Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Comment on "Appearances" indicative of not reading post.

Interesting reply from a Catholic news site, the Blog from the Phoenix Catholic Sun.  Read the comment and then copy and paste the address into your browser and have a look at the schools listed.  If this doesn't make the point that these schools are very secularist oriented, I don't know what does.  Note there is no disagreement with the statement I made about a "Catholic Education"....only that Fulbright Scholars came from there.  I never said the students didn't get an education, just not a Catholic education.  The other schools in the list on their post will be taken up as time goes on.
Remember, we are dealing with "Spiritual Education" here, not the standard run of the mill secular type achievable from any good school such as Harvard or Princeton. Catholic Education goes a lot further than the Fulbright Program from the State Department.  We are talking about Spiritual Growth and strengthening of Faith as well as a degree. 
Jesus is Lord!

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