Friday, October 22, 2010

Where is the "Catholic" part of this school?

The Cardinal Newman Society has listed on their CNS blog a school that actually states it can confer a degree without having a student take one course grounded in Catholic teaching.  That school is Stonehill College of North Easton MA. This school was founded and is run by the Congregation of the Holy know, the ones so famous for the Abortionist speaking at Notre Dame?  Gee, what a surprise that a "Catholic" college can do this.  This isn't all either.
This "Catholic" college, has a Department of Womens Studies.  Now, remember this is a "Catholic" college.  This department has course studies in Gender and Sexuality Studies and offers Internships and Scholarships in this field.  Here is a partial list of Internships offered by this "Catholic College":
Human Rights Campaign (LGBT advocacy group)
This is a so-called "Catholic" college that is supposed to conform in it's teaching to the Magisterium and the the guidance of the USCCB.
The purpose of a Catholic University or College is to teach the whole person.  When they go outside the dictates of a Catholic education and include those facets that are specifically contrary to Catholic teaching, they should not be considered Catholic.
The Catholic Bishops have instructed that to be "Faithful" schools should not foster programs or teachings contrary to Doctrine.  Obviously, having internships with Abortion providing and advocating organizations doesn't exactly fit that requirement, does it? Advocating the LGBT lifestyle doesn't either.  
The school also has co-ed dorms.  Does this sound like a Christian atmosphere where male and female students live in the same place?  The "hook-up" mentality is so prevalent in this type of situation that the gaining of an education will be secondary to the gaining of "experience". 
The Congregation of The Holy Cross are a little too liberal in their methods to really consider this school as Catholic. Here is an excerpt from Michael Coogan, a religious studies professor at Stonehill.  He published a book this month titled "God and Sex".  According to a review by Booklist, the work “will embolden social activists glad to weaken restraints rooted in traditional understandings of scripture.” The review says that God and Sex was written to help “progressive thinkers” on the topics of “gender equality and sexual liberation” to get past their vexations.  Booklist writes; "Even more audaciously, Coogan turns the tables on Hebrew prophets’ denouncing the worship of female pagan deities, suggesting that such worship provided a much-needed corrective to patriarchy. In scriptural passages affirming a sexual discipline offensive to modern sensibilities, Coogan sees only a deplorable cultural bias, sustained by worshiping God as a jealous and abusive husband."  WOW!!  Sure does sound like ADVOCACY to me. The full article can be found on the CNS Blog.
I would take an unscheduled trip to visit the school and really observe activities before thinking of sending children to this environment. At least then you can have first hand knowledge of what your children will be exposed to.  Of course, you don't want the administration to know you are coming so the obvious "tour" will be avoided. 
We hope this type of exposure of schools will help concerned parents make informed decisions about their child's Catholic education. A strong "Faith-based" college can give phenomenal results.

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