Friday, October 29, 2010

Addendum to "Subversive"

I have just gotten a bulletin from the Cardinal Newman Society.  This contains even more damning evidence of how really out of touch Georgetown is with the Catholic Church.  Here is the entire post from Cardinal Newman Society:

Pro-Abortion Priest’s Lecture Corrected By Bishop

Before Fr. Charles Curran gave his lecture yesterday criticizing the U.S. bishops’ unequivocal stance against laws permitting abortion, according to, Dallas Bishop Kevin J. Farrell released a statement reasserting the Church’s position on abortion.
Fr. Curran gave the lecture at Southern Methodist University, where he is a theology professor.  He was a member of the theology faculty at The Catholic University of America until 1986 when Cardinal Ratzinger, as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, forbade him from teaching theology at a Catholic school based on his dissent from Catholic moral teaching on sexuality.
The Dallas Morning News reports that Fr. Curran argued in his lecture that the U.S. bishops ”have given too much priority to abortion over other social issues.”
The lecture was praised today by Georgetown University’s Fr. Thomas Reese, S.J. as representing “the mainstream of current thought by Catholic moral theologians,” The Dallas Morning News reported.
Curran’s speech directly contradicted the Vatican’s Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke, who said in an interview yesterday:
You can never vote for someone who favors absolutely the right to choice of a woman to destroy a human life in her womb or the right to a procured abortion.
Bishop Farrell said of the lecture, “I wish to point out that the Bishops of the US have never changed their position on the question of abortion… I regret that Father Curran has chosen to criticize the position of the Bishops of the United States on this matter.”

Appearances Can Be Deceiving...Even "Subversive".

Being a Catholic is a constant battle with all the forces of evil.  One place we really shouldn't have to fight this war is in our Churches or Schools.  Today, however, a point came home to me that this is a war of "subversion", so no place is safe.
Looking at our Catholic Higher Educational facilities, one would think our children would get a well rounded and grounded education.  That may not be true.  In fact, that doesn't even come close in the majority of "Catholic" Colleges and Universities.
As time goes by on this Blog, we will endeavor to bring to light the heretical and subversive teachings and "ministering" which these schools do.
There are about 230+  "catholic" schools of higher learning in the US.  Only about 20-25 of them are really Catholic.  Maybe.  I have outlined one of the so-called school in a previous post.  A very good example of the Genre'.  Not a big well known name though and as a result, may not bring into focus the depth to which these schools have sunk.
This one does...Georgetown University...a so-called "Catholic University" that teaches it's own brand of "Catholicism".  If you have any doubts of the facts that I am going to outline, go to their website and look for yourself.  Check out the archives at Catholic Culture News, Life Site News, or The Cardinal Newman Society.  We don't even have to go back far at all for some damning information.  Our Supreme Abortionist gave a speech there on the14th of April, 2009 on the Economy.  The University covered up the symbol of Jesus with plywood and painted it so it would not detract from the pressence of Mr. Obama (Abortionist).  The Catholic Identity of Georgetown was compromised once again. It won't be the last.
Just recently, the faculty and students have formed a group on campus called "Catholics for Equality".
"According to the website of Catholics for Equality, one of the group's primary purposes is to seek legal recognition of homosexual "marriage" in opposition to the US Bishops.
Rev. Joseph Palacios, Assistant Professor at Georgetown University's Center for Latin American Studies, convened a meeting of 20 activists in January to found Catholics for Equality.  Sivagami Subbaraman, Director of Georgetown's LBGTQ Resource Center, was one of the founders.  Others includeed representatives of Dignity USA, People for the American Way, Human Rights Campaign, New Ways Ministry and Catholics for Marriage Equality in Maine."
(Cardinal Newman Society Site)
This is a "Catholic" University, folks.  The above section came from the article at The Cardinal Newman Society regarding Georgetown employees launching a site in support for "same-sex marriage".
But wait...there's more!
What about the actual teaching?  Anyone who has gone to college or has paid any attention to curriculum is aware that most colleges offer Internships.  Georgetown is no exception.  They list 144 possible Internships and say this is not a total list.  The bad news is that at least 9 of these programs advocate, or provide Abortion, operate in favor of the LGBT Agenda, are totally Socialist or totally anti-Religion. This is a "Catholic University"!  Here are the 9...there are undoubtedly many more, but time restraints and space wouldn't permit more in this listing.
They are:
Americans United for Separation of Church and State....VERY Anti-Religion
Episcopal Public Policy Network...Advocate LGBT Agenda and ordinations as Ministers.
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP....LGBT Advocacy 
Fredrick Ebert Stiftung...Supports world-wide Social Democracy(Socialism)
Human Rights Campaign...Largest LGBT Advocacy Group.
Institute for Women's Policy Research...Abortion and OTC Abortifacants Advocate.

Population Action International...International Abortion Advocate and Provider; Helps to implement the Millennium Development Goal #5-Global access to Abortion and Family size limitation, UN

Society for Women's Health...Abortion Advocacy, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Against Ideology (Religion) in
scientific research.
 This is a "Catholic" University, run by the Jesuits.  They are in serious need of help.  This is definitely not Catholicism as it should be taught.  This is the "education" being fostered upon our young people today.  It is a miracle that any of them are still Catholic...and I'm beginning to wonder about that as well.
There are many more schools on the list to go through.  There is also more about Georgetown, but space restraints won't permit any more lengthy exposure.  If you want more information, e-mail us at the address in the ABOUT ME section and we will research it for you.
Obviously this is a very brief outline of what is happening at Georgetown, but at least you have an idea of the problems faced by True Catholic Education.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Where is the "Catholic" part of this school?

The Cardinal Newman Society has listed on their CNS blog a school that actually states it can confer a degree without having a student take one course grounded in Catholic teaching.  That school is Stonehill College of North Easton MA. This school was founded and is run by the Congregation of the Holy know, the ones so famous for the Abortionist speaking at Notre Dame?  Gee, what a surprise that a "Catholic" college can do this.  This isn't all either.
This "Catholic" college, has a Department of Womens Studies.  Now, remember this is a "Catholic" college.  This department has course studies in Gender and Sexuality Studies and offers Internships and Scholarships in this field.  Here is a partial list of Internships offered by this "Catholic College":
Human Rights Campaign (LGBT advocacy group)
This is a so-called "Catholic" college that is supposed to conform in it's teaching to the Magisterium and the the guidance of the USCCB.
The purpose of a Catholic University or College is to teach the whole person.  When they go outside the dictates of a Catholic education and include those facets that are specifically contrary to Catholic teaching, they should not be considered Catholic.
The Catholic Bishops have instructed that to be "Faithful" schools should not foster programs or teachings contrary to Doctrine.  Obviously, having internships with Abortion providing and advocating organizations doesn't exactly fit that requirement, does it? Advocating the LGBT lifestyle doesn't either.  
The school also has co-ed dorms.  Does this sound like a Christian atmosphere where male and female students live in the same place?  The "hook-up" mentality is so prevalent in this type of situation that the gaining of an education will be secondary to the gaining of "experience". 
The Congregation of The Holy Cross are a little too liberal in their methods to really consider this school as Catholic. Here is an excerpt from Michael Coogan, a religious studies professor at Stonehill.  He published a book this month titled "God and Sex".  According to a review by Booklist, the work “will embolden social activists glad to weaken restraints rooted in traditional understandings of scripture.” The review says that God and Sex was written to help “progressive thinkers” on the topics of “gender equality and sexual liberation” to get past their vexations.  Booklist writes; "Even more audaciously, Coogan turns the tables on Hebrew prophets’ denouncing the worship of female pagan deities, suggesting that such worship provided a much-needed corrective to patriarchy. In scriptural passages affirming a sexual discipline offensive to modern sensibilities, Coogan sees only a deplorable cultural bias, sustained by worshiping God as a jealous and abusive husband."  WOW!!  Sure does sound like ADVOCACY to me. The full article can be found on the CNS Blog.
I would take an unscheduled trip to visit the school and really observe activities before thinking of sending children to this environment. At least then you can have first hand knowledge of what your children will be exposed to.  Of course, you don't want the administration to know you are coming so the obvious "tour" will be avoided. 
We hope this type of exposure of schools will help concerned parents make informed decisions about their child's Catholic education. A strong "Faith-based" college can give phenomenal results.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not Just Catholic Schools

Life Site News has posted a story about an Evangelical Lutheran liberal arts college in Minnesota that has "sexual etiquette" orientation for it's freshmen.  The story has a video attached, so be warned that it is there.  A student took the video while attending the freshman orientation this fall.  The fact that this even happened is appalling, but in a "religious" school?
It's time to take back our education system and replace the "Culture of Death" with the morals of Life.  read the story at the site and then comment to us here.  Thank you.
Jesus is Lord!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sifting Through The Garbage

Since this is the first post on this site, I would like to take the time to introduce myself.  My name is Tim and I am a Catholic.  A real one.  I believe that Jesus is Lord and that the Pope is His Earthly Representative.  I believe that in matters of Faith and Morals, the decrees of the Pope are the decrees of God.  Period.  There is no room for discussion.  I am the Moderator/Administrator here.

The purpose of this Blog is to enable people to determine whether a Catholic school they are interested in attending is truly Catholic or if it only appears to be "Catholic".  There is really a big difference.  So, here is how it works;  if you have the name of a school, i.e. College,University, and in some cases high school, that you are considering attending, send us the name and location of the school and we will do our best to determine if they are Faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  We will send you an e-mail of our findings if you wish as well as publish the results in a post on this site.  Your name will never be divulged and all inquiries are considered confidential.  In order to receive a personal response, you must include your e-mail address in your inquiry.  Any and all information you may find may also be brought to our attention, but remember that all information must be verifiable and will be checked before it is released.

The Cardinal Newman Society has a list of Faithful Colleges and Universities on their website, and they do a very good job of telling you about their good points.

We aren't looking at these schools as that has already been done quite well.  We look at the ones that might be considered marginally Catholic; don't follow the Magisterium or the Ex Corde Ecclesiae; don't follow the USCCB in their methodology or campus promotions; the ones that laugh at the teachings of the Church and try to pass themselves off as Catholic in order to enhance their "bottom line" otherwise known as "Politically Correct".  There are an awful lot of these schools, and we will help you weed them out.  True Catholic Education is a great gift from God...use it to strengthen your Faith and help you on your journey Home.

All responses and replies are monitored and any inappropriate responses will be deleted, so think before you write.  With the help of God's Grace, we will try and work through the "Garbage" and get to the Truth as it should be seen and taught.
Jesus is Lord.
Tim M