  I don't know when you graduated, but it was obviously well after my time as the curriculum and atmosphere has changed considerably since then.  The "Marianist Tradition" is not necessarily the Catholic Tradition. Even Fr. Heft admitted that in his address in '06 stating that some people could be Marianists but not Catholics. Allowing for the "Political Correctness" of the current atmosphere in the Country doesn't excuse the University from it's Catholic Duty.  They choose not to abide by the requirements.  Also, you said that being homosexual is in no way against the Church.  Correct.  Physically acting upon those tendencies however, is more than just "frowned upon"; that is a serious sin.  Celibacy is the only acceptable lifestyle.  Period.
The "Catholic Spirit" at UD is no longer viable.  They have deviated too far from the true Catholic Identity to be considered Catholic.  Reliance on government funding for research and doing Stem Cell research, even though they "say" its not Embryonic,  allowing their own professors to contradict Church teaching and on, and on, and on, indicates that they no longer consider themselves a true Catholic Institution.  If they did, the balance of the excesses listed in the post would not be going on. We would really like to have those questions answered that were sent to the now former Rector Fr. Marshall.  If Rev. Fitz would like to respond to the questions, I would be happy to have him do so.  Be prepared to be subject to scrutiny.  We take nothing at face value and research all before we print it. It seems things change quickly at UD as the letter to Fr. Marshall was sent in May of '09. We do thank the Commenter for the information on the new Rector, though I seriously doubt anything will change. Everything stated here is backed up with documentation.  This University is so proud of it's stand, they put it all in writing.
One more point before I close this segment:  The University of Dayton STILL has the reputation for being the largest consumer of Alcoholic beverages on campus of any school its size.  Whether this is true or not, the allegation is out there.  Reading about the problems the Campus Authorities are having leaves little doubt that the allegations have a lot of truth within them.  When I was there, Greek Fraternities and Sororities were not permitted on Campus as sanctioned organizations.  Now they are.  "Party Central" is alive and well at UD.

Since we started the series on Secular "Catholic" colleges, we have pretty much left the Authority for the operation of the Universities and Colleges alone.  No More.  The Archbishop of Cincinnati is responsible for each and every school within its borders.  They better start to do their job in defending the Faith or we will make sure their Parishioners are made aware of their failures.  Still more to come on this school.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

University of Dayton...Another "So-Called" Catholic University

The really difficult part of this story is the fact that I am a graduate of this school.  When I went there in the early 60's it was small well rounded and Catholic.  That is not the case today.  They have allowed the 'political correctness' of the secular educational system to override their primary goal of educating the Catholic Student.  They have become a Secular University with some Catholic courses.  Their "Social" standing is more important than their Catholic teaching and following of the Catholic Tradition of Faithful Catholic Schools.  The following is a brief outline of their failings.

Much like their counterpart in Cincinnati, Xavier, they are supposedly controlled by their religious order, The Marianists.  Funny how there are only two religious on the Board of Directors.  When I was there, the President was a member of the order.  No longer and it has been that way for years.  They don't follow the Magisterium in their practices.  In fact, at one of their meetings of the Marianist Universities in '06,  James L. Heft, Chancellor and University Professor of Faith and Culture even said in his paper of June 6, 2006, that the basis of Catholic University education was the paper of John Paul II,  Ex corde ecclesia and should be the guiding light for the Universities to follow.  Too bad they didn't listen to him.  Although I take exception to some of his writing in this paper, he makes some good points that if followed, could make the school better. 

They have an active LGBTQ community at UD.  They have the Women's Center as the "Point Man" in this endeavor of making the LGBT community mainstream.  They Advocate for this group and give them a platform to foster their beliefs and lifestyle in contradiction to the Catholic Directives.  Catholic Schools are not to give them platforms for Advocacy.  UD does exactly that.  They promote the study of Feminism using the works of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues and the National Organization of Women.  Both of these studies are contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church in respect to homosexuality as an accepted lifestyle and the promotion of Abortion on demand.

During the 2008 election, they permitted avowed Abortionist supporter Cheryl Crow on campus for an Obama political rally in direct opposition the the 2004 Bishop's directive.  They also had the following:
(10/21/08)  Criticizes the "narrow agenda of causes such as opposition to gay marriage and abortion..."
E.J. Dionne, Jr., a Washington Post columnist and National Public Radio analyst, discussed “Faith and Politics in the 2008 Presidential Race” on October 6 at the University of Dayton. Dionne criticizes conservative Christians in his recent book Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith & Politics After the Religious Right. According to a University of Dayton statement: “Dionne claims many Christians feel like they have been used to push a narrow agenda of causes such as opposition to gay marriage and abortion, but now those Christians are discovering common ground with secular Americans on issues of social justice, peace and the environment.” Source: University of Dayton

It would seem to me that the University doesn't take itself seriously when it should put it's "Catholic" foot forward.  The fact that they even let this happen just goes to show how non-Catholic they are.  

Back in '05, The Women's Center held an event titled:

Be a Better You  

Events throughout October designed to help people feel better about themselves through exercise, nutrition and body image awareness.
September 30, 2005 - The University of Dayton Women's Center is turning "Love Your Body Day" into a month-long celebration called "Be a Better You: Love Your Body Month." Events are designed to help women and men feel better about themselves through exercise, nutrition and body image awareness. "Love Your Body Day" on Oct. 19 is a national day of self-appreciation sponsored by the National Organization for Women. "The goal of 'Be A Better You' is to promote a holistic approach to taking care of ourselves," Women's Center Director Lisa Rismiller said. "'Be A Better You' is about more than eating right and exercising, although those are important. It is about being the best person you can be, inside and out. It is about learning to love yourself for who and what you are." The Body Monologues, based on the popular play The Vagina Monologues, will be a featured event during "Be A Better You." The Body Monologues will present stories, poems and reflections written by students about their bodies. The entries will be displayed throughout campus on pink, life-sized figures.     It appears that they also support The Vagina Monologues just like BC.
The University of Dayton Law School has within its confines the Office of Career Services.  This office has a publication titled The Opening Statement.  The latest edition available is the Nov. 20 2010 issue.  Some of the Internships available from this Catholic Law School:
The Reproductive Freedom Project of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation.  Through litigation, advocacy and public education, the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project works to protect access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care, from sexuality education and family planning services to prenatal care and childbearing assistance to Abortion counseling and services.  This is a CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY!! 
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and AIDS Project of the ACLU's National Office in New York.
They also provide in their "Special Announcements" section:  Law Students for Reproductive Justice is pleased to share their latest edition of the Guide to Internships and Fellowships in Reproductive Rights and Justice.  
I'm sorry to say that this is the norm for the Law School. We have many different issues of "The Opening Statement" in our archives and over 80% of them are very much like the issue cited above.  
How about the Theology of the University? After all,  they are supposed to be Catholic, right?  The only member of the Administration that is a member of the Society of Mary (Marianists) is the Rector.  He graduated two years after me from UD, so when some concerns about the Catholicity of the school came to my attention, I wrote to him.  His name is Fr. Paul Marshall. The concern I had was in regard to the Medical Center dispensing Contraceptives and "The Morning After Pill".  I was not able to confirm anything about this information, so I wrote to the Rector for clarification.  Not a Word in response.  I have subsequently found out that the University Medical center does dispense Birth control pills under the guise of regulation of menstrual cycles as is permitted by the Catholic Church.  They removed links to the Abortion Clinics that were attached to the Women's Center when they were apparently caught out similar to what happened at BC.  
Space limitation won't let me go on with this post, but more to come.  Cardinal Burke is right...These schools need to fix the problem or get out!  The Marianist High School in town isn't much better.  More detail on this when we continue.   
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M