Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boston College Still At It. Pt. 2

Sifting through the garbage can be an interesting experience. That was the stated purpose of this Blog when it was launched.  Seeing the garbage that is being taught as "Moral Theology" is disgusting.  Unfortunately, since the Catholic Church abdicated it's authority over the "Catholic" schools by not enforcing their control, there really isn't much they can say.  They have really screwed up.  They have fomented the atmosphere in these schools that whatever they want to teach in the name of "Academic Freedom" is perfectly alright.  In a word..."BULLS--T".

Sorry if the word offends anyone.  It was meant to.  Wake Up Catholics!!!  We have to take back our classrooms and teach Catholicism again.  This "Neuvo Catholic Idea" is not Catholic teaching.  Our Colleges and Universities are nothing more than Saul Alinski look-a-likes.  The one thing these schools understand is MONEY...cut it off and you have back your control.  Choosing the right school to spend your money and get a good education is very important.  A good Catholic education will be hard to get, especially at Boston College.  It is a real scandal.

As promised, here is another article from The Observer on the "hook-up" mentality of the students at Boston College.  This is where co-ed dorms and "non-gender specific" housing can get you.  I received an e-mail today from a great Catholic Bishop who was "forced" out of his Diocese because of tough questions he asked of his Universities.  If he doesn't ask the questions and expect answers, can we?  Is the Catholic Church so wishy-washy that it will permit heresy to be taught in it's schools?  Well, if BC or Georgetown are any examples, my answer to that question would be an unequivocal "YES". Here is the article.  When you read it, weep.  These are your kids.

Sex and the Single Student

students packed into Cushing 001 to hear philosophy professor Kerry Cronin’s talk, “Sex and the Single Student.” The Saint Thomas More Society sponsored the event, which was standing room only before Professor Cronin even arrived.
She began her talk by recounting a trip to White Mountain with BC seniors eight years ago. Toward the end of their outing, she asked them how they felt about leaving behind the relationships and boyfriends or girlfriends they had during their years at BC. Their response took Professor Cronin by surprise.
The seniors explained that relationships and dating don’t happen at BC. Instead, students hookup. This was news to Professor Cronin and provided the impetus for further inquiry. It sparked many conversations she had with students about the hookup or “physical intimacy with no perceived follow-up.”
Professor Cronin delineated three groups into which students generally fall. There are those students in “pseudo-marriages” who have very intense, time consuming relationships. Second, there are those students who participate in the hookup culture. Finally, there are those who opt out of the hookup culture.
In focusing on the second group, Cronin categorized five kinds of hookups: the pure hookup, the regular hookup, friends with benefits, the mistake hookup, and the hookup with hope of a future relationship.
Professor Cronin pointed out that the hookup culture, at first glance, seems very laidback and stress-free. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll find many unspoken rules at play. She listed ten rules of the hookup culture—among them the requirements to be chill (not awkward), drink alcohol, not talk, not act interested, and to remove one’s feelings completely.
Many laughs were shared throughout the night, especially with some hookup rules like “know where your shoes are” and “it’s a good story—now tell it to people.” Some people nodded their head as Professor Cronin listed each rule, simultaneously laughing and acknowledging the truths about the hookup culture that she was delivering.
The humor in Professor Cronin’s presentation comes from the absurdity and complete lack of meaning that drives the mentality of the hookup culture.(Emphasis mine) She conveyed how her conversations with students revealed that they had become sad, depressed, and confused about what to do after the momentary thrill of the hookup had subsided.
Having diagnosed the problem, Cronin offered her prescription—the alternative to the hookup culture—a thing called “dating.” She explained a “Level One” date to the crowd. It lasts 45 to 90 minutes, but no longer than 90 minutes. There is no alcohol, and you must ask your date out in person. The person who asks should also pay.
The “Level One” date is information gathering, essentially saying to the other person, “I’d like to get to know you better as a person.” This stands in stark contrast to the hookup mentality, militantly propagated under the euphemism Boston College Students for Sexual Health, which desensitizes people to relationships and attachment while objectifying others’ bodies.
The night ended with 3 gift certificate prizes—all to local eating establishments and with the encouragement for the winners to go on dates. They included $25 to JP Licks, $50 to Finale and $100 to Tartufo.
Professor Cronin’s relatable, accessible presentation resonated well with the audience. The great turnout is a testament to the relevance of her message. You know what a Level One date is. So what are you waiting for? Go ask someone out to coffee, and move BC one step closer to being a campus of meaningful relationships… “men and women for others.”
Dating.  Gee, what a novel approach.  Not 'jumping someones bones' as soon as you meet them.  As you can see, even some of the faculty are not aware of what is really going on at these schools.  It's no wonder our graduating seniors don't have any goals or morals.  They have been given the "run of the place" so to speak and as a result Catholic Moral Behavior doesn't exist in their life.  The administration could get involved in this if they want to, but they could care less.  After all, the head of the law school was offering Planned Parenthood "pro-bono" abortions on the Law school website not too long ago. 

It's time "Cardinal Sean" for BC to be "Catholic" again, if it ever was.  After all, they don't advertise an education in the Catholic Tradition, just in the "Jesuit Tradition".  We all know how that goes. If they won't adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church, "Through Them Out".  We don't have room for heretics in the Church.  Many a heresy has been dealt with in the past and this is no different, just a little newer.  Fidelity to Catholic teaching is not a choice at a Catholic College...it's a requirement. 

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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