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Happy New Year!

I would like to thank all the folks that have visited us since we started this year and wish you all a Safe and Prosperous 2011.  We are working on the second part of our Midwest colleges and hope to have the new posting up by 1/5/11.  God Bless you all.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Note on Cincinnati.

It pains me deeply to have to write about this Archdiocese.  I grew up there and went to school there.  The really bad part is that my own Alma Mater is the next to come under scrutiny, and that really makes me sad. Not only the College, but my High School as well. We are working on this as we approach the Birth of Our Lord.

 I want to wish everyone a Blessed and Joyous Christmas...the Birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ!!!

Jesus Is Lord!
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Xavier University (Cincinnatti)....What the Archdiocese of Cincinnatti Allows to Happen.

We will start out this portion on "Catholic In Name Only" (CINO) schools by bringing to the forefront another Jesuit school in the "Jesuit" Tradition.  I wonder what there is about this place that could be called truly Catholic?

We will start with the Women's Center.  The Women's Center Film Collection has in it's library films that are questionable in a Catholic Environment.  One such film is called "Sexuality and Social Justice".  Here is a synopsis from the Center for the review of the film.  Remember this is a "Catholic College". Please pay close attention to who they are extolling in this review.  Understand that they are Promoting this film.

“Sexuality and Social Justice” is a comprehensive look at women’s efforts to shape their own destinies and establish a system of justice not only for themselves, but for all Americans. The issues touched upon range from the valiant Margaret Sanger’s crusade to provide all women a means of birth control to the Women’s Liberation Movement.  Erica Jong, Gloria Steinem, Grace Slick, Shere Hite, Barbara Boxer and Joan Baez are among the contributors offering their insight in this definitive program about women and their role in shaping America. (95 mins.)
 As we see listed above, they review the film calling the crusading Eugenicist Margaret Sanger, "valiant".  Since when is a proponent of Abortion and Population Selection "valiant"?  Look at the list of the rest of the women profiled.  Everyone of them in favor of Killing the Unborn.  Great School, huh?

Then we have that ever catchy word "Diversity".  This poor word seems to be the brunt of everything from candy to GLBT groups.  Here is a film they think might be " an invaluable tool for all educators interested in introducing students to issues of representation and diversity in the media."

Off the Straight & Narrow: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals & Television
How are we to make sense of the transformation in gay representation-- from virtual invisibility before 1970 to the "gay chic" of today? Off the Straight & Narrow is the first in-depth documentary to cast a critical eye over the growth of gay images on TV. Leading media scholars provide the historical and cultural context for exploring the social implications of these new representations. Off the Straight & Narrow challenges viewers to consider the value and limits of available gay images: who is represented, what they get to say, and how people respond to them. The video is an invaluable tool for all educators interested in introducing students to issues of representation and diversity in the media. 

Here we are again.  A Catholic School....I'm sorry...a CINO school Advocating the GLBT lifestyle against Catholic Teaching.
How about we look at the University Sanctioned Xavier Alliance?  This is a GLBTQ "ADVOCACY" group that is conducting active programs including 'coming out' week and the Cincinnati Youth Summit, some of the sponsors include GLSEN, PFLAG, and even Jewish Family Service (Cincinnati).

This is only one area within the University.

Let's have a look at the Internship programs that are offered by this "Catholic" school.  One such organization they send their students to is a group called "National Human Services Assembly".  This organization lists as some of it's affiliates 'Girls, Inc.' advocate and proponent of Abortion for girls.  This group deals with girls as young as 5 and six years old.  Here we have a "Catholic" school sending it students into an environment that encourages Abortion.  GLSEN is also a group affiliated with this organization.  I guess they don't care at Xavier about the souls of the students they teach.  But why should they?  After all, Jesuits don't teach "Catholic" theology, they teach Jesuit theology...totally different animal.  A former student of Loyola in New Orleans lists the teaching as: Professors will stress a "commitment to serving others," "social justice," and "educating the whole person," which are all Jesuit ideals. Going to a Jesuit school is more defined by the style in which you are educated rather than a commitment to any religious principles." Catholic, huh?  It seems to be a pattern in Jesuit Institutions to skirt the Catholic and teach the "Jesuit".  They are NOT the same as the statement said.

Of course the Womens and Gender studies group has a complete course on GLBTQ studies in the Social Work area.  Remembering that this is a so-called "Catholic" school, you might expect to find some reference to religion in the area of Social work.  Two courses are offered that mention the word "Religion".  The total amount of courses offered in this Social work area, not including the Core courses required by the University, are 47.  Only TWO that have anything to do with religion, and not one of them specifies Catholicism.  Not ONE.  These courses are listed in their catalog and give the required prerequisites and course of study in order to take them.  Oh entire course dedicated to the study of LGBT lifestyle.  Here is the Course title and description.
SOCW 338 - Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer StudiesThis course is designed to provide students with a foundation for understanding sexual identity in contemporary U.S. society and to introduce students to the field of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) studies. The course is organized around three general themes: identity development and the politics of identity; the historical legacy of LGBT movements; and contemporary political, legal, and social issues facing LGBTQ communities. Students will address key concepts and debates about sexuality through the lens of various disciplines, including sociology, history, literature, psychology, economics, and cultural studies. 

Of course, the residence halls are Co-Ed by wing or in the case of the apartment complexes, Co-Ed by apartment.  I guess it's OK to have a co-ed dorm...makes the "hook-up" that much easier, especially in the apartments.

Xavier has a very high rating as far as secular colleges go.  It would make a very good copy of Ohio State or Ohio University.  Both are outstanding State Schools.  Maybe the Archbishop should look into giving OSU or OU first dibs on the remnants of this once Catholic School.  It sure isn't anymore.

There is one more thing that you should know about Xavier...they have a high school with the same name in Cincinnati.  The high school has an active group of GLBT folks that even have a website set up for the high school. Though they state that the website and the group is not sanctioned by the school, the fact that it exists at all kind of makes you wonder.  The Jesuits teach your kids in this place as well.  Maybe you should look into what the curriculum entails as far as the teaching of human sexuality at the 9-12 level.  With an active GLBT organization at the high school, I wouldn't doubt they have the same views of homosexuality and gay marriage that are taught at the college.  And the Archdiocese just gave Xavier High School high marks for their education and recently had them listed as the 'featured school:  They state their "Mission" as follows:

To assist young men in their formation as leaders and men for others through rigorous college preparation in the Jesuit tradition.  Where is the "Catholic" tradition?

They also state they believe in Jesus Christ as the model for all human life, yet they don't follow the teachings of Christ when it comes to homosexuality, Abortion, Contraceptives or belief in the teachings of the Church.  I'm sorry, but the two are diametrically opposed.  I'm going to put a link to their page on their mission.  As you read it, be aware that the entire section is predicated on the above Mission Statement. Pay close attention to the section on 'We Believe', and the section on 'We Assist'.  In only one place is the word "Catholic" used.  It's not difficult to see how easy it would be for a child to be led to the other side.  Too much concentration on social issues and not enough on Faith formation. (

You can make up your own mind as to the way the Magisterium in the Vatican wants Catholicism taught or you can see how the Jesuits teach it according to their "U.S. Jesuit Interreligious Advisory Board".

If you need to refresh your memory on what that does, see the post:   Boston College...Sin Capital of the Jesuit World, Part 2.

Maybe the Archdiocese of Cincinnati should start looking into the CINO colleges in their purview.  Dayton's next.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

There was one thing that I failed to add to this post which I feel is sort of indicative of how the Archdiocese just turns a blind eye to what is happening in the CINO schools...remember what was said about their practices above and then read the following statement from the Xavier "Center for Catholic Education".  This comes directly from their website:

Welcome to the Center for Catholic Education

Michael Graham, S.J., Xavier’s President, has committed the University to engaging students intellectually, morally, and spiritually - with rigor and compassion - toward lives of solidarity, service, and success. This is Xavier’s Catholic and Jesuit identity and heritage. The Center for Catholic Education is one way that Xavier specifically promotes its identity and heritage by assisting Catholic schools in the transmission of the faith and the development of Catholic education.
Xavier University, in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Schools Office, has already developed a most successful pilot program - the Initiative for Catholic Schools - whose professional development programs for Catholic teachers and whose partnerships with neighboring Catholic schools have helped to develop challenging mathematics, science, and technology curricula for participating schools. The Center’s goals and its way of work hold promise for further accomplishments.
I don't know if I would like for this University to spread it's brand of "Catholicism" around to my kids. I would prefer the Orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church which Xavier doesn't seem to espouse. Maybe the Archdiocese' Catholic Schools Office had better go take a lesson from the Catechism as to what it means to be Catholic.  They obviously feel teaching homosexuality is OK because they don't say anything about the Colleges actions.   I guess the Archbishop is willing to "overlook" the teachings of the College as long as they pay lip service to "Catholic Education".  Maybe this Bishop should go back to Duluth where he apparently was well liked.  It is obvious that the "Progressive Secular" form of "Catholic" education  is alive and well at Xavier with no interference from the Shepard.  Too Bad.

University of Dayton is next.

Jesus Is Lord!
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New Post

We are working on a new set of schools in the Mid-West...(don't want to slight anyone!) so we hope to have the new one up by Tuesday, 21 Dec. 2010. 
Pray for us.
Thank you.

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College of Holy Cross...One More Time...This Might Make You Sick.

First a quick note on Carol McKinley's The Tenth Crusade. She has some new information on the corruption at the "Cardinal's Palace".  You really need to see it and then act on whatever you can to bring the abuses to light in the public venue.  You don't have to be a Bostonian to expose greed and corruption.

Now, to the Post. 

A question came to us as to what the College does to help train it's students in the way of Internships.  As you may know, not all "Catholic" colleges actually send their students to good Catholic approved Intern Programs.  Just look at Georgetown on this Blog; that should give you a good idea.
Well, CHC is no different.  They send students to the National Organization of Women.  This is the same group that works with NARAL in procuring Abortions for women.  They subsidize and help fund the Pro-Abortion folks.  Holy Cross sends them student interns.  A "Catholic College" sending young people to learn the intricacies of killing babies.  NOW has become more of an Abortion Group than one for the good of women.  Advocating killing a baby and the resulting increase in Breast Cancer just doesn't seem like a good idea for anyone, let alone a Catholic College. Then we have one you never really would have expected.  This will probably really surprise a lot of people, but the facts speak for themselves. The College of Holy Cross already supports Planned Parenthood as you know from the previous posting.  Allowing them on campus was just the beginning.  How about supporting a direct provider of Abortion by giving them your students for Interns.  CHC does just that by allowing and even encouraging their students to intern with...
Ready?...The American Medical Women's  Association.  Here is a copy of their Advocacy Statements, but not in their entirety.  It's about 10 pages long in PDF.  We will start with an interesting one:

May 7, 2007---- endorsed Rep Michael Michaud’s bill, HR 2064, the Compassionate care for Servicewomen Act, to ensure that emergency contraception is stocked at each military health-care facility.("Plan "B")

May 29, 2007----signed on with ACLU, NARAL, National Abortion Federation, National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Ass., National Women’s Law Center, Planned Parenthood, Reproductive Health Technologies Project to oppose the Prescription Drug User Fee Amendment of 2007, S.1082, which includes mifepristone.(RU 486)  It has been used safely since 1988 when it was first licensed in France and should not be held to a different standard than other drugs. Letter was sent to Senator E. Kennedy.

May 31, 2007--- individual AMWA members in conjunction with PNHP signed on online to promote Michael Moore’s film, Sicko, which will be premiering June 29, 2007 bringing the case for single payer health insurance to the theaters of America. 

June 11, 2007----sent an email to Adam Zimmerman at Pro-Choice America to oppose the Senate considering the nomination of Richard Honaker to the US District Court in Wyoming because his views on reproductive rights and religion will adversely affect the reproductive rights women have gained.

August 13, 2007---Drs. Claudia Morrissey and Omega Silva attended the meeting of the National Women’s Health Agenda Taskforce to discuss the creation of a plan for universal access to healthcare. The group sought a definition of health and decided to use the WHO definition. The group agreed on a general description of quality healthcare which is to be ratified by the groups represented
(Not an American View)
September 24, 2007---Dr. Omega Silva attended the Policy Discussion of the American Public Health Association on Nov. 4, 2007 at the Renaissance Hotel 3:00-6:00 pm to discuss AMWA’s Aid in Dying position paper. The APHA was considering a similar position paper. Kathryn Tucker, JD is the author of the paper.

September 26, 2007---AMWA released its new 2007 version of Aid in Dying position paper. It is available on the website at

I'd like to insert a note here.  This paper listed above is the program that the American Medical Women's Association has published on assisted suicide and the right to die. This is a Medical Association that is advocating assisted suicide.  They call the organization "Compassion and Choices".  The College of Holy Cross is supposed to be Catholic and yet they affiliate with a group that endorses and even advocates the taking of one's own life as well as assisted suicide.  Maybe their Bishop really ought to look into this school as being fit to be even considered Catholic.  I'll put a link to this for your enlightenment.

There is one more page you need to look at with this group.  It is their position statement page.  I will give you a direct link to the whole thing, but I must warn you that it will turn your stomach to think that Doctors want to kill babies as much as these people seem to want to do. I was under the impression that Doctors took a Hippocratic Oath to defend life.  Where has that Oath gone?

One section in particular that you should read is the position on Abortion. You will find that listed under the heading of "Reproductive Health".  

This is a terrible indictment of the College of Holy Cross for its complicity in the support for Abortion.  I can not believe that a "Catholic" College, no matter how stupid they are would openly endorse and send students into an environment that would make them complicit in the murder of the unborn.  That just goes to show you how wrong a person can be.

I would think that this is a real indictment of this particular organization as far as being pro-Abortion.  When I began this research, I wasn't sure what I would find.  The fact that a Jesuit College sends students to this group is really very deeply disturbing.  I wonder if the Bishop is aware of the curriculum being fostered at Holy Cross?  Maybe someone should send him a copy of this Blog might just wake him up...Naw, what was I thinking.  If he didn't act at an overt violation by the school of having Abortionists on campus, he surely won't do anything about your daughters being sent to this group to learn how to kill the unborn when it's done off-campus.

I would like to have you thoughts on this entry.  Contacting the Bishop and stating the case could be a way of getting him involved.  If you have children wanting to go to the College of Holy Cross and you feel their Faith is strong enough to withstand this type of onslaught, then by all means, send them.  Personally, I would look for a better Catholic that really puts forth the real Catholic Educational Experience.  Trying to learn in an environment that taxes your Faith at the same time it wreaks havoc on your brain is not the best of ideas.  Please consider a Good Catholic School.

Jesus Is Lord!

Tim M

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Boston College, Still At It...Pt 3

This is the last part of this Trilogy.  It was meant to give some impetus to the "Choose Life" part of Catholic Education.  BC says it's Catholic.  Tolerating Abortion Advocates and their "Culture of Death" at a Catholic University is absurd.  But the Jesuits in their approach to "Academic Freedom" seem to permit anything to happen. 
This article as it appeared in The Observer will illustrate what this post is about.  When you advocate the killing of an unborn child by Abortion, you lose your 'right' to speak at a Catholic Institution.

Kudo's to the Pro-Life Club.

A Week for the Voiceless

Elections are drawing near, and the BC Pro-Life Club’s Respect Life Week comes just in time to remind us to consider the voteless and voiceless.  The Pro-Life Club made its presence on campus felt as it hosted events and demonstrations throughout the week.  The annual event sparked dialogue, debate, and some controversy as Thursday’s Celebrate Life Day even drew some protestors.The week started off with events held in the quad on Monday and Wednesday. The first of these was called “Consider This: The Child in the Womb.”  Students passing through the quad were met with a very moving display of images depicting the development of the child in the womb.  The second exhibit consisted of an emotional display of baby shoes intended to represent the unborn lost to abortion, but was unable to be displayed due to the weather.  Respect Life Week went on though, and hosted its next event later that day. BC professor Tim Muldoon gave a lecture entitled “A Cloud in the Desert: a Spirituality of Adoption” to an audience of mostly students in the O’Connell house’s main room.  The professor spoke in general about the nature of adoption and its impact on the abortion debate, but he also provided specific insights stemming from his own experience with adopting his two daughters from China.  His presentation began with an overview, and then lead into a statistical look at the situation of adoption in America and the world.  He pointed out, “there are more parents looking to adopt than there are adoptable children”, a point that certainly lends credence to his notion of adoption as an alternative to abortion, and is certainly a statistic that any pro-lifer should arm themselves with.
Professor Muldoon acknowledged that adoption is not the ideal situation; it would generally be better for children to be raised by their birth parents.  In a perfect world, the circumstances that bring about a need for adoption would not happen.  However, pregnancies do arise in situations where raising children might not be possible, and Muldoon’s lecture reminds that abortion is not the only option. 
The Pro-Life Club closed out the week with Celebrate Life Day on Thursday.  Students in the club gave a friendly face to their cause as they provided students passing through the quad with free cake as well as pamphlets and information with pregnancy statistics and resources.  This was in keeping with the goal of the weeklong celebration, which was, as Pro-Life Club president Dana Flynn put it, “to promote a positive pro-life presence on campus”. 
Interestingly, the cheerful event drew a few protesters to the quad, who stood opposite the table with signs bearing pro-abortion slogans.
This years Respect Life Week was a testament to the club’s mission to “inform and support, rather than judge or condemn”.  By focusing on being informative and helpful, the Respect Life Week has definitely raised the profile of the pro-life presence on our campus.  As our Catholic university works to maintain its identity in the modern age, it is events like these that help us do just that by spreading information and sparking educated and friendly debate.

As you can see, the paper The Observer doesn't really get it.  They seem to think that it's alright to advocate for the free exchange of the idea of killing an unborn child.  There is a lot of propaganda going on here.  There is never a "friendly debate" over killing an unborn child.  That's Murder, any way you cut it.  I guess the attitude of the Administration is what's at play here.  It would seem that when you aren't Catholic anymore, it really doesn't matter, does it?

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Just a quick note here...if it seems as though BC or Cof HC are getting the lions share of attention, just realize that this is just the tip of the Iceburg:  80% is under water as the Titanic found out.  MUCH more to come!!

Boston College Still At It. Pt. 2

Sifting through the garbage can be an interesting experience. That was the stated purpose of this Blog when it was launched.  Seeing the garbage that is being taught as "Moral Theology" is disgusting.  Unfortunately, since the Catholic Church abdicated it's authority over the "Catholic" schools by not enforcing their control, there really isn't much they can say.  They have really screwed up.  They have fomented the atmosphere in these schools that whatever they want to teach in the name of "Academic Freedom" is perfectly alright.  In a word..."BULLS--T".

Sorry if the word offends anyone.  It was meant to.  Wake Up Catholics!!!  We have to take back our classrooms and teach Catholicism again.  This "Neuvo Catholic Idea" is not Catholic teaching.  Our Colleges and Universities are nothing more than Saul Alinski look-a-likes.  The one thing these schools understand is MONEY...cut it off and you have back your control.  Choosing the right school to spend your money and get a good education is very important.  A good Catholic education will be hard to get, especially at Boston College.  It is a real scandal.

As promised, here is another article from The Observer on the "hook-up" mentality of the students at Boston College.  This is where co-ed dorms and "non-gender specific" housing can get you.  I received an e-mail today from a great Catholic Bishop who was "forced" out of his Diocese because of tough questions he asked of his Universities.  If he doesn't ask the questions and expect answers, can we?  Is the Catholic Church so wishy-washy that it will permit heresy to be taught in it's schools?  Well, if BC or Georgetown are any examples, my answer to that question would be an unequivocal "YES". Here is the article.  When you read it, weep.  These are your kids.

Sex and the Single Student

students packed into Cushing 001 to hear philosophy professor Kerry Cronin’s talk, “Sex and the Single Student.” The Saint Thomas More Society sponsored the event, which was standing room only before Professor Cronin even arrived.
She began her talk by recounting a trip to White Mountain with BC seniors eight years ago. Toward the end of their outing, she asked them how they felt about leaving behind the relationships and boyfriends or girlfriends they had during their years at BC. Their response took Professor Cronin by surprise.
The seniors explained that relationships and dating don’t happen at BC. Instead, students hookup. This was news to Professor Cronin and provided the impetus for further inquiry. It sparked many conversations she had with students about the hookup or “physical intimacy with no perceived follow-up.”
Professor Cronin delineated three groups into which students generally fall. There are those students in “pseudo-marriages” who have very intense, time consuming relationships. Second, there are those students who participate in the hookup culture. Finally, there are those who opt out of the hookup culture.
In focusing on the second group, Cronin categorized five kinds of hookups: the pure hookup, the regular hookup, friends with benefits, the mistake hookup, and the hookup with hope of a future relationship.
Professor Cronin pointed out that the hookup culture, at first glance, seems very laidback and stress-free. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll find many unspoken rules at play. She listed ten rules of the hookup culture—among them the requirements to be chill (not awkward), drink alcohol, not talk, not act interested, and to remove one’s feelings completely.
Many laughs were shared throughout the night, especially with some hookup rules like “know where your shoes are” and “it’s a good story—now tell it to people.” Some people nodded their head as Professor Cronin listed each rule, simultaneously laughing and acknowledging the truths about the hookup culture that she was delivering.
The humor in Professor Cronin’s presentation comes from the absurdity and complete lack of meaning that drives the mentality of the hookup culture.(Emphasis mine) She conveyed how her conversations with students revealed that they had become sad, depressed, and confused about what to do after the momentary thrill of the hookup had subsided.
Having diagnosed the problem, Cronin offered her prescription—the alternative to the hookup culture—a thing called “dating.” She explained a “Level One” date to the crowd. It lasts 45 to 90 minutes, but no longer than 90 minutes. There is no alcohol, and you must ask your date out in person. The person who asks should also pay.
The “Level One” date is information gathering, essentially saying to the other person, “I’d like to get to know you better as a person.” This stands in stark contrast to the hookup mentality, militantly propagated under the euphemism Boston College Students for Sexual Health, which desensitizes people to relationships and attachment while objectifying others’ bodies.
The night ended with 3 gift certificate prizes—all to local eating establishments and with the encouragement for the winners to go on dates. They included $25 to JP Licks, $50 to Finale and $100 to Tartufo.
Professor Cronin’s relatable, accessible presentation resonated well with the audience. The great turnout is a testament to the relevance of her message. You know what a Level One date is. So what are you waiting for? Go ask someone out to coffee, and move BC one step closer to being a campus of meaningful relationships… “men and women for others.”
Dating.  Gee, what a novel approach.  Not 'jumping someones bones' as soon as you meet them.  As you can see, even some of the faculty are not aware of what is really going on at these schools.  It's no wonder our graduating seniors don't have any goals or morals.  They have been given the "run of the place" so to speak and as a result Catholic Moral Behavior doesn't exist in their life.  The administration could get involved in this if they want to, but they could care less.  After all, the head of the law school was offering Planned Parenthood "pro-bono" abortions on the Law school website not too long ago. 

It's time "Cardinal Sean" for BC to be "Catholic" again, if it ever was.  After all, they don't advertise an education in the Catholic Tradition, just in the "Jesuit Tradition".  We all know how that goes. If they won't adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church, "Through Them Out".  We don't have room for heretics in the Church.  Many a heresy has been dealt with in the past and this is no different, just a little newer.  Fidelity to Catholic teaching is not a choice at a Catholic's a requirement. 

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Boston College Still at it.

In continuing research, we have discovered that more and more of the professors and administrators at BC are truly NOT Catholic.  I am going to post, in its entirety, an article from The Observer dated Nov 2, 2010.  I want you to pay particular attention to the article in regards to Catholic teaching on sexuality.  Be mindful, the person in the article is supposed to be "an associate professor of Moral Theology at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University."  Remember, that this is a "Catholic Jesuit School".  The views expressed here are what is being TAUGHT in these universities.  God Help us all.  The Article:

Women, Virtue, and Sexuality

On Wednesday, the C21 Center brought Lisa Fullam, an associate professor of Moral Theology at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University to speak on the topic “the role of virtue ethics in framing the conversation on sexuality in the context of a Catholic university.” Kerry Cronin, the Director of the Lonergan Institute, introduced Fullam.
Fullam began with a look at the history of the opinion of female sexuality. St Augustine taught that sex was sinful if it was enjoyed. St. Thomas Aquinas believed that women were subordinate and defective, only serving the purpose of procreation. Women were held to be weaker in body, mind, and spirit and are therefore less inclined to virtue and rationality.
The view that Fullam posits is that sexuality is much broader than sex and that a human person is first and foremost a sexual being. Philosophically, the question that should be raised is, “What are the virtues of character that enlighten the end goal of a sex life?” She then offered a three dimensional goal for sexual relationships: feel for incarnation, ability for intimacy, and an eye for insight. Incarnation means the human as a union of spirit and matter. A feel for this incarnation is a closer bond between partners, to love others and ourselves as incarnate beings. It is incomplete to value the other only for the body but also to ignore the beauty of the body and see only the spirit.  To only value the body is lust, which is wrong, opposed to “correct” sexual desire.
The ability for intimacy is a matter of depth and degree of the relationship. It helps to keep an eye on the whole relationship, using sex to express the whole person. Insight is more than perception but is a deeper awareness of the other person. It allows one to see beyond the partners in a relationship; to see the relationship in terms of society and God. It leads to compassion for others through our own mistakes.
A handout given to those present listed the Cardinal Virtues for Sexuality that Fullam compiled as a student of Fr. Jim Kennan. These are: Self-Care, Justice, Fidelity, and Prudence. Self-Care perfects the relationship to self, Justice perfects relationships with society, Fidelity perfects special relationships like those between partners, siblings, parents and children, and Prudence perfects practical reason.
The Virtue of Fidelity was broken down into three parts.  The first two, to Exercise Freedom and to Seek and Foster Security are reciprocal parts that together Cultivate Mutuality. Fullam explained that when one experiences the wonder or awe of the partner, and is also humbled, the pathway is opened up for honesty about feelings, hopes, and desires. A person grows in these virtues by practicing them. (I'm still trying to determine what is meant by "Virtue" here.)
Fr. Kennan responded to Fullam’s presentation by talking about the tradition of sex and morality. He explained that until 1965, priests were trained in moral theology simply to be able to determine what was sin and what was not, as opposed to knowing the difference between good things and bad things. The understanding of sex was very basic, the only concern was if it was sinful or not. This issue was not raised in Protestant faith traditions because Luther decided to get married at the beginning of the Reformation. The face of moral theology changed drastically in 1975 when Lisa Cahill became the first laywoman theologian.(Yeah, Obama's friend and "advisor" in things "Catholic")
During the questions following the two presentations, an audience member asked Fullam about her opinion of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Fullam takes issue with the opinion of the role of women in the Theology of the Body. She asks, if gender or sex are intrinsic, where is there space for those seeking equality between men and women?
She also challenges the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church that the primary purposes sexual intercourse are to express love between spouses and procreation.

Speaking from her training in veterinary medicine,(What?) she explained that it is obvious when female animals are ovulating but not for female humans. If sex is only for procreation, she says, we should know when females are ovulating and only have sex in that window of time. But because human practices are different than animals, there must be something more to human sexuality.

Well, I guess you know where they stand at Santa Clara don't you.  Some "Catholic Professor".  Sex is viewed as an activity, not the culmination of Spousal Love.  She is indicating here that it's OK to have pre-marital sex.  This is a "Catholic" Professor? The problem with this entire approach is begging the question of Marriage.  At what point in this entire article is the word "spouse"?  Oh, in the part that she DISSAGREES with. She doesn't feel that "spousal love" is the primary reason for sexual intercourse.  It seems that all she is talking about as is Fr. Kennan, is a "partner".  Sex is to be between married people.  Advocating the idea that it's OK if you have sex with a person  not your spouse, is NOT Catholic teaching on Sexuality.
We have come up with a few additional articles that are very informative as to the sexual morals of the students at BC.  The second part of this post is coming up immediately following this one.  BC is no worse than any other State school.'s supposed to be "Catholic".  In a pig's eye!
I hope Cardinal Sean reads this, because we are just getting started.  The Archdiocese of Boston and Boston College are in drastic need of an overhaul. One gets the impression they like the ideas of Roman Polanski rather than the teachings of Jesus Christ..  I hope Rome get's a copy of all this...they obviously aren't looking on their own.
Jesus is Lord!
Tim M


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Pope and Condoms


With all the controversy and 'crap' floating around in cyberspace about this topic, I thought I would go to a very reliable source and try to gleen some insight for us all into what actually was said and how the stupid stuff started.

I went to the National Catholic Bioethics Center ( ) and asked permission of them to copy their November 22 article on the problem.  I have included their link and if you so desire, you can check out their web site for yourselves.  Very informative and detailed.

Here is their article:
The Pope and Condoms
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 10:14:00 AM
John M. Haas, Ph.D., S.T.L.
NCBC President

November 22, 2010.  It is difficult teaching moral truth in a day of instant communication and media manipulation. The publication of a series of interviews with Pope Benedict XVI by the journalist Peter Seewald, Light of the World, is a case in point. In reading an advance copy of the book, one knew the mass media would immediately focus on one thing and one thing alone: the Pope’s remarks on condom use and the struggle to prevent the spread of AIDS.
Indeed, the first headline that I encountered after excerpts of the book were released was: “Pope OK’s Condoms”. 
Briefly, this is what the Pope actually said: Condoms are neither the effective way nor the moral way to stop the spread of AIDS (the Church “does not regard it as a real or moral solution”). He also said, “we cannot solve the problem by distributing condoms”. He states that the AIDS epidemic has resulted in large measure from the irresponsible and selfish use of sexuality. Then he expresses hope for the conversion of a sinner by suggesting that the use of a condom MIGHT be an expression of his concern for the “other”. This might be seen therefore a first step toward loving and respecting the “other” so that he would eventually embrace a life of either fidelity or abstinence, the only approaches which have truly proven to be successful.
There has been debate for years over the moral legitimacy of the use of condoms by discordant couples, that is, couples in which one member is HIV positive or has AIDS. There are two fundamental moral problems which stoke this debate. First of all, taking into account the high failure rate of condoms, would it be morally licit for a spouse to put his wife’s health and even life at risk for the sake of sexual intercourse? It is difficult to see how this could be justified. The marital act is to be love-giving and open to life. In the case of a spouse with AIDS, intercourse even with a condom could well be a potentially death-dealing act.
The second fundamental moral problem has to do with the contraceptive character of condoms. It is true that the use of a condom in a single case might diminish the risk of the transmission of the AIDS virus but it could also have a contraceptive effect. The Church’s unchanging and unwavering position on the immorality of contraception is well known. But there were some moral theologians who tried to argue that the condom was not being used to contracept but rather to lower the risk of spreading AIDS. The contraceptive effect was merely foreseen but not intended. With such an understanding, it was argued, the use of the condom would not actually be an act of contraception but of disease prevention.
The matter continues to be debated among theologians but the more common opinion among moralists faithful to the magisterium is that the use of the condom would be wrong because it could endanger the life of the spouse and could be an act of contraception.
It is interesting that the Pope entirely sidesteps this particularly vexing debate by the example he uses to consider condom use. He reflects on the decision of a (presumably homosexual) male prostitute to use a condom. In such a case, there can be no question of the contraceptive effect of the condom. Consequently his example does not relate to the debate over the use of condoms by discordant couples.
But interestingly the Pope does not really reflect on the question of the effectiveness of condom use in reducing the transmission of AIDS. He rather wants to reflect on the moral state of the person who would use it with the hope that that person would begin to assume moral responsibility for his sexual activity. There is no question that the Church considers acts of prostitution and homosexuality to be gravely immoral and disordered. However, the Church in her love of souls always looks for some indication that the sinner might “come to his senses”. In the case at hand, the Pope says the use of a condom in a particular case MIGHT be “a first step in the direction of . . . a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed. . .”
Obviously this first POSSIBLE step in the direction of “moralization” cannot make an act of prostitution or homosexuality or contraception good. But it does indicate that the moral conscience might still be alive and might eventually bring one to conversion and new life.
A careful reading of the text could not possibly lead one to conclude that the Pope has approved condom use. He says quite explicitly: “it is not really the way to deal with the evil of HIV infection.” Indeed, it can aggravate it. Prof. Edward C. Green of the AIDS Prevention Research Project at Harvard University would seem to agree with the Pope. He wrote in a recent book, Affirming Love, Avoiding AIDS: What Africa Can Teach the West (Matthew Hanley and Jokin de Irala, The National Catholic Bioethics Center, 2010), “In fact, [condom use] might actually contribute to higher levels of infection because of the phenomenon of risk compensation, whereby people take greater sexual risks because they feel safer than they really ought to because they are using condoms at least some of the time.”
The interview with Pope Benedict indicates no change in Church teaching but is a renewed call for chastity and abstinence as the most effective means of fighting the spread of AIDS.

I hope that this can clarify any questions anyone may have about this situation.  Condoms are STILL not allowed by the Catholic Church.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

College of Holy Cross...Another "Catholic" School

One of the sites that have been kind enough to carry my posts namely, brought up an interesting question about BC's sister school in Worcester;  Holy Cross. Since the question was raised, I decided to do a little research.
We found out that there really isn't much difference between Boston College and College of Holy Cross in their administration, teaching methods or out and out disregard for the teachings of the Catholic Church.  In fact, they actually had Planned Parenthood and NARAL on their campus for a talk on teens and pregnancy.  They rented space to these groups in their Hogan Campus Center.  The following article was published in the Holy Cross Magazine, volume 42, number 1:

Teen pregnancy and parenting subject of professional meeting

One of the approximately 500 outside events taking place in rented space in the Hogan Campus Center in the past year was the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy—a consortium of social service agencies, school-based health centers and local pregnancy prevention and teen parenting coalitions.
The weeks leading up to the Alliance’s Oct. 23 annual meeting were marked by a controversy fueled by organized e-mail and letter-writing campaigns. The College, the Diocese of Worcester, and the Jesuit Province of New England were flooded with phone calls and e-mails—including many from Holy Cross alumni and parents—although the vast majority of callers were not affiliated with the College. The protests focused on the fact that, among the dozens of workshop presenters were representatives of Planned Parenthood and NARAL. In the wake of calls, letters and e-mails, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston, a member of the Alliance, was forced to withdraw from the conference.  (That really did surprise me). The Most Rev. Robert J. McManus, Bishop of Worcester, called upon Holy Cross to disassociate itself from the groups involved and revoke its contract with the Alliance.
“As president of a Catholic college in the Diocese of Worcester, I wholly respect the duty of Bishop McManus to uphold the teachings of the Church—most especially the sanctity of life and opposition to abortion,” said Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J., president of Holy Cross, in a statement issued the week before the conference and sent to the Holy Cross online community by e-mail. “However, it is the College’s position that providing rented meeting space to a conference of professionals from a variety of Massachusetts organizations discussing the safety and care of at-risk teenagers does not represent a disregard of Catholic teaching.” (Obviously Fr. McFarland doesn't agree with the Church).
The College’s decision to honor its contractual organization with the Alliance raised both vigorous support and passionate protest—and generated discussion among students, faculty, staff and alumni. 
U.S. Jesuit colleges have been criticized in recent years for inviting controversial speakers to campus—but, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is aware of no other protest focused on a program presented by an outside group in rented facilities.
The day of the conference—which was attended by 150 social workers, nurses, educators and other professionals—about a dozen protesters were on campus. On the lawn outside Hogan, the Holy Cross chapter of Students for Life installed 360 white crosses, representing the number of abortions performed every day... Students weighed in, as well. A first-year student wrote: “As a devout pro-life Catholic, and a woman I am insulted that you would allow such an organization within our gates”—echoing the position of others that it was wrong for the College to have any association with groups like Planned Parenthood which take positions that are against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Allowing the Alliance to rent space on campus for its conference was in keeping with the College’s institutional mission and responsibilities, Fr. McFarland remarked, following the conference.  

This is very typical of these Jesuit institutions.  They are so far removed from being Catholic, it's difficult to see their collars.  Reminds me of an old Robin Williams scene in "Mork and Mindy" when he has his coat on backwards.  Sure seems like the "Jebs" to me...BACKWARDS.

Let's move on.

I know you have heard about the play "The Vagina Monologues".   Most of the monologues of any length are extraordinarily explicit accounts by women, of highly charged sexual episodes, typically but not exclusively lesbian intercourse (including seduction of a minor) and masturbation. Perhaps the most telling testimony to the play’s character and intended effect comes from the author herself, who, on the first page of her introduction to the 2001 edition, boasted of having experienced “thirty-two public orgasms a night" while performing the roles.
In short, the play is, and is plainly intended to be, a celebration of the joys of sexual gratification through actions gravely immoral in the eyes of the Church.
Here is the first documentation that we have a record for, according to the Holy Cross Magazine.

Spring 2002, Volume 36, number 2. ( No pun intended there.)
The play's provocative name, no-holds-barred dialogue and intimate subject matter also raise blood pressures, hackles and passionate opinions wherever it is performed. Two readings of the play on the Holy Cross campus, where it was presented in February as a fund-raiser, proved no exception. Letters and e-mails in protest and support of the performances soon followed.
"I can understand people objecting to The Vagina Monologues," says Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J., president of Holy Cross. "We considered very carefully the decision to stage the readings here. One of our student groups, the Women's Forum, wanted to put it on as part of a national effort to raise consciousness about violence against women. Their concerns deserve our attention. The play isn't the vehicle I would have chosen, but it is a legitimate piece." (Giving Credence to Sin...)

"Originally, we wanted to do the play on March 8, International Women's Day, but the ballroom was not available then," Cortiglia says. "Last November, we chose Feb. 12 and 13 because we thought that everyone would be busy on Valentine's Day. No one involved noticed that Ash Wednesday was so early this year.  (Typical of the Jesuits...can't read a calendar). When it became an issue a week before the performance, I saw no reason to cancel. We still go to class and play sports on Ash Wednesday, and the play was sponsored by the Women's Forum, a sanctioned student organization."
Cortiglia saw another reason to go forward with the play. "As a Catholic, (Really? could have fooled me).Ash Wednesday has always been a day to beg forgiveness and to be cleansed," she says. "It's also a day to reflect on who you are and how you live your life. That's what the V-Day movement is about."(Not from what I've been told)

While some alumni wrote pointedly that allowing the play on campus has made their relationship with the College tenuous, others say that the decision to stage it has strengthened their connection to Holy Cross. A class of 1989 alumna, now a professor herself, writes,
"I offer my strong support for the administration's decision to produce this play. It made me proud of my alma mater… next time I'm asked, I'll be more inclined to support the College or to help with admissions recruitment."
Others were just as passionate in their disdain for the play's frank sexuality and language intended to shock. The wife of an alumnus called the readings "pornography." Just as appalled, a member of the class of 1946 made clear his concerns in a letter that reads,
"… my first reaction was disbelief, then outrage and finally very deep disappointment … In sponsoring, publicizing and endorsing this presentation, Holy Cross has abandoned its reputation for high standards, decency and values and instead sought to justify its surrender to the unprincipled ‘new culture.'"
That perspective was not shared by a member of the Class of 2000, now a Catholic school educator. He applauded the College leadership for going forward with the production and for trusting the students to come to their own decisions regarding the performances. 

"Clearly, the play intentionally breaks a lot of taboos," Fr. McFarland says. "As Ensler sees it, those taboos stifle women's voices. Most people who actually saw the play got past the ‘body parts' to its substance where it seems to resonate with women at deeper levels. While parts of the play may be objectionable to me, as well as to others, the play raises serious moral issues about violence against women and the power relationships that engender it. One needn't accept Ensler's views to believe that these are issues about which our students should be thinking. Becoming conscious of and exploring issues of social justice are fundamental to what we are about as a Catholic, Jesuit institution."

I guess this kind of sums up the aspect of what the "fundamentals" are to a "catholic,Jesuit institution."
I didn't capitalize catholic for a very good reason...they aren't, so why give them the distinction.

The fact that the school permitted this play to be presented on Ash Wednesday was really a slap in the face to Jesus.  The Bible is very clear on the status of homosexual activity and condemns it straight away.  Not the person, per se, the activity.  This play is blatant about it and portrays it as OK. The fact that a "Catholic educator" thinks it's alright to give it credence goes to show to what extent our system has failed it's students.  There will be no Catholic schools at the rate we are turning out these so called "catholic educators".  The fact that two of Holy Cross' alumni don't feel it's wrong to show homosexual acts on stage is bad enough, but the fact that they are "educators" themselves is truly sad.  Of course, it's to be expected of a Jesuit...they quit being Catholic when they said it was OK to be a practicing homosexual and still give them the Sacraments....when they give a platform and advocacy to Gay and Lesbian organizations on campus...when they invite Abortionists to speak and give them awards.  Real "Catholic" schools.  If you want more information on the "monologues" here is a link to the Sycamore Group at Notre Dame.  Part of the information in this post came from their website.

Here I  blame the Bishop.  He has the power to revoke their Catholic Identity.  He hasn't done it.  He won't do it.  He's to scared to be a Shepard, do his DUTY, and invoke the "wrath" of the Politically Correct" crowd on his "Faithfulness".  I'm glad he's not afraid of the Wrath of God.  I would be a little more concerned about that than the verbal scorn of someone who calls himself a progressive "Catholic".

If you get the impression I think some of these Bishops are backsliders and shirking their duty as the Shepard's they are supposed to be, you would be 100% correct.  Why out of 200+ bishops only 83 stood up for the unborn at the Scandal of Notre Dame?  What happened to the rest of them?  Why were they silent?  They won't answer...some even said it was OK. Want an example?  Kicanas.  Need I say more?  Maybe it's time to remove these non-Faithful prelates and get some Bishops with Backbone.
It's time to start taking back Our Catholic Faith.  Enough lousy instruction at so-called "Catholic" Colleges.  If they teach heresy and don't follow the rules, KICK THEM OUT!  It's time for the Bishops to BE CATHOLIC!!!

The Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society has an article on their website I thought was quite useful given the current state of affairs at BC, Georgetown, ETC.

Holy Cross Spends Week Promoting Homosexuality

Certainly one of the more controversial topics is the Church's teaching on the issue of homosexuality, and Church teaching has been quite careful to respect the dignity of the individual while still cementing that the act of sodomy, especially in a homosexual relationship, is morally wrong. Despite this controversy within the Church, the College this month spent an entire week advocating for homosexuality and promoting it to the students.
Events like these confuse the students as to the true teachings of the Church, and further split the college from the Magisterium.
Certainly many students engaged in homosexual relationships at the Cross are confused and desperately in need of counseling and support, not the simple validation of their desires.
Other colleges have similar "Rainbow Alliance Week" programming events, such as this one at Wright State, and this one at St. Louis University. And at almost every other college it coincides with a popular "Coming Out Day" which encourages students to declare their homosexuality openly. For confused young students, who are often subjected to many sexual pressures and disordered nature of our culture's approach to our bodies, it is no surprise that many can confuse that frustration and confusion with "being gay" which attempts to explain every other relationship problem.
Holy Cross students need sexual sanity not rationalizations, perversion and the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles.
There are 51 student members of the Facebook group "HC Allies" who have likely never heard of homosexual counseling and the many avenues of support such as the Courage program, offered through the Church.

You can see that the Hogan Center was advertising and promoting "Rainbow Alliance Week" as well as prominently displaying the Human Rights Campaign's logo in the right window. The Human Rights campaign, however well named, promotes radical homosexualism and anal-centric policies that lead many young people into sexual confusion and lifestyles that put them at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Its donations are almost exclusively partisan, and funding candidates whose policies are, again, at odds with important Church teachings. Lately even homosexuality is too blase for HRC, and they are now promoting "transsexualism"

I guess you can see this is a real problem.  Holy Cross wants to be a secular college.  I say to go ahead and let them.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  I said in the very beginning that we had to throw out the garbage, and the further I get into it, the more stench I smell.

More to come.  I want to thank you all for reading.  I hope the information I am giving you is helpful.  It's all out only have to look for it.  God Bless you all and as my old Army Commander used to say; " Always advance, even if it's only one foot at a time."

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving...A Time for True Gratitide.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to visit this Blog and to send this information to others throughout the World.  Yes, World.  As far away as Russia and even Pakistan.  I hope that all who read the information given here will understand that we are trying to spread the Word of God through an educational system that is broken.  We want to bring that system back into the fold, but if that is not possible, then cut the offenders loose and start over.  There are many divergent thoughts on the state of Catholic Education in the United States, but the one that seems to be the most prevalent is that it is failing to give our children the basics on which to grow their Faith.  Sad to say, all of the evidence points to this fact.  As time goes on, we will detail more schools and their discarding and avoidance of True Catholic Principles in their curriculum's and school missions.  We pray that God will direct us and give us the knowledge to write truthful and insightful articles that may help those looking for a Good Catholic Education to achieve their goals.

On a totally different note, I would like to spotlight a group that is truly Christian and Pro-Life all the way down the line.  Human Life International.  These people are working each and every day to bring to light the problems facing all of us when it comes to Abortion and the effects of Contraception on the Women of the World.  One article they have on their site is of particular importance to me because it concerns Breast Cancer.  My wife of 25 years has Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  It is the Hormonal type that is very aggressive.  She is suffering through Chemo and the results of the side effects are the most devastating thing you can watch.  And I don't mean the hair loss...that's actually not much of a problem.  The other side effects are much more devastating.  Human Life International has posted an article detailing the effects and causal relationship between Abortion and birth control and Breast Cancer.  My wife didn't use "The Pill" as we are Catholic, but since we didn't have children, the hormones that would have been created by childbirth were absent in her system and made her more susceptible to the cancer.  Carrying a child to term can greatly reduce your possibilities of Breast Cancer. 
We thought, as did many Americans, that the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" was a good thing to fight the causes of breast cancer.  Wrong.  This article details the relationship between Komen and the largest provider of Abortions in the US, Planned Parenthood.  In fact, additional research provided information that PP of Dallas actually had some of their funding for their building by Komen.  And of course, Brinker was on the PP Board.   Read the article and then do your own research and see what comes to lite.  My wife is still fighting for her life after 2 1/2 years.  Prayers will be very welcome.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and be truly thankful for all that you have.

Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Monday, November 22, 2010

Boston College...Sin Capital of the Jesuit World, Part 3

Since starting this series, additional research and some information from contributors has brought about a very interesting bit of information.  It seems that the Boston Colleges' Connell School of Nursing doesn't believe they need be Catholic either. According to Catholic Culture News;

"The assistant chair of the nursing department at one of the nation’s most prominent Catholic colleges has been associated with Planned Parenthood in two states. The career of Dr. Allyssa Harris, professor of nursing at Boston College, “has included positions at … Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts and North Carolina,” according to her website. Dr. Harris received her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees from the Jesuit institution.
Dr. Harris is the coauthor of “The Latest Advances in Hormonal Contraception,” an article that appeared in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing in 2008. In the abstract of her dissertation research, Dr. Harris wrote that “African American women represent a unique group of women in the United States and have a long history of lack of reproductive freedom. Slavery and forced procreation, sterilization abuses, the Eugenics movement, and federally mandated contraception have all impacted on African American women's independence in contraceptive decision-making … Nurses have a significant role to play in providing appropriate contraceptive information and education in a culturally competent context that will meet the needs of these women and their families.”

One of the comments listed on the story is as follows"

Comment: "A hidden espousal of eugenics by claiming black women have been deprived of reproductive freedom. Curious. This is precisely the reason Planned Parenthood came into existence, to doctor reproduction of minorities to cleanse society. They put happy coat on something that is to be ugly."

A "Catholic" institution run by the Jesuits, supporting Planned where did I hear that before?   Oh, yeah.  In the very beginning of this post in part one offering free Abortions.  Here they have a "nurse" in a very prominent position that advocates for the killing of black babies by Contraception .  But I digress.  A lot of the Jesuit Colleges support Planned Parenthood or some other type of killing machine that performs abortions. Another article from Catholic Culture News about another Jesuit College:  Canisius College in Buffalo NY supports them and actually teaches them how to collect funds.

"A Jesuit College in Buffalo has helped "maximize [the] personal and company performance" of Planned Parenthood of Buffalo and Erie County according to the college's website.  Planned Parenthood has taken part in Canisius College's management development program (MDP), which offers participants "powerful tools and techniques to maximize personal and company performance."  Planned Parenthood is also a past participant in Canisius College's  Fundamentals of Fundraising course.

Enough of the outside influences.  Let's get back to the "Student Affairs" part of this series.  we will start with this little excerpt from The Heights.
(2/23/09) Boston College Students vote to Demand Free Condoms, Other Birth Control.

During the Undergraduate Government elections at Boston College (BC) last week, students passed a "sexual health referendum" by a wide margin.  BC's student leaders are promising to promote to the administration the referendum which demands access to free birth control and condoms on campus.
What started as a campus petition, reportedly receiving the needed 1,000 student signatures in less than 24 hours, the sexual health referendum made it on the ballot due in large part to the efforts of 'BC students for Sexual Health' , according to The Heights, BC's student newspaper.  The referendum calls on Boston College to offer support for "affordable sexually transmitted infections testing, the availability of prescription birth control medication, and condoms on campus."  The actual text of the ballot language is available on the Boston College Website.

The insurance plan for the students and the faculty offers contraceptives and there has been some discussion as to whether Abortions would also be covered, though the Administrations says "no".  Referring back to the very beginning about the "freebie" on the Law school website, I would not rule it out.  Now, at Georgetown, they want non-gender specific housing as if the "hook-up" mentality isn't bad enough. It won't surprise me at all when BC wants it too.
Are you sick yet?  Have these facts enlightened you as to the state of "Catholic Education" at Boston College?  Do you think they are salvageable as a Catholic Institution, or should they be cut adrift and allowed to drown in their own sewer?   How about this quote from Patrick Rombalski, Vice President of the Office of Student Affairs:
"...the State of Massachusetts views BC as an independent organization and not part of the Church.  Of course we are related to the Church but Boston College is an independent not-for-profit, separate from the Church.  That would be true of all Catholic Universities and colleges with very few exceptions." (That is an incorrect statement). Rombalski was quick to assert that although Boston College is legally independent from the Church, it is tied to the Church through philosophy." The Observer

The fact that they don't consider themselves part of the Catholic Church should speak for itself.  The fact that they won't stand up for Catholic teaching and their "Theology" department is anything but; the fact that they advocate for "gay marriage", provide advocacy platforms for the GLBTQ organizations and foster the administration of the programs through campus faculty members that Promote the agenda: they promote promiscuity by not stopping it and now entertaining non-gender specific housing.  Philosophy?  They aren't even in the ballpark!  This is definitely not Catholic.  This borders more on Satanic influences and teaching rather than belief in Jesus Christ and His Life.

The last phase of this is the protection of our youngsters from the "help" provided by the Lynch School of Education.  They have a program designed to aid the grade schools in determining the best way to help the students in a learning, and social approach to education.  This program assesses the needs of the student and tries to direct them in the proper direction  and aligns the student with whatever "social service" the student may need. This would tend to foster the ideas of the BC administration into the lives of grade school children.  Unfortunately, Catholic schools that use programs of dubious origins place the salvation of the Souls of the children at risk The program is the result of the administrators and approved by the administrators that bring you free abortions and birth control.  You want your grade school children exposed to these influences?  It's bad enough in College. Now, they are branching out into secondary education as in the case of Chaminade High School in Dayton, Ohio.  They claim to be "Faithful" ,but use "educational material" from BC.  Kind of makes you wonder just how Catholic they are.  This is supposed to be a 'pilot program' to see how well the system works.  I guess only time will tell.

Sending your children to Boston College or any of the others that don't adhere to Catholic teaching and living, is tantamount to scandalizing your children in the quest for the salvation of their Souls.  Maybe we should petition The Vatican to remove the Jesuits of their Catholic Identity and let them have the school.  At least then they can teach all the heresy they want and it won't affect the Faithful Catholics who believe in Christ and His Church.
Unfortunately, the Archdiocese of Boston and the Cardinal, by not stopping this are actually enabling them in their Heresy...a very sad state of affairs for a "Catholic College."

There is more information available if you are so inclined. We are trying to bring to light the real abuses in Catholic Education.  These schools as profiled are just the beginning, unfortunately.  Please continue to view our Blog and additional school profiles will be available as we can post them.
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M


Friday, November 19, 2010

Boston College...Sin Capital of the Jesuit World, Part 2

At the end of the first post, I alluded to the fact that there was a different theology at work here other than the Catholic version.  By their own admission, they seem to advocate some different form of belief, that maybe the Church isn't always the final word: It is called "liberation theology."  You have heard the term used in relation to BHO and his "church".
Example:  3/19/09)  BC Theology Department hosting "Jesus Christ as Grand Marshall of Queer America".  
Co-sponsored by U.S. Jesuit Interreligious Advisory Board to Implement "directives".
On March 28th, the Boston College Theology Department, in cooperation with the U.S. Jesuit Interreligious Advisory Board, is hosting a talk by a Loyola Marymount University graduate student Ann Russo entitled, "Jesus Christ as Grand Marshall of Queer America."  According to The Observer, the talk "will address the relationship between the queer community and Christianity."  The article goes on to say that, "In terms of Catholicism, Russo believes that the laity of the Church and liberation theology have been more open to the queer community than 'certain Biblical literalists.'"   The Observer reports that Loyola's Russo expects the Catholic Church, in time, to accept homosexual relationships.  "Queers can embody a Christian lifestyle and still be in healthy homosexual relationships," argues Russo.  The talk, first conceived by the U.S. Jesuit Interreligious Advisory Board, is seen as an implementation of the "directives of the 34th" General Congregation on Dialogue."  Source: The Observer. 

 The folks at Boston College do not refer to themselves as a Catholic School.  They refer to themselves as teaching in the "Jesuit Tradition."  If St. Ignatius were alive today, I have the distinct impression he would go through the order like Jesus went through the Temple; with a whip and chains driving the idolaters from the premises.  I do believe that this is basically what needs to be done here.  As I have stated before, this school advocates for their own version of "truth"  Any similarity to Catholic Doctrine is purely unintentional and definitely a coincidence.

Now on to some of the Academics. What they are actually supposed to be learning for all that money that is being spent.  Let's have a look at the Gender Studies Curriculum.  You do remember this is supposed to be a "Catholic University", right?
This is quite an interesting area of study.  The University Library Guide has the following listings directly from their own posting:

LGBT Studies Courses.

*Sexuality & The Law
*Queer Literary Criticism
*Queer Theory
*Love, Sexuality and Gender in the European Literary Tradition
*Sex, Gender, and the Body in Early Modern England
*Gender & Sexuality in African American History
*Sociology of HIV/AIDS
*HIV/Aids and Ethics
*Psychology of Gender
*Diversity & Cross Cultural Issues
*Couples Therapy
*Family Therapy
*Deviance and Social Control
*Race, Class, & Gender
*Contemporary Race Theory
*Social Protest Theory 

This is a "Catholic School of Higher Learning". Yeah, right.

Here is an example of a course description from a member of the Faculty, James Keenan, S.J.
Sex, Gender, and the Human Body

The scandal in the church prompts us to reexamine in-depth on how church teaching on each of these topics has evolved historically (surprisingly the trajectories do not overlap as much as one might think).  Then we will estimate critically the relevance these teachings have or should have on church members.  We will then turn to contemporary proposals, to see what promise they may hold. 
James Keenan, S.J.
Food for thought, no?  I'm still trying to understand what this course of study is doing at a Catholic University that is supposed to embody the Spirit of God in it's teachings.

We have one more section to go through yet on the "Catholic Boston College", but again space will not permit the continuation.  The final part is on the Student Activities and the Universities "Outreach Educational Programs" with particular attention to one section called "City Connects" (formerly 'Boston Connects').
Jesus Is Lord!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boston College...Sin Capital of the Jesuit World. Part One

We can look at the recent election at the USCCB as the beginning of a new era in Truth and Pastoral Guidance in the Catholic Church.  But first, there is some "garbage" to get rid of.

We are going to start this out by stating the the President of the BC Law School,  Fr. William Leahy, S.J. has, under extreme pressure, removed a link to Planned Parenthood that offered "pro-bono" Abortions and Contraception.
Remember...Boston College is a "Catholic" University Law School.  Just the beginning.
Boston College is about as far from being Catholic as I am from being an Atheist.  This University has a long history of advocating for the GLBT Agenda.  They go way beyond the teaching and understanding of the  Catholic Church's approach to homosexuality.  They provide a platform for the advancement and furthering of the Gay Agenda.  The Independent Campus newspaper, "The Heights", has penned an editorial on October 7th, 2010 on the cause of "reconciliation" between the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality and the reality as they see it.  I'm all for freedom of the press just as any American should be, but this is supposed to be a "Catholic" University; that means being Catholic. The following is a quote from the paper:

"What does it mean to identify as both GLBTQ and Catholic? How can an institution preach a gospel of love and, at the same time, ignore the fact that rhetoric that does not support GLBTQ persons often ends up harming them? Must all Catholic GLBTQ persons be prescribed lives of celibacy and renunciation, never fully allowed to be a full participant in society?"

Actually, that is exactly what it means. A Catholic Society.  What they are supposed to be teaching here.  They are saying that Church teaching be hanged...look at it from the "humanist" perspective. The rest of the quote:

"The Church has to face the fact that there are thousands, maybe millions (? mine) of Catholics out there praying for some real discussion about the deeply personal struggle in their souls.  This is perhaps, the great theological question of our time, and BC, if it aspires to be a leader in the Catholic world, should explore ways to submit the question to rigorous examination."

At this point, I'm not really sure I want BC to be a "leader in the Catholic world" if this is the kind of leadership they provide.  Continuing on...

"The Catholic Church has one of the world's greatest religious-intellectual traditions.  Faith and reason sometimes make a tenuous pair, but for thousands of years people in the Church have found ways to wed the two.  We hope that at BC, intellectuals of all sexual orientations may come together and work toward fostering discussions about the intersections of faith, love, and sexuality.  GLBTQ rights are a matter of mind and emotion.....It seems that doctrine may tell us one thing-that the Church opposes homosexual unions-but the lives of Catholic people tell us another....
The Church can no longer choose to speak abstractly about this reality in the lives of Catholics. There are persons on this campus who choose to continue to practice the Roman Catholic faith despite the Church's unwillingness to address the condition of their sexuality.  BC needs to become a place where the tangled knot of Catholic Moral Theology on GLBTQ issues can be unraveled and debated by intelligent, thinking believers."

Morals.  These are the absolute basic teachings of Jesus Christ.  I was never under the impression that the Church spoke abstractly about any of these items. There is no 'mind and emotion'. There is no "debate". This is Biblical.   There is NO COMPROMISE with that.  The University has already "compromised" it's own position by the fact that they have the Lesbian and Gay Faculty, Staff and Administrators Association (LGFSAA).  This is the advocacy group of the ones who TEACH your kids.  Real "Catholic" education.

Let's move forward to the Theology Department...if that's what you want to call it.  Two of their better known Theology Professors said it was perfectly OK to vote for Obama, the most outspoken proponent of procured abortions in the history of  Presidential Politics.  First is M. Shawn Copeland, Theology Professor, Boston College.  Next is Lisa Sowle Cahill, Theology Professor at Boston College.  In the National Catholic Reporter (10/16/2008) she said Catholics can vote for Obama; accused outspoken Bishops of "damaging {the} rich Catholic faith tradition."  Wow! Just say "yes" to abortion by saying yes to Obama.  Guess we know how that turned out don't we?


Boston College Theology Chair Defends Decision to support V-Monologues
1/23/09) " I understand the work is provocative, but that does not translate to the conclusion it is not art." Rev. Kenneth Himes, OFM offered an explanation during an interview with the editor-in-chief of The Observer, first made public at Campus Report Online, for why the Theology department at Boston College is sponsoring the 2009 campus performances of The Vagina Monologues. The following is in full Father Himes' defense of 'the relationship between the Monologues and theology on a Catholic campus."

"Several years ago the then-heqd of the Women's Studies Program asked if theology would cosponsor the performance of the Vagina Monologues  at BC.  It had already been performed on campus previously.  I checked with people at other schools where the 'Monologues' had been held and received mixed reviews from people.  Some thought it useful for exploring women's issues if accompanied by panels and discussions.  In short, it was judged by some to be a non-classroom educational experience.  Others told me they thought it was crude, even vulgar.  No one at BC  indicated to me that the theatrical work was unacceptable and the administration certainly did not prevent its performance.   (emphasis mine) Therefore, I judged the sponsorship request to be reasonable; it came from responsible people, and offered the possibility of conversation on serious matters in the context of an educational community.  I understand the work is provacative, but that does not translate to the conclusion it is not art.  If you had a chance to visit the McMullen Museum to see the wonderful exhibition of Georges Rouault's Works, you know that his work was deemed crude, even vulgar, by some at the time.  So giving or taking offense is not always a sure-fire way to judge the value of an artist's work." Source: Campus report online.  

This, folks from a "Catholic" University's THEOLOGY DEPARTMENT HEAD!!!!  The "Vagina Monologues" are nothing short of Pornography.

And More:

"Merry Christmas: V-Monologues Unwrap $!K from BC Students and Support from Theology Department"

The Student Senate at Boston College voted to allocate $1,000.00 in College Funds for increased 2009 campus productions of "The Vagina Monologues".  The Observer reports that a list of co-sponsors, including the theology department, was presented to the students in support of funding of the oft-criticized, vulgar play. 
The "Vagina Monologues" is a sexually explicit and offensive play that favorably describes lesbian rape, group masturbation, and the reduction of sexuality to selfish pleasure.  It is produced with the hope that by raising the awareness to violence against women, incidents of abuse will decrease....(Yeah, right) Students in support of the 'Monologues" argued that there is a precedent for funding the play, set by previous years.  Boston College has been a consistent host of the play in past semesters."
This is your "Boston College Catholic University" in action.

I will continue with this posting in the very near future.  There is so much more to the wonderful world of Boston College and to their great "Theology Department", let alone the rest of the school.  Every word of this posting is totally verifiable from their own website, unfortunately.  My request to Rome would be to remove them from the list of "Catholic" institutions and remove the Jesuits as a "Catholic" organization.  They belong to the Liberation theology movement, not the Catholic Church.  That evidence forthcoming in the nest posting.

I truly hope as Catholics, you can understand what is happening in our Catholic educational system.  Unfortunately, this is not limited to Colleges and spreads it venom into grade schools and high schools as future postings will show,  Even BC has a part in the spreading of the false truths and it is already permeating school systems across the Nation. Please be vigilant...the Faith of your children depend on it.
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Please read the comment that has been added to this post...some "Catholic" college.