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Boston College...Sin Capital of the Jesuit World, Part 2

At the end of the first post, I alluded to the fact that there was a different theology at work here other than the Catholic version.  By their own admission, they seem to advocate some different form of belief, that maybe the Church isn't always the final word: It is called "liberation theology."  You have heard the term used in relation to BHO and his "church".
Example:  3/19/09)  BC Theology Department hosting "Jesus Christ as Grand Marshall of Queer America".  
Co-sponsored by U.S. Jesuit Interreligious Advisory Board to Implement "directives".
On March 28th, the Boston College Theology Department, in cooperation with the U.S. Jesuit Interreligious Advisory Board, is hosting a talk by a Loyola Marymount University graduate student Ann Russo entitled, "Jesus Christ as Grand Marshall of Queer America."  According to The Observer, the talk "will address the relationship between the queer community and Christianity."  The article goes on to say that, "In terms of Catholicism, Russo believes that the laity of the Church and liberation theology have been more open to the queer community than 'certain Biblical literalists.'"   The Observer reports that Loyola's Russo expects the Catholic Church, in time, to accept homosexual relationships.  "Queers can embody a Christian lifestyle and still be in healthy homosexual relationships," argues Russo.  The talk, first conceived by the U.S. Jesuit Interreligious Advisory Board, is seen as an implementation of the "directives of the 34th" General Congregation on Dialogue."  Source: The Observer. 

 The folks at Boston College do not refer to themselves as a Catholic School.  They refer to themselves as teaching in the "Jesuit Tradition."  If St. Ignatius were alive today, I have the distinct impression he would go through the order like Jesus went through the Temple; with a whip and chains driving the idolaters from the premises.  I do believe that this is basically what needs to be done here.  As I have stated before, this school advocates for their own version of "truth"  Any similarity to Catholic Doctrine is purely unintentional and definitely a coincidence.

Now on to some of the Academics. What they are actually supposed to be learning for all that money that is being spent.  Let's have a look at the Gender Studies Curriculum.  You do remember this is supposed to be a "Catholic University", right?
This is quite an interesting area of study.  The University Library Guide has the following listings directly from their own posting:

LGBT Studies Courses.

*Sexuality & The Law
*Queer Literary Criticism
*Queer Theory
*Love, Sexuality and Gender in the European Literary Tradition
*Sex, Gender, and the Body in Early Modern England
*Gender & Sexuality in African American History
*Sociology of HIV/AIDS
*HIV/Aids and Ethics
*Psychology of Gender
*Diversity & Cross Cultural Issues
*Couples Therapy
*Family Therapy
*Deviance and Social Control
*Race, Class, & Gender
*Contemporary Race Theory
*Social Protest Theory 

This is a "Catholic School of Higher Learning". Yeah, right.

Here is an example of a course description from a member of the Faculty, James Keenan, S.J.
Sex, Gender, and the Human Body

The scandal in the church prompts us to reexamine in-depth on how church teaching on each of these topics has evolved historically (surprisingly the trajectories do not overlap as much as one might think).  Then we will estimate critically the relevance these teachings have or should have on church members.  We will then turn to contemporary proposals, to see what promise they may hold. 
James Keenan, S.J.
Food for thought, no?  I'm still trying to understand what this course of study is doing at a Catholic University that is supposed to embody the Spirit of God in it's teachings.

We have one more section to go through yet on the "Catholic Boston College", but again space will not permit the continuation.  The final part is on the Student Activities and the Universities "Outreach Educational Programs" with particular attention to one section called "City Connects" (formerly 'Boston Connects').
Jesus Is Lord!

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