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Boston College...Sin Capital of the Jesuit World. Part One

We can look at the recent election at the USCCB as the beginning of a new era in Truth and Pastoral Guidance in the Catholic Church.  But first, there is some "garbage" to get rid of.

We are going to start this out by stating the the President of the BC Law School,  Fr. William Leahy, S.J. has, under extreme pressure, removed a link to Planned Parenthood that offered "pro-bono" Abortions and Contraception.
Remember...Boston College is a "Catholic" University Law School.  Just the beginning.
Boston College is about as far from being Catholic as I am from being an Atheist.  This University has a long history of advocating for the GLBT Agenda.  They go way beyond the teaching and understanding of the  Catholic Church's approach to homosexuality.  They provide a platform for the advancement and furthering of the Gay Agenda.  The Independent Campus newspaper, "The Heights", has penned an editorial on October 7th, 2010 on the cause of "reconciliation" between the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality and the reality as they see it.  I'm all for freedom of the press just as any American should be, but this is supposed to be a "Catholic" University; that means being Catholic. The following is a quote from the paper:

"What does it mean to identify as both GLBTQ and Catholic? How can an institution preach a gospel of love and, at the same time, ignore the fact that rhetoric that does not support GLBTQ persons often ends up harming them? Must all Catholic GLBTQ persons be prescribed lives of celibacy and renunciation, never fully allowed to be a full participant in society?"

Actually, that is exactly what it means. A Catholic Society.  What they are supposed to be teaching here.  They are saying that Church teaching be hanged...look at it from the "humanist" perspective. The rest of the quote:

"The Church has to face the fact that there are thousands, maybe millions (? mine) of Catholics out there praying for some real discussion about the deeply personal struggle in their souls.  This is perhaps, the great theological question of our time, and BC, if it aspires to be a leader in the Catholic world, should explore ways to submit the question to rigorous examination."

At this point, I'm not really sure I want BC to be a "leader in the Catholic world" if this is the kind of leadership they provide.  Continuing on...

"The Catholic Church has one of the world's greatest religious-intellectual traditions.  Faith and reason sometimes make a tenuous pair, but for thousands of years people in the Church have found ways to wed the two.  We hope that at BC, intellectuals of all sexual orientations may come together and work toward fostering discussions about the intersections of faith, love, and sexuality.  GLBTQ rights are a matter of mind and emotion.....It seems that doctrine may tell us one thing-that the Church opposes homosexual unions-but the lives of Catholic people tell us another....
The Church can no longer choose to speak abstractly about this reality in the lives of Catholics. There are persons on this campus who choose to continue to practice the Roman Catholic faith despite the Church's unwillingness to address the condition of their sexuality.  BC needs to become a place where the tangled knot of Catholic Moral Theology on GLBTQ issues can be unraveled and debated by intelligent, thinking believers."

Morals.  These are the absolute basic teachings of Jesus Christ.  I was never under the impression that the Church spoke abstractly about any of these items. There is no 'mind and emotion'. There is no "debate". This is Biblical.   There is NO COMPROMISE with that.  The University has already "compromised" it's own position by the fact that they have the Lesbian and Gay Faculty, Staff and Administrators Association (LGFSAA).  This is the advocacy group of the ones who TEACH your kids.  Real "Catholic" education.

Let's move forward to the Theology Department...if that's what you want to call it.  Two of their better known Theology Professors said it was perfectly OK to vote for Obama, the most outspoken proponent of procured abortions in the history of  Presidential Politics.  First is M. Shawn Copeland, Theology Professor, Boston College.  Next is Lisa Sowle Cahill, Theology Professor at Boston College.  In the National Catholic Reporter (10/16/2008) she said Catholics can vote for Obama; accused outspoken Bishops of "damaging {the} rich Catholic faith tradition."  Wow! Just say "yes" to abortion by saying yes to Obama.  Guess we know how that turned out don't we?


Boston College Theology Chair Defends Decision to support V-Monologues
1/23/09) " I understand the work is provocative, but that does not translate to the conclusion it is not art." Rev. Kenneth Himes, OFM offered an explanation during an interview with the editor-in-chief of The Observer, first made public at Campus Report Online, for why the Theology department at Boston College is sponsoring the 2009 campus performances of The Vagina Monologues. The following is in full Father Himes' defense of 'the relationship between the Monologues and theology on a Catholic campus."

"Several years ago the then-heqd of the Women's Studies Program asked if theology would cosponsor the performance of the Vagina Monologues  at BC.  It had already been performed on campus previously.  I checked with people at other schools where the 'Monologues' had been held and received mixed reviews from people.  Some thought it useful for exploring women's issues if accompanied by panels and discussions.  In short, it was judged by some to be a non-classroom educational experience.  Others told me they thought it was crude, even vulgar.  No one at BC  indicated to me that the theatrical work was unacceptable and the administration certainly did not prevent its performance.   (emphasis mine) Therefore, I judged the sponsorship request to be reasonable; it came from responsible people, and offered the possibility of conversation on serious matters in the context of an educational community.  I understand the work is provacative, but that does not translate to the conclusion it is not art.  If you had a chance to visit the McMullen Museum to see the wonderful exhibition of Georges Rouault's Works, you know that his work was deemed crude, even vulgar, by some at the time.  So giving or taking offense is not always a sure-fire way to judge the value of an artist's work." Source: Campus report online.  

This, folks from a "Catholic" University's THEOLOGY DEPARTMENT HEAD!!!!  The "Vagina Monologues" are nothing short of Pornography.

And More:

"Merry Christmas: V-Monologues Unwrap $!K from BC Students and Support from Theology Department"

The Student Senate at Boston College voted to allocate $1,000.00 in College Funds for increased 2009 campus productions of "The Vagina Monologues".  The Observer reports that a list of co-sponsors, including the theology department, was presented to the students in support of funding of the oft-criticized, vulgar play. 
The "Vagina Monologues" is a sexually explicit and offensive play that favorably describes lesbian rape, group masturbation, and the reduction of sexuality to selfish pleasure.  It is produced with the hope that by raising the awareness to violence against women, incidents of abuse will decrease....(Yeah, right) Students in support of the 'Monologues" argued that there is a precedent for funding the play, set by previous years.  Boston College has been a consistent host of the play in past semesters."
This is your "Boston College Catholic University" in action.

I will continue with this posting in the very near future.  There is so much more to the wonderful world of Boston College and to their great "Theology Department", let alone the rest of the school.  Every word of this posting is totally verifiable from their own website, unfortunately.  My request to Rome would be to remove them from the list of "Catholic" institutions and remove the Jesuits as a "Catholic" organization.  They belong to the Liberation theology movement, not the Catholic Church.  That evidence forthcoming in the nest posting.

I truly hope as Catholics, you can understand what is happening in our Catholic educational system.  Unfortunately, this is not limited to Colleges and spreads it venom into grade schools and high schools as future postings will show,  Even BC has a part in the spreading of the false truths and it is already permeating school systems across the Nation. Please be vigilant...the Faith of your children depend on it.
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Please read the comment that has been added to this post...some "Catholic" college.

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  1. What you might find in a BC dorm room (From: Warrantless Dorm Search Rejected [by Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court]

    A 2007 incident started the case. A resident director called campus police to say that she had heard from two students that a student living in a dormitory had been bullying students and waving a knife. Further, the students said that another student had seen the tip of a gun -- maybe a fake -- in the room of the knife-wielding student. Three police officers and two residence life officials then went to the dorm room in question, knocked and eventually entered when the students living there opened the door.

    While the students first denied having any weapons, they eventually admitted to having a plastic replica of a gun, as well as a real buck knife and a spiked martial arts weapon. All of these items are legal under Massachusetts and federal law, but violate Boston College's rules, which ban not only real weapons, but toys or replicas.

    At this point, the police officers asked to search the room for more weapons, and the students signed waivers indicating that they had received Miranda warnings -- but there is dispute over whether the students consented to the search, which was on another part of the form that they did not sign. The subsequent search turned up: a bag of psilocybin mushrooms, a bag of marijuana, 12 bags of a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine, and a box with individual baggies of marijuana and paper containing various names and amounts of money. The students were arrested, and indicted on charges of trafficking in cocaine, possession of psilocybin with intent to distribute, and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.