Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boston College, Still At It...Pt 3

This is the last part of this Trilogy.  It was meant to give some impetus to the "Choose Life" part of Catholic Education.  BC says it's Catholic.  Tolerating Abortion Advocates and their "Culture of Death" at a Catholic University is absurd.  But the Jesuits in their approach to "Academic Freedom" seem to permit anything to happen. 
This article as it appeared in The Observer will illustrate what this post is about.  When you advocate the killing of an unborn child by Abortion, you lose your 'right' to speak at a Catholic Institution.

Kudo's to the Pro-Life Club.

A Week for the Voiceless

Elections are drawing near, and the BC Pro-Life Club’s Respect Life Week comes just in time to remind us to consider the voteless and voiceless.  The Pro-Life Club made its presence on campus felt as it hosted events and demonstrations throughout the week.  The annual event sparked dialogue, debate, and some controversy as Thursday’s Celebrate Life Day even drew some protestors.The week started off with events held in the quad on Monday and Wednesday. The first of these was called “Consider This: The Child in the Womb.”  Students passing through the quad were met with a very moving display of images depicting the development of the child in the womb.  The second exhibit consisted of an emotional display of baby shoes intended to represent the unborn lost to abortion, but was unable to be displayed due to the weather.  Respect Life Week went on though, and hosted its next event later that day. BC professor Tim Muldoon gave a lecture entitled “A Cloud in the Desert: a Spirituality of Adoption” to an audience of mostly students in the O’Connell house’s main room.  The professor spoke in general about the nature of adoption and its impact on the abortion debate, but he also provided specific insights stemming from his own experience with adopting his two daughters from China.  His presentation began with an overview, and then lead into a statistical look at the situation of adoption in America and the world.  He pointed out, “there are more parents looking to adopt than there are adoptable children”, a point that certainly lends credence to his notion of adoption as an alternative to abortion, and is certainly a statistic that any pro-lifer should arm themselves with.
Professor Muldoon acknowledged that adoption is not the ideal situation; it would generally be better for children to be raised by their birth parents.  In a perfect world, the circumstances that bring about a need for adoption would not happen.  However, pregnancies do arise in situations where raising children might not be possible, and Muldoon’s lecture reminds that abortion is not the only option. 
The Pro-Life Club closed out the week with Celebrate Life Day on Thursday.  Students in the club gave a friendly face to their cause as they provided students passing through the quad with free cake as well as pamphlets and information with pregnancy statistics and resources.  This was in keeping with the goal of the weeklong celebration, which was, as Pro-Life Club president Dana Flynn put it, “to promote a positive pro-life presence on campus”. 
Interestingly, the cheerful event drew a few protesters to the quad, who stood opposite the table with signs bearing pro-abortion slogans.
This years Respect Life Week was a testament to the club’s mission to “inform and support, rather than judge or condemn”.  By focusing on being informative and helpful, the Respect Life Week has definitely raised the profile of the pro-life presence on our campus.  As our Catholic university works to maintain its identity in the modern age, it is events like these that help us do just that by spreading information and sparking educated and friendly debate.

As you can see, the paper The Observer doesn't really get it.  They seem to think that it's alright to advocate for the free exchange of the idea of killing an unborn child.  There is a lot of propaganda going on here.  There is never a "friendly debate" over killing an unborn child.  That's Murder, any way you cut it.  I guess the attitude of the Administration is what's at play here.  It would seem that when you aren't Catholic anymore, it really doesn't matter, does it?

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Just a quick note here...if it seems as though BC or Cof HC are getting the lions share of attention, just realize that this is just the tip of the Iceburg:  80% is under water as the Titanic found out.  MUCH more to come!!

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