Friday, October 29, 2010

Appearances Can Be Deceiving...Even "Subversive".

Being a Catholic is a constant battle with all the forces of evil.  One place we really shouldn't have to fight this war is in our Churches or Schools.  Today, however, a point came home to me that this is a war of "subversion", so no place is safe.
Looking at our Catholic Higher Educational facilities, one would think our children would get a well rounded and grounded education.  That may not be true.  In fact, that doesn't even come close in the majority of "Catholic" Colleges and Universities.
As time goes by on this Blog, we will endeavor to bring to light the heretical and subversive teachings and "ministering" which these schools do.
There are about 230+  "catholic" schools of higher learning in the US.  Only about 20-25 of them are really Catholic.  Maybe.  I have outlined one of the so-called school in a previous post.  A very good example of the Genre'.  Not a big well known name though and as a result, may not bring into focus the depth to which these schools have sunk.
This one does...Georgetown University...a so-called "Catholic University" that teaches it's own brand of "Catholicism".  If you have any doubts of the facts that I am going to outline, go to their website and look for yourself.  Check out the archives at Catholic Culture News, Life Site News, or The Cardinal Newman Society.  We don't even have to go back far at all for some damning information.  Our Supreme Abortionist gave a speech there on the14th of April, 2009 on the Economy.  The University covered up the symbol of Jesus with plywood and painted it so it would not detract from the pressence of Mr. Obama (Abortionist).  The Catholic Identity of Georgetown was compromised once again. It won't be the last.
Just recently, the faculty and students have formed a group on campus called "Catholics for Equality".
"According to the website of Catholics for Equality, one of the group's primary purposes is to seek legal recognition of homosexual "marriage" in opposition to the US Bishops.
Rev. Joseph Palacios, Assistant Professor at Georgetown University's Center for Latin American Studies, convened a meeting of 20 activists in January to found Catholics for Equality.  Sivagami Subbaraman, Director of Georgetown's LBGTQ Resource Center, was one of the founders.  Others includeed representatives of Dignity USA, People for the American Way, Human Rights Campaign, New Ways Ministry and Catholics for Marriage Equality in Maine."
(Cardinal Newman Society Site)
This is a "Catholic" University, folks.  The above section came from the article at The Cardinal Newman Society regarding Georgetown employees launching a site in support for "same-sex marriage".
But wait...there's more!
What about the actual teaching?  Anyone who has gone to college or has paid any attention to curriculum is aware that most colleges offer Internships.  Georgetown is no exception.  They list 144 possible Internships and say this is not a total list.  The bad news is that at least 9 of these programs advocate, or provide Abortion, operate in favor of the LGBT Agenda, are totally Socialist or totally anti-Religion. This is a "Catholic University"!  Here are the 9...there are undoubtedly many more, but time restraints and space wouldn't permit more in this listing.
They are:
Americans United for Separation of Church and State....VERY Anti-Religion
Episcopal Public Policy Network...Advocate LGBT Agenda and ordinations as Ministers.
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP....LGBT Advocacy 
Fredrick Ebert Stiftung...Supports world-wide Social Democracy(Socialism)
Human Rights Campaign...Largest LGBT Advocacy Group.
Institute for Women's Policy Research...Abortion and OTC Abortifacants Advocate.

Population Action International...International Abortion Advocate and Provider; Helps to implement the Millennium Development Goal #5-Global access to Abortion and Family size limitation, UN

Society for Women's Health...Abortion Advocacy, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Against Ideology (Religion) in
scientific research.
 This is a "Catholic" University, run by the Jesuits.  They are in serious need of help.  This is definitely not Catholicism as it should be taught.  This is the "education" being fostered upon our young people today.  It is a miracle that any of them are still Catholic...and I'm beginning to wonder about that as well.
There are many more schools on the list to go through.  There is also more about Georgetown, but space restraints won't permit any more lengthy exposure.  If you want more information, e-mail us at the address in the ABOUT ME section and we will research it for you.
Obviously this is a very brief outline of what is happening at Georgetown, but at least you have an idea of the problems faced by True Catholic Education.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M 

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