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Boston College...Sin Capital of the Jesuit World, Part 3

Since starting this series, additional research and some information from contributors has brought about a very interesting bit of information.  It seems that the Boston Colleges' Connell School of Nursing doesn't believe they need be Catholic either. According to Catholic Culture News;

"The assistant chair of the nursing department at one of the nation’s most prominent Catholic colleges has been associated with Planned Parenthood in two states. The career of Dr. Allyssa Harris, professor of nursing at Boston College, “has included positions at … Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts and North Carolina,” according to her website. Dr. Harris received her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees from the Jesuit institution.
Dr. Harris is the coauthor of “The Latest Advances in Hormonal Contraception,” an article that appeared in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing in 2008. In the abstract of her dissertation research, Dr. Harris wrote that “African American women represent a unique group of women in the United States and have a long history of lack of reproductive freedom. Slavery and forced procreation, sterilization abuses, the Eugenics movement, and federally mandated contraception have all impacted on African American women's independence in contraceptive decision-making … Nurses have a significant role to play in providing appropriate contraceptive information and education in a culturally competent context that will meet the needs of these women and their families.”

One of the comments listed on the story is as follows"

Comment: "A hidden espousal of eugenics by claiming black women have been deprived of reproductive freedom. Curious. This is precisely the reason Planned Parenthood came into existence, to doctor reproduction of minorities to cleanse society. They put happy coat on something that is to be ugly."

A "Catholic" institution run by the Jesuits, supporting Planned where did I hear that before?   Oh, yeah.  In the very beginning of this post in part one offering free Abortions.  Here they have a "nurse" in a very prominent position that advocates for the killing of black babies by Contraception .  But I digress.  A lot of the Jesuit Colleges support Planned Parenthood or some other type of killing machine that performs abortions. Another article from Catholic Culture News about another Jesuit College:  Canisius College in Buffalo NY supports them and actually teaches them how to collect funds.

"A Jesuit College in Buffalo has helped "maximize [the] personal and company performance" of Planned Parenthood of Buffalo and Erie County according to the college's website.  Planned Parenthood has taken part in Canisius College's management development program (MDP), which offers participants "powerful tools and techniques to maximize personal and company performance."  Planned Parenthood is also a past participant in Canisius College's  Fundamentals of Fundraising course.

Enough of the outside influences.  Let's get back to the "Student Affairs" part of this series.  we will start with this little excerpt from The Heights.
(2/23/09) Boston College Students vote to Demand Free Condoms, Other Birth Control.

During the Undergraduate Government elections at Boston College (BC) last week, students passed a "sexual health referendum" by a wide margin.  BC's student leaders are promising to promote to the administration the referendum which demands access to free birth control and condoms on campus.
What started as a campus petition, reportedly receiving the needed 1,000 student signatures in less than 24 hours, the sexual health referendum made it on the ballot due in large part to the efforts of 'BC students for Sexual Health' , according to The Heights, BC's student newspaper.  The referendum calls on Boston College to offer support for "affordable sexually transmitted infections testing, the availability of prescription birth control medication, and condoms on campus."  The actual text of the ballot language is available on the Boston College Website.

The insurance plan for the students and the faculty offers contraceptives and there has been some discussion as to whether Abortions would also be covered, though the Administrations says "no".  Referring back to the very beginning about the "freebie" on the Law school website, I would not rule it out.  Now, at Georgetown, they want non-gender specific housing as if the "hook-up" mentality isn't bad enough. It won't surprise me at all when BC wants it too.
Are you sick yet?  Have these facts enlightened you as to the state of "Catholic Education" at Boston College?  Do you think they are salvageable as a Catholic Institution, or should they be cut adrift and allowed to drown in their own sewer?   How about this quote from Patrick Rombalski, Vice President of the Office of Student Affairs:
"...the State of Massachusetts views BC as an independent organization and not part of the Church.  Of course we are related to the Church but Boston College is an independent not-for-profit, separate from the Church.  That would be true of all Catholic Universities and colleges with very few exceptions." (That is an incorrect statement). Rombalski was quick to assert that although Boston College is legally independent from the Church, it is tied to the Church through philosophy." The Observer

The fact that they don't consider themselves part of the Catholic Church should speak for itself.  The fact that they won't stand up for Catholic teaching and their "Theology" department is anything but; the fact that they advocate for "gay marriage", provide advocacy platforms for the GLBTQ organizations and foster the administration of the programs through campus faculty members that Promote the agenda: they promote promiscuity by not stopping it and now entertaining non-gender specific housing.  Philosophy?  They aren't even in the ballpark!  This is definitely not Catholic.  This borders more on Satanic influences and teaching rather than belief in Jesus Christ and His Life.

The last phase of this is the protection of our youngsters from the "help" provided by the Lynch School of Education.  They have a program designed to aid the grade schools in determining the best way to help the students in a learning, and social approach to education.  This program assesses the needs of the student and tries to direct them in the proper direction  and aligns the student with whatever "social service" the student may need. This would tend to foster the ideas of the BC administration into the lives of grade school children.  Unfortunately, Catholic schools that use programs of dubious origins place the salvation of the Souls of the children at risk The program is the result of the administrators and approved by the administrators that bring you free abortions and birth control.  You want your grade school children exposed to these influences?  It's bad enough in College. Now, they are branching out into secondary education as in the case of Chaminade High School in Dayton, Ohio.  They claim to be "Faithful" ,but use "educational material" from BC.  Kind of makes you wonder just how Catholic they are.  This is supposed to be a 'pilot program' to see how well the system works.  I guess only time will tell.

Sending your children to Boston College or any of the others that don't adhere to Catholic teaching and living, is tantamount to scandalizing your children in the quest for the salvation of their Souls.  Maybe we should petition The Vatican to remove the Jesuits of their Catholic Identity and let them have the school.  At least then they can teach all the heresy they want and it won't affect the Faithful Catholics who believe in Christ and His Church.
Unfortunately, the Archdiocese of Boston and the Cardinal, by not stopping this are actually enabling them in their Heresy...a very sad state of affairs for a "Catholic College."

There is more information available if you are so inclined. We are trying to bring to light the real abuses in Catholic Education.  These schools as profiled are just the beginning, unfortunately.  Please continue to view our Blog and additional school profiles will be available as we can post them.
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M


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