Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving...A Time for True Gratitide.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to visit this Blog and to send this information to others throughout the World.  Yes, World.  As far away as Russia and even Pakistan.  I hope that all who read the information given here will understand that we are trying to spread the Word of God through an educational system that is broken.  We want to bring that system back into the fold, but if that is not possible, then cut the offenders loose and start over.  There are many divergent thoughts on the state of Catholic Education in the United States, but the one that seems to be the most prevalent is that it is failing to give our children the basics on which to grow their Faith.  Sad to say, all of the evidence points to this fact.  As time goes on, we will detail more schools and their discarding and avoidance of True Catholic Principles in their curriculum's and school missions.  We pray that God will direct us and give us the knowledge to write truthful and insightful articles that may help those looking for a Good Catholic Education to achieve their goals.

On a totally different note, I would like to spotlight a group that is truly Christian and Pro-Life all the way down the line.  Human Life International.  These people are working each and every day to bring to light the problems facing all of us when it comes to Abortion and the effects of Contraception on the Women of the World.  One article they have on their site is of particular importance to me because it concerns Breast Cancer.  My wife of 25 years has Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  It is the Hormonal type that is very aggressive.  She is suffering through Chemo and the results of the side effects are the most devastating thing you can watch.  And I don't mean the hair loss...that's actually not much of a problem.  The other side effects are much more devastating.  Human Life International has posted an article detailing the effects and causal relationship between Abortion and birth control and Breast Cancer.  My wife didn't use "The Pill" as we are Catholic, but since we didn't have children, the hormones that would have been created by childbirth were absent in her system and made her more susceptible to the cancer.  Carrying a child to term can greatly reduce your possibilities of Breast Cancer. 
We thought, as did many Americans, that the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" was a good thing to fight the causes of breast cancer.  Wrong.  This article details the relationship between Komen and the largest provider of Abortions in the US, Planned Parenthood.  In fact, additional research provided information that PP of Dallas actually had some of their funding for their building by Komen.  And of course, Brinker was on the PP Board.   Read the article and then do your own research and see what comes to lite.  My wife is still fighting for her life after 2 1/2 years.  Prayers will be very welcome.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and be truly thankful for all that you have.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

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  1. Tim,

    Your efforts on this are commendable!

    I had no idea how far B.C. Had fallen.

    Thank you for all your hard work and zeal for the House of the Lord.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!