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College of Holy Cross...One More Time...This Might Make You Sick.

First a quick note on Carol McKinley's The Tenth Crusade. She has some new information on the corruption at the "Cardinal's Palace".  You really need to see it and then act on whatever you can to bring the abuses to light in the public venue.  You don't have to be a Bostonian to expose greed and corruption.

Now, to the Post. 

A question came to us as to what the College does to help train it's students in the way of Internships.  As you may know, not all "Catholic" colleges actually send their students to good Catholic approved Intern Programs.  Just look at Georgetown on this Blog; that should give you a good idea.
Well, CHC is no different.  They send students to the National Organization of Women.  This is the same group that works with NARAL in procuring Abortions for women.  They subsidize and help fund the Pro-Abortion folks.  Holy Cross sends them student interns.  A "Catholic College" sending young people to learn the intricacies of killing babies.  NOW has become more of an Abortion Group than one for the good of women.  Advocating killing a baby and the resulting increase in Breast Cancer just doesn't seem like a good idea for anyone, let alone a Catholic College. Then we have one you never really would have expected.  This will probably really surprise a lot of people, but the facts speak for themselves. The College of Holy Cross already supports Planned Parenthood as you know from the previous posting.  Allowing them on campus was just the beginning.  How about supporting a direct provider of Abortion by giving them your students for Interns.  CHC does just that by allowing and even encouraging their students to intern with...
Ready?...The American Medical Women's  Association.  Here is a copy of their Advocacy Statements, but not in their entirety.  It's about 10 pages long in PDF.  We will start with an interesting one:

May 7, 2007---- endorsed Rep Michael Michaud’s bill, HR 2064, the Compassionate care for Servicewomen Act, to ensure that emergency contraception is stocked at each military health-care facility.("Plan "B")

May 29, 2007----signed on with ACLU, NARAL, National Abortion Federation, National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Ass., National Women’s Law Center, Planned Parenthood, Reproductive Health Technologies Project to oppose the Prescription Drug User Fee Amendment of 2007, S.1082, which includes mifepristone.(RU 486)  It has been used safely since 1988 when it was first licensed in France and should not be held to a different standard than other drugs. Letter was sent to Senator E. Kennedy.

May 31, 2007--- individual AMWA members in conjunction with PNHP signed on online to promote Michael Moore’s film, Sicko, which will be premiering June 29, 2007 bringing the case for single payer health insurance to the theaters of America. 

June 11, 2007----sent an email to Adam Zimmerman at Pro-Choice America to oppose the Senate considering the nomination of Richard Honaker to the US District Court in Wyoming because his views on reproductive rights and religion will adversely affect the reproductive rights women have gained.

August 13, 2007---Drs. Claudia Morrissey and Omega Silva attended the meeting of the National Women’s Health Agenda Taskforce to discuss the creation of a plan for universal access to healthcare. The group sought a definition of health and decided to use the WHO definition. The group agreed on a general description of quality healthcare which is to be ratified by the groups represented
(Not an American View)
September 24, 2007---Dr. Omega Silva attended the Policy Discussion of the American Public Health Association on Nov. 4, 2007 at the Renaissance Hotel 3:00-6:00 pm to discuss AMWA’s Aid in Dying position paper. The APHA was considering a similar position paper. Kathryn Tucker, JD is the author of the paper.

September 26, 2007---AMWA released its new 2007 version of Aid in Dying position paper. It is available on the website at

I'd like to insert a note here.  This paper listed above is the program that the American Medical Women's Association has published on assisted suicide and the right to die. This is a Medical Association that is advocating assisted suicide.  They call the organization "Compassion and Choices".  The College of Holy Cross is supposed to be Catholic and yet they affiliate with a group that endorses and even advocates the taking of one's own life as well as assisted suicide.  Maybe their Bishop really ought to look into this school as being fit to be even considered Catholic.  I'll put a link to this for your enlightenment.

There is one more page you need to look at with this group.  It is their position statement page.  I will give you a direct link to the whole thing, but I must warn you that it will turn your stomach to think that Doctors want to kill babies as much as these people seem to want to do. I was under the impression that Doctors took a Hippocratic Oath to defend life.  Where has that Oath gone?

One section in particular that you should read is the position on Abortion. You will find that listed under the heading of "Reproductive Health".  

This is a terrible indictment of the College of Holy Cross for its complicity in the support for Abortion.  I can not believe that a "Catholic" College, no matter how stupid they are would openly endorse and send students into an environment that would make them complicit in the murder of the unborn.  That just goes to show you how wrong a person can be.

I would think that this is a real indictment of this particular organization as far as being pro-Abortion.  When I began this research, I wasn't sure what I would find.  The fact that a Jesuit College sends students to this group is really very deeply disturbing.  I wonder if the Bishop is aware of the curriculum being fostered at Holy Cross?  Maybe someone should send him a copy of this Blog might just wake him up...Naw, what was I thinking.  If he didn't act at an overt violation by the school of having Abortionists on campus, he surely won't do anything about your daughters being sent to this group to learn how to kill the unborn when it's done off-campus.

I would like to have you thoughts on this entry.  Contacting the Bishop and stating the case could be a way of getting him involved.  If you have children wanting to go to the College of Holy Cross and you feel their Faith is strong enough to withstand this type of onslaught, then by all means, send them.  Personally, I would look for a better Catholic that really puts forth the real Catholic Educational Experience.  Trying to learn in an environment that taxes your Faith at the same time it wreaks havoc on your brain is not the best of ideas.  Please consider a Good Catholic School.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

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