Friday, October 29, 2010

Addendum to "Subversive"

I have just gotten a bulletin from the Cardinal Newman Society.  This contains even more damning evidence of how really out of touch Georgetown is with the Catholic Church.  Here is the entire post from Cardinal Newman Society:

Pro-Abortion Priest’s Lecture Corrected By Bishop

Before Fr. Charles Curran gave his lecture yesterday criticizing the U.S. bishops’ unequivocal stance against laws permitting abortion, according to, Dallas Bishop Kevin J. Farrell released a statement reasserting the Church’s position on abortion.
Fr. Curran gave the lecture at Southern Methodist University, where he is a theology professor.  He was a member of the theology faculty at The Catholic University of America until 1986 when Cardinal Ratzinger, as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, forbade him from teaching theology at a Catholic school based on his dissent from Catholic moral teaching on sexuality.
The Dallas Morning News reports that Fr. Curran argued in his lecture that the U.S. bishops ”have given too much priority to abortion over other social issues.”
The lecture was praised today by Georgetown University’s Fr. Thomas Reese, S.J. as representing “the mainstream of current thought by Catholic moral theologians,” The Dallas Morning News reported.
Curran’s speech directly contradicted the Vatican’s Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke, who said in an interview yesterday:
You can never vote for someone who favors absolutely the right to choice of a woman to destroy a human life in her womb or the right to a procured abortion.
Bishop Farrell said of the lecture, “I wish to point out that the Bishops of the US have never changed their position on the question of abortion… I regret that Father Curran has chosen to criticize the position of the Bishops of the United States on this matter.”

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